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Review: BarkinBuddy Stair Treads for Dogs


As a dog owner, you're used to hearing different noises around the house. One of the scariest sounds is the noise made when your dog slips or falls on the stairs. Whether you have a clumsy puppy, a disoriented senior pet, or just a rambunctious dog that tends to run up and down the stairs, you really should have stair treads for dogs, like this option from BarkinBuddy.

By nature, dogs do not have experience with stairs. New puppies or older dogs that have never been exposed to stairs will need to learn how to navigate them. Stair treads make it easier for dogs (and people) to get traction when climbing steps. If your dog does slip or fall on the stairs, he may be nervous to attempt climbing them again.

Instead of blocking off the stairs or trying to rearrange your home so your dog doesn't have to use them, stair treads are a simple and inexpensive fix. Plus stair treads for dogs can be beneficial for humans too! Regardless of the species, treads make it easier and safer for any animal to climb a set of steps.

BarkinBuddy Stair Treads for Dogs Review

BarkinBuddyThese treads are for all types of stairs. The Adhesive backing applies to almost all materials (wood, marble, concrete, tile, etc…), Just in case you have stairs made of non-standard materials, there is double-sided carpet tape included in the package as well.

All you have to do is clean and wipe the stairs before applying the stick-on treads. Just be sure to let the stairs dry completely before adhering to the treads.

The treads and landing rug have a self-adhesive backing. There is no glue or carpet tape needed, and they don't leave a sticky residue behind. The backing is still sticky after removal, so you could move or reuse them if you needed to. This also makes these stair treads for dogs a great option for renters!

stair treads for dogsEach tread measures 8.5″ W x 30″ L. The Landing rub is 20″W x 32″L. I like the brown color. At this time, brown is the only color available. As you can see, it looks nice in my home. I believe it would match virtually any home's decor.

This package from BarkinBuddy includes:

  • 14 stair treads
  • 1 landing rug
  • 1 carpet brush

The carpet brush works well to remove the hair and debris that the vacuum leaves behind. I usually brush the treads first and vacuum after. My treads still look new after weeks of wear and tear.

You can buy a set of these stair treads for dogs for $57.95 on Amazon at the time of this review. They are about the same price as similar products. Considering they are durable, easy to clean, and reusable if you need to move them, I would say they offer an excellent value for the cost.

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BarkinBuddy Stair Treads for Dogs