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Review: Baely’s Dog Grooming Supplies


The damage that chemicals, toxins and artificial ingredients are doing to our beloved pets has been brought to light in recent years. Whether ingested or used topically, these types of ingredients are doing more to damage our pet's health than to help them. That's why we're seeing more products like Baely's dog grooming supplies that made with high quality, all-natural ingredients to keep our pets safe and healthy.

Many of the common ingredients found in cheap dog grooming products could be toxic to your pet over time. You may be one of the millions of pet owners who don't realize that the regulations on pet products aren't as strict as the regulations placed on human products.

Baely's dog grooming suppliesThe broad loopholes in the pet product industry allow companies to use dangerous ingredients to make their products. The cheaper the cost to the company, the cheaper the product is for consumers. And, we all know that many consumers shop based on price alone.

Don’t be one of those consumers! Baely's grooming supplies aren't the cheapest on the market, but they are still affordable on any budget. They are made with top quality ingredients, which makes them a good value for the money. Keep reading this review for all of the product details.

Baely's Dog Grooming Supplies Review

Baely's Dog Grooming Supplies ReviewI received 4 Baely's products to test with our pack:

  • Paw Shield
  • Rescue Stick
  • Nose and Callus Hydrating Balm
  • Ear Cleaning Solution

All of these products are made with all-natural, human-grade ingredients. They are also made in the USA. Baely's dog grooming products are safe to ingest, so you won't have anything to worry about if your pup licks his paws or nose after application.

The balms are formulated to heal dry skin and protect the area from becoming chapped again. These balms are great for dry noses or dry, cracked paws. If your pup has chapped elbows or patches or dry skin, balms like these can help clear it up without prescription remedies.

Ingredients in the Paw Shield and Rescue Stick include a proprietary blend of 100% beeswax, a proprietary blend of natural vegetable butters (including shea butter and kokum butter) and naturally derived essential oils (less than 1% of total ingredients). The Nose and Callus Hydrating Balm includes the same ingredients without the essential oils.

Paw Shield works better if you're trying to cover larger areas or need to use the balm on multiple areas. The Rescue Stick is great for small areas, paws and noses. It's the same balm, but in a convenient roll-on stick.

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Paw Shield

I also tried out Baely's ear cleaner for dogs. Cleaning your dog's ears is an important grooming task that is beneficial for their overall health and well-being. Some dog ear cleaners are made with alcohol and other harmful ingredients that can irritate the sensitive skin of the inner ear.

I was happy to find that this ear cleaner is alcohol and fragrance-free. The ingredients include: water, plant-based surfactants derived from coconut, fragrance and preservative. It works well to clean the ears and break up any waxy buildup.

Our Labrador, Saddie, has sensitive skin. I have tried ear cleaners in the past that have irritated her ears and made them red. Baely's ear cleaner is strong enough to break up the wax, but gentle enough not to irritate her ears.

I am happy with the effectiveness of these products, and the price is affordable on any budget. You can purchase the Rescue Stick for $19.95, the ear cleaner for $13.95, and a bundle that includes the Paw Shield & Nose Callus Hydrating Balm for $29.95 on Amazon.

These products are comparable in price to other similar products, and I believe they are a great value for the money. All of these dog grooming products will last for months. If you do the math, that's just a few cents for each application. For a high-quality, all-natural remedy, I think that is well worth the cost.

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