Top 7 Best Canned Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach


– Keeping a high-quality diet is important in managing your dog's sensitive stomach

– Look for limited-ingredient canned food that features novel protein; these are the best for sensitive stomach

– Do due diligence and read the ingredients on the canned food before purchasing it for your dog with a sensitive stomach

– Consult the veterinarian for expert and guided tips on how to deal with your dog's sensitive stomach

Stomach troubles are very common in dogs.

Sometimes it's just a quick bout of nausea or diarrhea due to Fido eating something he shouldn't have.

Other times, it is a chronic problem that can only be solved by switching the dog to a more appropriate diet.

As how Dr Andy Miller, MRCVS, puts it in a statement:

Dogs with a sensitive stomach can be tricky to manage. It’s therefore important to keep your dog’s diet regular, without adding variety in the way of leftovers, to avoid upsets.

That leaves you, dear dog owner, 2 options: either you make homemade food for your pup, or opt for commercial dog foods for sensitive stomach.

Just a heads up: both are convenient and tricky in their own way.

Should you opt for the first option, you can check out our tried and tested homemade recipes below:

Now, should you go with the second option, then read on!

In this article, we'll cover a couple of bases about a dog's sensitive stomach.

But mainly, we'll talk about:

  • Our top recommendations of the best canned food for dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • How to help our furry friends with sensitive tummies
  • More tips in managing sensitive stomachs in dogs

So without further ado, let's get started!

Quick Glance at the Best Canned Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs reviewed in this article:

Canned Dog Food Brand Price Value Rating
Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin Food $$ $.18/oz 4.6/5
Dave's Pet Food Restricted Bland Diet $$ $.16/oz  4.7/5
Nature's Recipe Wet Food Cuts in Gravy $ $.09/oz  3.9/5
Wellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Food $$$ $.23/oz  4.3/5
Purina Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin & Stomach $$ $.12/oz 4.0/5
Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Wet Food $$$ $.19/oz 4.1/5
Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Recipe $$$$$ $.82/oz 4.0/5


best canned dog food for sensitive stomach

Best Canned Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach: What's in Them?

Even with some of the best-canned dog food brands out there, it may be difficult to pick one that will actually work for your individual Fido.

But what's in them, anyway? And what makes them best for sensitive tummies?

Limited Ingredients. Yep. That's the secret.

And it means exactly what you think—dog food with only a handful of ingredients to help weed out any possible irritants.

But it's not just any other ingredients, mind you.

Food for dogs with sensitive stomachs is usually made with higher quality and novel animal protein ingredients (e.g. duck, lamb, venison, or bison instead of beef or chicken).

Novel protein simply refers to any protein source that your dog hasn't tried yet.

Helping Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs 

If you suspect that your dog is dealing with sensitive stomach issues, you need to figure out what is causing the problem before you run out and switch his diet.

Is it possible that he ate something he shouldn't have?

If so, it's likely that his digestive problems will clear up in a couple of days.

If the GI upset seems to be a chronic problem, your dog's diet is the most likely culprit.

The symptoms of digestive problems could include diarrhea, vomiting, and excessive gas.

Of course, a visit to the vet will rule out any illnesses that could be causing the symptoms.

Recent research has shown that the same few ingredients cause stomach upset in the majority of dogs with sensitive stomachs.

These ingredients include:

  • best canned dog food for sensitive stomachwheat
  • beef
  • dairy products
  • chicken

Unfortunately, finding the best-canned dog food for sensitive stomachs may take a good deal of trial and error.

And advice from friends and family may not help, as every sensitive dog is different.

You'll need to diligently scan the ingredients of every recipe to look for possible irritants.

Below, we've listed 7 of our recommended best canned food for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

We'll go into more detail about each brand and ingredients, and why it is ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Best Canned Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach
top 7 most nutritious recipes for sensitive dogs

1Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin Food

Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin Dog FoodHill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin salmon and vegetable entrée is formulated for adult dogs with stomach and skin sensitivity problems.

Its main ingredients are salmon and turkey, which are good sources of high-quality protein.

Its taste and nutritional value is enhanced by fresh fruits and vegetables like apple, carrot, potato, and green beans.

Vitamins and minerals were added for good measure.

Ingredient: Chicken Broth, Salmon, Carrots, Turkey, Potatoes, Green Beans, Potato Starch, Pea Protein, Sugar, Egg Whites, Chicken Fat, Dried Whey, Dried Beet Pulp, Soybean Oil, Chicken Liver Flavor, Carrageenan, Dicalcium Phosphate, Choline Chloride, Iodized Salt, Dried Apple Pomace, vitamins (Vitamin E Supplement, Ascorbic Acid (source of Vitamin C), Thiamine Mononitrate, Niacin Supplement, Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex (source of Vitamin K), Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Calcium Pantothenate, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Riboflavin Supplement, Vitamin A Supplement, Biotin, Folic Acid), Taurine, minerals (Zinc Oxide, Ferrous Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Manganese Sulfate, Manganous Oxide, Calcium Iodate)

This entrée comes in a 12-piece pack of 12.8-oz cans with an easy-pull tab.

Dog owners attest to their dog’s much-improved health since being placed on Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin Dog Food.

This helped ease down their grumbly stomach. Their sensitivities have become so much easier to manage.

Their itching, scratching, and chewing have been significantly reduced, and their hairs have even started growing back.

best canned dog food for sensitive stomachSenior dogs that have finicky taste even find this agreeable to them.

The soft texture is especially acceptable to those with some teeth missing.

A problem sometimes occurs, however, because of irregular consistency in the loaf.

There are batches that are too stiff or crumbly, which most dogs turn their nose up to.


  • Offers complete nutrition for adult dogs
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Contains highly digestible protein from natural fish
  • Manufactured in the US from ingredients sourced in North America and Europe

  • It is noted on the company's website that this food is not recommended for puppies, pregnant/nursing dogs, or mature adult dogs
  • As with any best-canned dog food for sensitive stomachs, there are reports that this food made digestive issues worse

best canned dog food for sensitive stomachMost helpful review about this best canned dog food for sensitive stomach: “My dog has pretty severe allergies: general itching all over, very itchy paws (especially back ones) that she would lick and bite at until they were red, frequent yeast growth and severe ear infections (got so bad once that it…”


2Dave's Pet Food Restricted Bland Diet

Dave's Pet Food Restricted Bland DietFor dogs with highly sensitive stomachs, Dave’s Pet Food offers their Restricted Bland Diet recipe offers a simple and easily digestible diet of chicken and rice.

This bland recipe helps soothe queasy tummies which often occurs when a dog is stressed, ill, or undergoing changes in its environment.

Its ingredients include chicken, chicken liver, rice, water, and vitamin and mineral supplements.

Ingredients: Chicken, Water Sufficient for Processing, Brewers Rice, Guar Gum, Potassium Chloride, Minerals (Calcium Carbonate, Zinc Sulfate, Zinc Proteinate, Ferrous Sulfate, Iron Proteinate, Manganese Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Manganese Proteinate, Copper Proteinate, Sodium Selelnite, Potassium Iodide, Cobalt Proteinate), Natural Flavor, Salt, Carrageenan, Choline Chloride, Vitamins (Vitamin E Supplement, Niacin Supplement, Thiamine Mononitrate, Vitamin A Supplement, L-Ascorbyl-2-Polyphosphate, d-Calcium Pantothenate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Riboflavin Supplement, Folic Acid, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Biotin, Vitamin B12 Supplement)

This dog food has a thick consistency which dogs love.

Some pet owners mix this with kibbles so that they could stretch 1 can for a couple of days.

They can only say that feeding their picky dogs has never been simpler because their dogs now don’t need so much wheedling as before.

Dogs with sensitive stomachs, on the other hand, are thriving on Dave's Pet Food Restricted Bland Diet.

This agrees with their tummies and causes no upsets. Plus, they have beautiful skin and coat and great energy.

Another good thing they like is that this canned dog food can be bought without a prescription, which is very convenient.

We find its formulation to be gentle enough for puppies, seniors, and those recovering from surgery or other ailments.

It has a slight smell but is bearable otherwise. Besides, it doesn’t bother the dogs.


  • Real chicken is the first ingredient
  • Specifically formulated to help calm the stomach like a bland diet of chicken and rice, while still offering a nutritionally balanced diet
  • No wheat or wheat gluten
  • Made in the USA

  • There are reports from pet owners who claim their dog would not eat this food
  • Some unsatisfied buyers say this food did not help their dog's digestive upset, but it didn't make it worse either

best canned dog food for sensitive stomachMost helpful review about this best canned dog food for sensitive stomach: “My older dog was really struggling with her digestion. Due to her illness it was very hard to hold anything down. I tried other wet foods but Daves is by far the best. She is doing so much better and her quality of…”


3Nature's Recipe Wet Food Cuts in Gravy

Nature's Recipe Wet Dog Food Cuts in GravyIf your dog is sensitive to chicken, fish, or beef, Nature’s Recipe offers this stew that’s made with cuts of lamb meat in thick gravy.

It contains rice and barley, which are excellent sources of highly digestible carbohydrates.

It has peas and carrots for that added boost of natural nutrients and antioxidants.

Ingredients: Water Sufficient for Processing, Lamb, Soy Protein Concentrate, Dried Egg Product, Brown Rice, Peas, Barley Flour, Carrots, Canola Oil (Preserved with Mixed Tocopherols), Rice Flour, Brewer’s Yeast, Salt, Guar Gum, Vitamins (Vitamin E Supplement, Inositol, Thiamine Mononitrate, Niacin Supplement, Vitamin A Supplement, d-Calcium Pantothenate, Riboflavin Supplement, Beta-carotene, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex (Source of Vitamin K Activity), Vitamin D3 Supplement, Folic Acid, Biotin, Vitamin B12 Supplement), Malted Barley Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Dicalcium Phosphate, Choline Chloride, Carrageenan, Minerals (Zinc Proteinate, Ferrous Sulfate, Zinc Oxide, Iron Proteinate, Copper Sulfate, Copper Proteinate, Manganese Proteinate, Manganous Oxide, Calcium Iodate, Sodium Selenite), Rosemary Extract

This healthful blend of highly-digestible chunky meat cuts and carbohydrates in mouthwatering gravy will definitely appeal to dogs.

In fact, even picky ones show an unusual interest in this best-canned dog food for sensitive stomachs.

Those with a delicate stomach, tolerate Nature's Recipe Wet Dog Food Cuts in Gravy well, too.

They have no stomach upsets or loose stool, whatsoever.

Some dogs do seem to find the gravy too thick, but that’s easily remedied on by adding a tablespoon of warm water.

best canned dog food for sensitive stomachSome canned foods are so difficult to take out from their can, but this one slides off clean.

The chunky meats are a bit too much for some dogs, but if you don’t mind mashing the pieces before serving, this isn’t an issue.

You can’t beat the price, too, which is really a steal.


  • Lamb is the main protein source
  • Whole grain barley provides a good source of fiber to keep your dog's bowels regular
  • No artificial colors or flavors

  • Feeding guidelines are 1 can for every 14-18 pounds of body weight, which means a 56-pound dog would need to eat 4 cans per day
  • A few reviews note concerns about the quality control with this product

best canned dog food for sensitive stomachMost helpful review about this best canned dog food for sensitive stomach: “My senior rescue dog has chronic liver disease and cannot have any meat products whatsoever. I've bought a variety of meat-free dog food, most of which were extremely expensive (i.e. Hills l/d) and she would not…”


4Wellness Simple Natural Wet Canned Limited Ingredient Food

Wellness Simple Natural Wet Canned Limited Ingredient Dog FoodThis best-canned dog food for sensitive stomachs from Wellness Natural Pet Food is a wet dog food with the right blend of high-quality protein and easily-digestible carbohydrates to support dog’s health with special consideration for their food intolerances.

Its ingredients include high-quality turkey meat and potatoes combined with turkey broth, flaxseeds, and vitamin and mineral supplements.

It does not contain meat by-products, corn, wheat, gluten, fillers or preservatives.

Ingredients: Turkey, Turkey Broth, Potatoes, Carrageenan, Guar Gum, Ground Flaxseed, Potassium Chloride, Chicory Root Extract, Iron Proteinate, Zinc Proteinate, Choline Chloride, Vitamin E Supplement, Cobalt Proteinate, Copper Proteinate, Manganese Proteinate, Sodium Selenite, Thiamine Mononitrate, Biotin, Vitamin A Supplement, Potassium Iodide, Vitamin B-12 Supplement, Vitamin D-3 Supplement, Riboflavin Supplemen

Dogs love its semi-moist texture and consistency – neither runny nor dry – making it easy to mix with other food or served as is.

Some pet owners heat Wellness Simple Natural Wet Canned Limited Ingredient Dog Food before serving, and they say that it draws out a nice aroma that their dogs love.

best canned dog food for sensitive stomachThis grain-free LID dog food has been very helpful to some dogs with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

For some, this has been the only food their dogs could tolerate, and you know what a relief it is to find a formula that at last agrees with your dog’s sensitive condition.

It has also helped immensely in issues of gas, skin allergies, and chronic diarrhea.


  • Single source protein
  • Grain-free
  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • No gluten, wheat, fillers, or artificial additives
  • Made in the USA

  • Some buyers had quality control concerns, noting that the color of the food was ‘grayish'
  • As with any best-canned dog food for sensitive stomach, there are reviews from owners who say their dog did not like this food

best canned dog food for sensitive stomachMost helpful review about this best canned dog food for sensitive stomach: “I ordered this dog food because after months of searching for something that didn't have an ingredient my dog was allergic to, I finally found this. Lamb and pork are the only animal proteins he's not allergic to, and…”


5Purina Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon & Rice

Purina Pro Plan Focus Salmon & Rice Entrée Classic has a single source of protein (salmon) for easy digestion.

This makes it easier to provide dogs with nourishment while avoiding certain meats and protein sources.

It also contains rice, potato protein, carrots, and vitamins and minerals for sufficient energy and overall health.

Ingredients: Water Sufficient for Processing, Salmon, Rice, Fish, Potato Protein, Corn Oil, Carrots, Inulin, Potassium Chloride, Carrageenan, Locust Bean Gum, Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum, Tricalcium Phosphate, Choline Chloride, Vitamin E Supplement, Zinc Sulfate, Ferrous Sulfate, Thiamine Mononitrate, Niacin, Copper Sulfate, Manganese Sulfate, Calcium Pantothenate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Vitamin B-12 Supplement, Riboflavin Supplement, Vitamin A Supplement, Potassium Iodide, Folic Acid, Vitamin D-3 Supplement, Biotin, Sodium Selenite

This canned wet dog food has been proven many times to be quite effective in solving GI and skin issues in dogs.

Some dogs that were fed with Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin still had occasional throwing up episodes with that food.

Fortunately, their pet owners found Purina Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon & Rice and were quite successful with the results. Indeed, different formulas for different dogs.

best canned dog food for sensitive skinDogs find it highly palatable, and in fact, dogs that haven’t had wet food their whole life before found this yummy at first try.

While the fish smell can be quite offensive to some pet owners, this has not deterred dogs from wolfing down their share during mealtimes.


  • Nutrient-rich salmon is the primary protein source
  • Specifically formulated for easy digestion
  • No wheat, soy, artificial colors or preservatives
  • Offers balanced nutrition for adult dogs

  • Some reviewers note that the dry version of this food works better for dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • A few reviewers were disappointed with the consistency of this food, calling it ‘gooey'

best canned dog food for sensitive stomachMost helpful review about this best canned dog food for sensitive stomach: “We've tried a few different dog foods, and this one seems to be the one that our dogs like best. One is a yorkie and one is a shih tzu, and they both have very sensitive stomachs. As well, our shih tzu has allergies…”


6Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Wet Food

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Wet Dog FoodNatural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet chicken and sweet potato formula are specially formulated for dogs that need to avoid ingredients they’re sensitive to.

This LID wet dog food makes it easier for pet owners because of its shortlist of ingredients which includes chicken, sweet potatoes, potatoes, and vitamins and minerals.

Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Broth, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Dehydrated Potatoes, Chicken Liver, Chicken Meal, Canola Oil (preserved with mixed tocopherols), Dicalcium Phosphate, Vitamins (L-ASCORBYL-2-POLYPHOSPHATE (SOURCE OF VITAMIN C), VITAMIN E SUPPLEMENT, THIAMINE MONONITRATE, NIACIN, D-CALCIUM PANTOTHENATE, VITAMIN A SUPPLEMENT, RIBOFLAVIN SUPPLEMENT, VITAMIN D3 SUPPLEMENT, VITAMIN B12 SUPPLEMENT, PYRIDOXINE HYDROCHLORIDE, FOLIC ACID), Minerals (ZINC PROTEINATE, ZINC SULFATE, FERROUS SULFATE, IRON PROTEINATE, COPPER SULFATE, COPPER PROTEINATE, MANGANESE SULFATE, MANGANESE PROTEINATE, CALCIUM IODATE, SODIUM SELENITE), Calcium Carbonate, Guar Gum, Salt, Natural Smoke Flavor, Carrageenan, Potassium Chloride, Yucca Schidigera Extract, Choline Chloride, Rosemary Extract

This provides balanced nutrition, calms gastrointestinal stress, and supports healthy skin and a lustrous coat.

Dogs love the deep flavor and like it so much that it’s often used to make other foods (such as prescription food for special health issues) become more palatable.

A spoonful or two of Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Wet Dog Food usually does the trick and helps the other food settle well.

best canned dog food for sensitive stomachThat only emphasizes what pet owners already know, that any dog food is only good enough if your dog eats it.

It’s a good thing that this nutritionally-balanced food is also topnotch in the palatability department.

It’s made for all life stages, too, so if you have multiple dogs in your family, this offers you yet another benefit – simplified meal planning and preparation.


  • Real chicken meat is the first ingredient
  • Grain-free
  • Offers complete and balanced nutrition for dogs of every age
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives

  • The recommended serving guidelines state that a large dog (weighing about 80 pounds) should eat 5 cans of this food per day
  • Multiple reviewers noted their concern with the quality control of this food, saying that the smell was stronger with some batches and the coloring was often different

best canned dog food for sensitive stomachMost helpful review about this best canned dog food for sensitive stomach: “There's something wrong with this particular shipment of food. Ive used Natural Balance many, Many times with no issue but suddenly this case arrived from Amazon somehow different. The food had a very strong…”


7Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Recipe by Nature's Variety

Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free Recipe by Nature's VarietyYour dog’s wet food couldn’t possibly get any simpler than Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Rabbit Formula from Nature’s Variety.

It has one animal protein source (which is a rabbit) and one vegetable (which is peas).

These high-quality ingredients are blended in with vitamins and minerals to ensure adequate nutrition.

Rabbit is novel meat, so dogs that react to other more common meat types would have a better chance with this.

Ingredients: Rabbit, Water, Rabbit Liver, Peas, Dicalcium Phosphate, Montmorillonite Clay, Calcium Carbonate, Potassium Chloride, Salt, Minerals (Zinc Proteinate, Iron Proteinate, Copper Proteinate, Manganese Proteinate, Sodium Selenite, Cobalt Proteinate, Potassium Iodide), Vitamins (Vitamin E Supplement, Thiamine Mononitrate, Niacin Supplement, D-Calcium Pantothenate, Vitamin A Supplement, Riboflavin Supplement, Biotin, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Folic Acid), Choline Chloride

Peas are not only highly nutritious (vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, and K, iron, zinc, manganese, protein, potassium), but they’re also high in fiber which is very important for dogs with digestive issues.

Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Recipe by Nature's Variety helps to maintain a healthier weight and regulate blood glucose, too.

best canned dog food for sensitive stomachRabbits are one of the most natural prey of dogs in the wild, so it’s not so surprising why dogs find this so delicious and easily becomes their favorite meal.

More important is that this formula helps with food allergies and pet owners say that it has eased down on tummy upsets and itching in their dogs.


  • Made with one animal protein source
  • Offers complete and balanced nutrition for dogs in all life stages
  • No grain, gluten, potato, dairy, eggs, chicken, beef, and fish

  • The serving size for adult dogs is 1-1.25 cans for every 15 pounds of body weight
  • Negative reviews complained about quality control issues including a putrid smell, small foam-like pieces in the food, and discoloration

best canned dog food for sensitive stomachMost helpful review about this best canned dog food for sensitive stomach: “Great high quality product — my dogs love it. However, if anyone at Natures Variety is reading this please have Amazon start packaging the cases properly for shipment so that they don't arrive dented. My last order was for…”


FAQs about Canned Dog Foods and Sensitive Stomach in Dogs

Is canned dog food better for dogs with sensitive stomachs?

Canned dog food can be a good option for dogs with sensitive stomachs, as it is generally easier to digest than dry dog food.

It contains more moisture than dry dog food, which can help keep the digestive system functioning properly and prevent constipation.

How can I make my dogs stomach less sensitive?

There are several steps you can take to help make your dog's stomach less sensitive:

  • Feed your dog high-quality diet free from artificial preservatives
  • Feed smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day
  • Slowly transition to new foods to allow your dog's digestive system to adjust
  • Avoid feeding your dog table scraps and human food
  • Provide plenty of fresh water
  • Ensure regular exercise to promote healthy digestion
  • Consult with a veterinarian

Is rice good for dogs upset stomach?

Yes, rice can be good for dogs with upset stomachs, as it is easy to digest and can help soothe an irritated digestive system.

Rice is also a good source of carbohydrates, which can provide energy for dogs who may not be feeling well.

However, it's important to prepare the rice properly and to avoid adding any seasonings or spices that may be harmful to dogs.

Plain, cooked white rice is the best option for dogs with upset stomachs.

Best Canned Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach: Before You Go…

Whichever of the best canned dog food for sensitive stomach you have chosen from our recommendation above, know that no ‘best-of' article on the internet can replace your veterinarian's personalized and expert advice.

Seek out their help as soon as you realize you got a pup with sensitive tummy to avoid any more problems and complications in the future.

Want to learn more about dogs and their stomach sensitivities?

Check out our recommended reads below!

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