The Best Automatic Dog Food Dispenser

Pet parents can’t always be home or up and awake to feed their dogs on time. Situations like these call for getting the best automatic dog food dispenser that feeds our dogs and cats without our intervention. Good quality, accurate, and reliable automatic pet feeders are great at dispensing cat food or dog food based on your setup, time frames, or specific times of the day.

Top Best Automatic Dog Food DispenserBut the question is, how do you find the best dog food dispenser which you can rely on, and that will satisfy all your and your pet's needs? We went out and bought some of the most popular timed dog food dispenser brands out there and then tested, reviewed and ranked them.

An automatic dog food dispenser with timer is great for busy pet owners. However, even pet owners who find themselves at home most of the time can benefit from an automatic pet feeder due to impeccable timing of food dispensing, which your dog or cat will eventually get used to. Provided that you have a reliable and accurate dog food dispenser that works like a clock, you won't have to worry about missing your pet's meals for anywhere from 3-4 days and up to a whole month (depending on the type of feeder).

Timing is still important when it comes to dog nutrition, and experts agree that pet parents need to pay enough attention to this. This is especially true for households that have more than one pet. Veterinarians and experts even recommend using an automatic dog food dispenser to time your dog's meals perfectly:

“…One way to avoid this problem is to switch all pets to timed meal feeding even if they’re on the same diet. A simple version is setting up automatic feeders in separate areas of the house that can be timed to go off simultaneously to encourage pets to go to their feeder at the same time (and not bug you!)” – Deborah E. Linder, DVM, MS, DACVN [source]

For this round-up of best automatic dog food dispenser brands, we researched to find the most reliable and tech heavy solutions and then tested some of the best dog food dispenser options to find which one will work for most pet owners. You can see the results and full reviews below, including these top five brands:

Best Dog Food Dispenser Brands Price Quality
WiFi Automatic Pet FeederWiFi Automatic Pet Feeder
by PeTreaT
5 stars
Prime FREE Shipping
$$$$$ A+
Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic FeederHealthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder
by PetSafe
4 half stars
Prime FREE Shipping
$$$ A
Smart Auto Pet FeederSmart Auto Pet Feeder
by WOpet
4 half stars
Prime FREE Shipping
$$$$ B
Pet Auto FeederPet Auto Feeder
4 stars
Prime FREE Shipping
$$$$ C
Automatic Alarm and Voice Pet FeederAutomatic Alarm and Voice Pet Feeder
by Arf Pets
4 stars
Prime FREE Shipping
$$$ C-

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Before we get into the full reviews and rankings of the best dog food dispenser brands out there, let's quickly go through what an automatic dog feeder really is, how it works, why pet owners may need it, what are the pros and cons and how to choose the best automatic dog feeder for your own pet.

What is an automatic dog food dispenser?

The Best Automatic Dog Food DispenserThere are many ways to call this technology, and you'll find these feeders often called “automatic dog food dispensers,” “automatic dog feeders,” “timed pet feeders,” “auto dog feeders,” and so forth. They are all the same type of technology and do the exact same thing – feed your pet on a set schedule.

An automatic food dispenser for dogs and cats will dispense a specific/pre-set amount of dry food to your pet either through several types of technology or simply gravity. The most popular automatic dog feeders today use advanced technology to force out a meal portion for the pet, and the best ones are very accurate. Gravity dog feeders are mostly on their way out since automatic and electricity or battery-powered feeders have been shown to be far more accurate and convenient.

The concept of a food dispenser for dogs is very simple. There's a plastic or steel container that holds its maximum amount of dry food, and there's a ceramic or plastic pet bowl underneath it. Depending on the type of pet food dispenser, the technology used in it will automatically “release” a set amount of kibble into the bowl during a pre-set time.

There are many different types of dog food dispensers out there, and what constitutes the best automatic dog food dispenser for you will highly depend on the type, design, and features that you're looking for.

Some automatic feeders have more options and features than others. The most basic ones allow you to set a time when to dispense foods and how much of it. This allows you to automatically feed your dog or cat during the day. More feature-heavy dog feeders will give you the option to set more meals during the day, different portion sizes, control the feeder using a WiFi network, manually dispense food over the network, and even watch and speak to your pet through the camera, speaker, and microphone. So, with all this information at hand, how do you choose the best automatic dog food dispenser for your own pet?

How to choose the best automatic dog food dispenser for your pet?

How to choose the best automatic dog food dispenser for your pet?When you know the type of dog food dispensers that exist, you probably made up your mind on what approach you'd like to take for feeding your dog when you're not home to do this. The only thing you'll need to be concerned about when picking the best automatic feeder for dogs is some of its features that you know you'll need and that it's going to do exactly what it says it will do.

You will also need to consider some of the most important aspects of the best dog feeder that is applicable to all brands and choices.

Here's what you need to look for in your next automatic pet feeder:

  • It should be easily programmable and not require too much work for a setup
  • An option to schedule several meals during the day (the more, the better)
  • A wider range of portion sizes, from small to large (this allows feeding both small and big dogs)
  • A variety of feeding speeds (a slow feed option is great for dogs that gulp their food)
  • An airtight dog food container that will prevent kibble from becoming soggy
  • A more heavy design so that your dog doesn't tip it over
  • Any additional features that you may wish to have (WiFi, camera, speaker, etc.)

Once you know what best automatic dog food dispenser options are out there, you'll know better exactly what you may want in your next automatic feeder for dogs and what things you'd rather avoid (many pet parents complained about light automatic feeders that can be easily tipped over). Below are the eight best dog feeders ranked with different design options and a variety of unique features.

What Is the Best Automatic Dog Food Dispenser in 2017?
top 8 most reliable best dog food dispenser brands 

1 WiFi Automatic Pet Feeder
 by PeTreaT Prime FREE Shipping

Meals: Up to 5 per dayWiFi Automatic Pet Feeder  by PeTreaT
Portions: Full customization + manual feeding
Capacity: 52 cups (10 lbs)
WiFi: Yes (iOS and Android)
Power: Outlet only
Special features: Camera, microphone, speaker

Our full review: PeTreat PetPal Review

The first one our list of best dog food dispenser brands is the most advanced and reliable feeder from PeTreaT. While the PeTreat PetPal Automatic Pet Food Dispenser won't fit into everyone's budget, it is one of the only feeders available that is suitable for large and extra large dogs. Many similar products are geared toward small and medium breeds, but this product will work for any size dog – from a Shih Tzu to a Saint Bernard.

Not only does it hold more than 10 pounds of food (50+ cups), the bowl is large enough for a dog with a wide head. While some other feeders may hold enough food to feed a large dog for one or two days, this one can hold enough to feed even the biggest dog for almost a week!

As you can see in our video review below, you can also connect this ranked best automatic dog food dispenser to your home's WiFi. It enables you to see a live stream video of your pet while he eats, record a message that will play for him while you're away and hear any noise that he's making. The only trouble with this is that you need to plug the PeTreat PetPal Automatic Pet Food Dispenser into your modem initially in order to get it set up on WiFi. This isn't a deal breaker, but it would be much more convenient if it connected automatically like some similar products available on the market.

Best Automatic Dog Food DispenserThe biggest drawback to this feeder is the price. You can purchase it on Amazon for about $329. That's a lot of money for an automatic dog feeder and certainly won't fit into everyone's budget. As I said, it's nearly impossible to find a feeder that holds as much as this one, and it's made with quality materials like stainless steel. It does offer some unique features, and the patent-pending non-jamming technology is a huge benefit. However, I would have a hard time spending more than $300 on an automatic dog feeder, and I'm sure most pet owners feel the same way. Overall, if you're not concerned over your budget, then this is easily the best automatic dog food dispenser out there and as you can see below, most other options will pale in comparison.


  • Large capacity
  • Fully customizable meal portions
  • Reliable and functional
  • Made of stainless steel

  • Expensive

Amazon Pet Supplies Reviews Dog ProductsMost helpful pet owner review (full Amazon review):“Looking for a feeder for 2 cats as we travel quite a bit and didn't want to have to ask friends to come by the house and feed them daily. We seen this feeder, and yes, it is expensive. Made of stainless steel, and does…”


2Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder
by PetSafe Prime FREE Shipping

Meals: Up to 12 per dayHealthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder by PetSafe
Portions: 1/8 cup – 4 cups
Capacity: 24 cups
WiFi: No
Power: Batteries + optional power adapter
Special features: Slow feed mode

Optional power adapterPetSafe Power Adapter for Healthy Pet Simply Feed

The second product on our list of best automatic dog food dispenser is one from a popular name brand, PetSafe. This company's recent automatic pet feeder has an auto setting that feeds your dog or cat twice a day. Those who prefer to customize the setting may do so with the user-controlled option. With this feature, the frequency of feeding may be set up to 12 meals a day and the portions from 1/8-cup to 4 cups, depending on your dog’s usual meal size.

This best automatic dog food dispenser runs on four size-D batteries, but will also work with an AC power adapter. Petsafe's black automatic dog feeder can sit in a corner and look sleek with its visible display and controls. The lid is pet-proofed to ensure that meals are dispensed at the right time and amount.

If you take a look at these dog food dispenser reviews above, dog owners mention that they found this auto pet feeder easy to set up and to be very convenient. The hopper’s large capacity reassured pet owners, especially those who had to be away for several days, that their dogs would have adequate food supply available for dispensing. A unique feature of PetSafe’s Simply Feed well-liked by buyers is the Slow-Feed mode, because it addresses many pet feeding issues, such as vomiting and belching.

Best Automatic Dog Food DispenserPet owners who bought this automatic food dispenser earlier were concerned over the suitability of the programmed measurements for their pets, which had to be fed with amounts such as 1/3 or 2/3 cup. Since portions are set in increments of 1/8-cup, portions by the thirds are not compatible. Same pet owners solved this by using the closest approximation, calculating that 1/3 (0.33 cup) should be close enough to 3/8 (0.37 cup). Except for that minor thing, this auto dog or cat food dispenser could be the feeding solution you’re looking for. It's also been an Amazon best seller and the best automatic dog food dispenser option ranked on Amazon for years.


  • Up to 12 meals per day
  • Very flexible portions
  • Slow Feed mode
  • Pause Feed mode

  • Malfunction reports
  • Hard to program

Amazon Pet Supplies Reviews Dog ProductsMost helpful pet owner review (full Amazon review):“Our cat is a bit of an adorable piggy. We tried a cheaper feeder from a local store, and within 5 minutes, she'd figured out how to reach in and steal food. She also would…”


3 Smart Auto Pet Feeder
 by WOpet Prime FREE Shipping

Meals: Up to 4 per daySmart Auto Pet Feeder  by WOpet
Portions: 24 ml (up to 10 per meal)
Capacity:18 cups
WiFi: Yes (iOS and Android)
Power: Outlet + batteries
Special features: Camera with instant social sharing

As the third best dog food dispenser on the list, the WOpet option is one of the cheaper ones out there that may be appealing to many pet owners on a budget. This pet feeder is an affordable option compared to most other similar products. Some automatic pet feeders can cost more than $300, and that's just not an amount that's in every dog owner's budget.

This dog food dispenser is virtually the same as the one from Petwant that we've tested (video below), except the WOpet one is cheaper by about $50. When compared to other best automatic dog food dispenser brands, unfortunately, the WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder only holds about 18 cups of food. It's not ideal for large breeds, but it does work for them. If you have a large dog, you'll just have to fill the feeder every day or two. It is an ideal feeder for small and medium breeds, though.

Best Automatic Dog Food DispenserThere is a 100X pixel camera on the front of this device that pairs with a smartphone app. The app is free to download on compatible iOS devices above 7.5 and Android devices above 4.0. The camera records your dog's movements in real time video. You can take still photos with the camera as well and save them to the app. WOpet also gives you the ability to share the photos and videos on social media, so you can show your friends and family how adorable your Fido is.

This feeder sells for about $100 on Amazon, which is pretty affordable for a device that works for small and medium breeds. However, it does pair with the app for easy programming and is equipped with a decent camera. It's in the middle of the range of pet feeders as far as price goes, but also offers some features that other products don't. I would easily say that among the cheap dog food dispensers, for the price tag and the features you get, this may be the best automatic dog food dispenser for pet owners on a budget who need something that simply does its main job.


  • Affordable
  • DC outlet and battery powered
  • Useful and unique features
  • Great customer support

  • Camera isn't reliable
  • Poor app design

Amazon Pet Supplies Reviews Dog ProductsMost helpful pet owner review (full Amazon review):“WOpet contacted me shortly after posting my original review and asked if I could give the product a second try. If I'm being honest they were quite aggressive with their request, sending a new item before I even…”


4Pet Auto Feeder
by LUSMO Prime FREE Shipping

Meals: Up to 3 per dayPet Auto Feeder by LUSMO
Portions: 5g (up to 80g per portion)
Capacity: 2.2 lbs
WiFi: No
Power: Batteries only
Special features: Unique design

Fourth one best dog food dispenser is made by Lusmo, a dog company that's not very well known to the US pet owners since most of their products are manufactured in and marketed in the Chinese market. This is a new version of their auto pet feeder, and their previous model has received a lot of positive response. This bright-colored automatic pet dog dispenser is designed for small pets. It can store up to 1-kilogram of dog or cat food, with portion control in 1/16-cup to 1-cup programmable measurements.

With this reliable automatic feeder, meals are dispensed in precise amounts at the right time, three times daily. Feeding instructions can be programmed using the 24-hour repeat feeding feature. Automatic and manual modes are available to suit your pet’s feeding needs.

Going through this automatic dog food dispenser reviews of Lusmo's older model, it's clear that there are some features that pet owners liked and a few that they disliked. Comparing the Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder with their previous faulty feeders, customers expressed their satisfaction about how consistently this automatic dog food feeder dispenses small portions.

This precision and the No-Meal setting are suited well especially for small pets and pets with strict diet programs. Customers noted that the mischief guard accessory kept small naughty paws away from the stored food near the dispensing spout, but wasn’t very effective for bigger pets.Best Automatic Dog Food Dispenser

Pet owners wish for some improvements in later versions, and one would be an option for this auto pet feeder's battery recharging since the present version allows only alkaline batteries to be used. Another would be greater flexibility in feeding times to more than three meals a day. For pet-owners who value feed quantity control and properly-timed meal times, this should be a great buy. This may also become the best automatic dog food dispenser for people who prefer a more unique design with some character to it.


  • Stylish design
  • Accurate dispensing
  • Pet food guard feature

  • Expensive
  • Batteries only

Amazon Pet Supplies Reviews Dog ProductsMost helpful pet owner review (full Amazon review):“This is a great petfeeder, the instructions is in japanese so it might be difficult if you dont read the language. It didnt come with the mischief guard that I read about but luckily I dont need it so far as my cat is…”


5 Automatic Alarm and Voice Pet Feeder
 by Arf Pets Prime FREE Shipping

Meals: Up to 4 per dayAutomatic Alarm and Voice Pet Feeder  by Arf Pets
Portions: 24 ml (up to 10 per meal)
Capacity: 4.3L
WiFi: Yes (iOS and Android)
Power: Outlet + batteries
Special features: Camera with instant social sharing

Our full review: Arf Pets Feeder Review

As the fifth best automatic dog food dispenser brand we have something extremely similar to the above mentioned WOpet feeder. Arf Pets is a known brand of many dog supplies, and unlike other feeders, with the Arf Pets feeder you don't need to download an app to run this one. That's great news if you're like me and aren't very tech savvy! As I demonstrate in our video review below, you set the feeding times on the Arf Pets Automatic Feeder with the easy-to-access buttons on the top of the feeder.

There is a lighted LCD display that clearly shows the clock and all the information that you'll need to select the feeding times that are right for your pet. As I mentioned, automatic dog feeders can assist you in correctly portioning your pet's food, and this one does that a step above the rest.

Best Automatic Dog Food DispenserThis fifth ranked best automatic dog food dispenser also lets you record a meal call for your pet that can be 1-10 seconds long. I used this feature to help train my dogs to use the feeder, and it really helped. I also like the idea of my dogs hearing a personal message from me throughout the day.

It doesn't have as many features as some similar best dog food dispenser options listed above, but the company makes up for that with the cheaper price. You can buy this feeder on Amazon for about $100, which is on the cheaper end of the price spectrum for these types of products. In fact, many feeders run upwards of $200. For half the price, I can do without some of the advanced features of those pricey best automatic dog food dispenser choices and save a few bucks.


  • Very easy to use and program
  • App control is not necessary
  • Affordable
  • Better than many other cheap feeders

  • Lacks many features
  • Some complaints about defects

Amazon Pet Supplies Reviews Dog ProductsMost helpful pet owner review (full Amazon review):“What I wrote previously: I've only had the feeder for a week, but so far, so good. I bought this to replace another automatic feeder that stopped working after a couple years. I like this feeder a lot more than my old one. It's…”


6Alexa-activated Pet SmartFeeder
by Petnet Prime FREE Shipping

Meals: Up to 3 per dayAlexa-activated Pet SmartFeeder by Petnet
Portions: 1/16 cup
WiFi: Yes (iOS and Android)
Power: Outlet and batteries
Special features: Works with Amazon Alexa

Optional Alexa deviceAmazon Echo

The sixth best automatic dog food dispenser comes from another young but rising company called Petnet. The feeding can now be done remotely from your iPhone with this auto pet food dispenser. The hopper holds up to 7 pounds of food. Round-shaped dry food with diameter of 1/8-inch to 5/8-inch is recommended.

This pet feeder is programmable for setting portion sizes from 1/16 to 1 ½ cups and the times for feeding. It helps you manage your pet’s diet with the right food and ingredients, sends notifications, and monitors the level of stored pet food. This high-end device needs an iPhone with iOS 8 and Wi-Fi connection of at least 2.4 Ghz. The package comes with a power adapter and back-up internal battery.

According to customer reviews, those who bought this third best automatic dog food dispenser were usually pet owners who have to be in different places at the same time, yet still personally manage the nourishment of their pets. Customers were amazed of Petnet smart feeder's intelligent features, especially its ability to analyze pet food portions appropriate for their dog or cat, and high-precision dispensing based on the pet's build, age, and other factors. The technical support that went with buying the product was highly appreciated, including the monitoring and delivery of pet food supply.

Best Automatic Dog Food DispenserUnlike other pet food feeders owned by these pet owners, this one does its work quietly – no vibrations or noise. Present owners of this smart pet food dispenser still wish that future versions of this product be designed to support Android phones and desktop browsers for more flexibility and accessibility. The Smart Feeder is definitely a cutting-edge concept, and it’s a must-have for future-generation feeders who value function, time and connectivity. Compared to other options of best automatic dog food dispenser brands, this one stands out with its unique features the most.


  • iPhone-controlled
  • Works silently
  • Pet food portion analysis
  • Great customer support

  • No Android support
  • Not enough options

Amazon Pet Supplies Reviews Dog ProductsMost helpful pet owner review (full Amazon review): “I want to preface this by saying that this could very easily change to 4 stars or 4.5 stars (possibly even 5) with just a few updates and tweaks. Also, I am using the beta model…”


7A25 Automatic Feeder with Voice and Timer
by HoneyGuaridan Prime FREE Shipping

Meals: Up to 6 per dayA25 Automatic Feeder with Voice and Timer by HoneyGuaridan
Portions: 1/32 cup – 4 cups
Capacity: 3.3 lbs
WiFi: No
Power: Batteries
Special features: Voice recorder and speaker

Our seventh ranked best automatic dog food dispenser on the list is from HoneyGuaridan. This auto pet feeder is designed for cats and small-to-medium dogs. It stores up to 4.4 pounds of dry food, dispenses meals up to four times a day, and allows portion adjustment from 1/4 to 2 cups. Setting the program is straightforward – you may simply set the number of feeds in regular intervals, such as 3 feeds every 8 hours, and you’re good to go.

This seventh best automatic dog food dispenser runs on four AA-size batteries but also includes a 6V AC power adaptor. There’s a LCD display where you can check the set time and meal portions. The body of the product is made of durable ABS material, and the feeding bowl is made of stainless steel.

As before, we also wanted to see what other pet owners thought about this brand and how they compare it to other best automatic dog food dispenser options. From reading almost a hundred of automatic dog food dispenser reviews, they express satisfaction with the product. According to many pet parents, HoneyGuaridan feeder has really smart features that you don’t usually see in other pet feeders products. Pet owners think that the concept of an automatic feeder which integrates a water dispenser and a drinking bowl is well-thought out and long overdue in pet food dispenser designs. Some find the 12-second recording a nice add-on for more personalized feeding, but many don’t have the need for it.

Best Automatic Dog Food DispenserBuyers observed that this auto pet feeder is not suitable for pets with strict diets requiring 1/8-cup increments because it dispenses meals by quarter-cup increments. The device also automatically sets the feeding time in equal intervals based on the number of meals per day. Many pet parents appreciated this simplicity, but would have preferred a program that allows them to choose the meal times. Overall, this is a reasonably-priced, durable and reliable auto pet food dispenser with great design and details. While it's not as feauture-heavy as some of the above best automatic dog food dispenser brands, for the price it's a decent option.


  • Affordable
  • Simple to use
  • Detachable water bottle

  • Not enough portion options
  • Lack of meal time features

Amazon Pet Supplies Reviews Dog ProductsMost helpful pet owner review (full Amazon review): “This thing is pretty cool! We have it set to deliver food to our kitty three times a day. It took a minute to set it – the hardest part was trying to figure out the right amount of food for…”


8Automatic Electronic Timer Programmable Feeder
by OxGord Prime FREE Shipping

Meals: Up to 4 per dayAutomatic Electronic Timer Programmable Feeder by OxGord
Portion size: 1/2 cup – 2.5 cup
Capacity: 45 cups
WiFi: No
Power: Batteries
Special features: Voice recorder and speaker

With so many options to choose from, many pet owners simply look for the most affordable and cheap dog food dispenser that would do the minimum amount of work. Our last best automatic dog food dispenser is made by another small-time but very trusted pet supplies brand, OxGord. This programmable pet food dispenser has a huge hopper that accommodates up to 45 cups of feed.

The transparent food hopper allows pet parents to see when it needs to be refilled; it’s also detachable for easy cleaning. Portions are dispensed from ½ to 2 ½ cups for up to 4 feeding times a day. The automatic dog food dispenser has secure lids and is made of ABS material with heavy base for increased stability.

We went out to see what other dog owners thought about this last best automatic dog food dispenser brand and how they compare it to others. According to pet feeder reviews from pet owners, those that are health-conscious with pets that are on a special eating regimen consider this as a solution to their pet-feeding concerns. They admire the reliability of these automatic dog feeders, which have never failed in dispensing the precise amount of pet food at the set time. Those who have owned this product for several months now say that they still use the same set of batteries they first bought for the unit. So while there’s no power adaptor for AC power source, it’s still a cost-effective device.

Best Automatic Dog Food DispenserThe noisy vibration of Oxgord Programmable Dog Feeder, which takes place before pet food is dispensed, initially bothered some customers and their pets. After a while, though, they got used to it, and the vibrations became the signal for mealtimes. When the storage ran low, dog owners noticed that this auto pet feeder dispensed smaller portions than what was programmed. This minor issue was quickly solved by refilling the hopper. On the whole, it’s a reliable automatic pet feeder with extra-large capacity, offered at an extremely low price, especially when compared with all other best automatic dog food dispenser brands above.


  • Very cheap
  • Built-in Voice recorder & speaker
  • Most cost effective feeder

  • Noisy
  • Lack of features
  • Not always accurate
  • Low quality

Amazon Pet Supplies Reviews Dog ProductsMost helpful pet owner review (full Amazon review):“This is big enough to feed my 3 cats, 3x times a day for a whole week. In fact, it will probably last longer if you fill it up to the rim but I like the food to stay a little fresher so I just fill it up halfway. My cats aren't clawing at my…”

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