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Review: Bark Potty Disposable Pet Bathroom for Dogs

Some pet owners prefer to use an indoor bathroom system for their dog when they are away from home. They are ideal for apartment dwellers, pet owners with mobility issues and owners of senior pets with incontinence issues. The Bark Potty disposable bathroom for dogs is a natural alternative to traditional puppy potty pads and inconvenient indoor pet bathroom systems that usually need to be cleaned daily.

You're probably familiar with the traditional pee pads for dogs. They are thin pads that are supposed to absorb your dog's urine and keep your floors dry. While those potty pads are much cheaper than an indoor dog potty system, it's also more likely that they will leak. Likewise, the odor is more noticeable with these thin pee pads.

Puppy pee pads are also not environmentally friendly. They are made with plastics and many different chemicals to help absorb the urine. Think of them as the canine equivalent of baby diapers. They add up in your garbage when used daily, and it takes a long time for these pads to decompose in a landfill.

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Indoor potty systems, like the Bark Potty, are designed to be more eco-friendly while still being effective. They're also safer for your dog and the humans in your home as they don't contain the toxic chemicals found in traditional pee pads.

Bark Potty Disposable Pet Potty Review

Bark Potty Disposable Dog Potty Review

Similar to indoor dog potties made with real grass, the Bark Potty is made with real bark. It provides the natural scents that yourdog would find outside. These scents encourage your dog to use the Bark Potty and make training much easier.

The bark is mixed with organic ingredients, and it's all held inplace with a mesh netting. If you have a dog that likes to scratch and fling debris after using the bathroom, you won't need to worry about him getting the mess all over your house.

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I was skeptical, because I've tried other indoor potty systems and pee pads with our dogs. Usually they don't take to them very easily. Our Beagle mix, who is only 10 months old, picked up on the Bark Potty very quickly. She still has accidents at night once in a while, and can't always hold it if we're gone for more 4 or 5 hours.

She used the Bark Potty almost immediately with very little training required. I praised her a few times for sniffing it, and that was all the training required.

As you'll see in my video review above, the company also includes a small bottle of pheromones with theBark Potty. If your dog is hesitant to go, spraying the pheromones could entice them to use it.

As you'll notice in the photo above, there are convenient dog poop bags located on the top left corner of the box. If your dog goes number 2, all you have to do is pick it up like you would if you were out for a walk.

One Bark Potty box should last for 2-4 weeks depending on the size of your dog, how many dogs you have and how often it is used. There is a wax coating inside the box that keeps the urine from leaking through.

After three weeks of use, I did not see any signs of leaking with our Bark Potty.

Unfortunately, if your dog has diarrhea, you won't be able to clean it and you'll have to dispose of your Bark Potty early. The box is a 2-foot by 2-foot square, so it's ideal for small and medium breeds.

You can buy a double box for large dogs or homes with multiple pets. Double boxes are just two standard Bark Potty boxes that connect with a sticky strip in the center. You have to buy a subscription to Bark Potty, and the prices are as follows:

Single Double
1 box per month $24 per box 1 box per month $48 per month
3 boxes delivered every 3 months $20 per box 3 boxes delivered every 3 months $40 per box
6 boxes delivered every 6 months $18 per box 6 boxes delivered every 6 months $36 per box

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As you can see the downside to this indoor potty solution is the price. They are much more expensive than traditional pee pads for dogs. They are also more expensive than indoor potty systems made of plastic and synthetic grass.

Although they cost more, they are healthier for your pet. The all-natural benefits are great, and you also won't have to wash and sanitize a used plastic indoor potty. The additional price will be well worth it for owners that don't want to wash out a plastic tray everyday.

Plastic indoor potty systems can be a hassle. It's much more convenient to pick up poop once in a while and just throw away the tray when it starts to smell of urine.

The Bark Potty may not be budget friendly for dogs that need to relieve themselves indoors multiple times a day. If your dog only needs to use it occasionally, like our little Beagle, then I think it's a safe, healthy and effective alternative to other indoor potty systems.

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How to house train a dog?

Are you interested in the Bark Potty for your new puppy or an adult dog who isn't house-trained yet? House breaking a puppy is not something to enter into lightly. You need to do your research and be fully prepared for the task you're about to take on.

Below, you can watch the step-by-step video guide that I created to help dog owners who are trying to housetrain their new companion. In the video you'll see tips on how to train your puppy or adult dog to go to the bathroom outside.

It may take longer with an older dog who has already developed bad habits, but with time and patience virtually every dog can learn to go to the bathroom outside.

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Summary of the Bark Potty Disposable Dog Bathroom Review


  • All-natural
  • The natural odors and included pheromones entice your dog to use this product without a lot of extensive training
  • Wax liner prevents urine from leaking through box
  • Mesh net keeps bark inside the box and not tracked through your home
  • Recyclable


  • More expensive than reusable indoor potty systems and doggy pee pads
  • You have to buy a double box if you have a large breed or multiple dogs
  • If your dog has loose stool, you won't be able to clean the Bark Potty and you'll need to replace it

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bark-potty-reviewThe Bark Potty is an all-natural alternative to traditional potty pads and inconvenient indoor pet bathroom systems that need to be cleaned daily.