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Top 5 Best Dog Anxiety Vests


Pet owners know that it's not easy to care for a dog with anxiety. If the anxiety is mild, they may just shake or bark at thunder or loud noises. But if the dog's anxiety is severe they may become destructive, aggressive or make themselves ill. The best dog anxiety vests can help with this problem.

Top Best Dog Anxiety Vests to Relieve Stress in DogsThe first thing to address is that dog anxiety is a real issue, and it must be dealt with. It's not smart to ignore your dog's anxiety, hoping your pet will get over it or it'll go away – it won't. Studies have shown that anxiety in dogs can become a serious health problem and manifest itself in a variety of ways related to dog's health.

Some dogs are genetically more prone to anxiety than other breeds, while in other cases, it may be the way a dog was raised that will have a huge impact on this. Nevertheless, there are several ways to deal with anxiety in dogs. It's always best to start with “natural” methods that have been scientifically proven to calm down dogs.

Once you've exhausted all possible options for solving dog anxiety and nothing works, it may be time to look into best dog anxiety vests or dog anxiety calming aids. Today we'll discuss only dog anxiety clothing and review these five best dog anxiety vests:

Dog Anxiety Vests Price Quality Rating
ThunderShirt Classic Anxiety Jacket $$$$ A 4.3/5
AKC Anti Anxiety and Stress Relief Calming Coat $$$ A- 4.6/5
Mellow Shirt Anxiety Calming Wrap $$ B 4.3/5
The Original Anxiety Wrap $$$ C+ 4.3/5
ZenPet ZenDog Anxiety Dog Vest $$ C- 4.1/5

* Click on the dog anxiety vest brand for more information, prices and details. Or scroll down below for reviews.

Would a dog anxiety vest work, and how?

Would a dog anxiety vest work, and how?Many people are skeptical of using anxiety vests for dogs because they do not understand how a piece of clothing may relieve anxiety in dogs and how exactly it works.

The leader in best dog anxiety vests, Thundershirt, have conducted several surveys with pet owners and veterinarians to find that anxiety vests for dogs have an 80% success rate for relieving anxiety in dogs (and cats). You can see the full survey report conducted by Washington-based GMI company right here.

The concept of anxiety vests for dogs is simple, yet effective. You've probably noticed that your dog likes to be close to you when he is frightened. In the wild, dogs live in packs. Being close to their pack members helps them to feel secure.

Studies show that dogs consider you and other members of your family as part of their dog pack, thus it's natural for him to want to be close to you during scary times. In the most basic sense, an anxiety vest provides the same physiological effect to a dog that being tightly close to you would, thereby relieving the anxiety.

With the above in mind, the best dog anxiety vests would wrap tightly around your pet to give him the same sense of security that you would. Think of the vests like a constant hug that will keep your dog calm and reassure him that he's alright. It doesn't make sense to us, humans, but for reasons not yet well known to science, it does make sense for dogs.

These anxiety vests for dogs can be used during any time of fear and stress, including:

  • Long car rides
  • Trips to the vet
  • Thunderstorms
  • When the dog is left home alone

There are a lot of poor quality products available today. Below, we've researched and compiled a list of the best dog anxiety vests that actually work. For more information, visit product's page and I encourage you to read each dog anxiety vest reviews from others.

What are the Best Dog Anxiety Vests?
top 5 effective ways to calm down dogs quickly

1Thundershirt Anxiety Solution
by Thundershirt

Thundershirt Anxiety SolutionThe Thundershirt is definitely the most well-known of the best dog anxiety vests and they're the current leader in this area. It is made by a company that understands dogs, anxiety in pets, and supports animal rescue organizations. This vest from Thundershirt is made of durable fabric that hugs the dog’s body, yet allows comfort and movement, both of which are important.

Superficial dirt can be easily wiped off, and the fabric does not accumulate fur. It’s a no-fuss, easy-care material that is also machine-washable. This vest comes in grey, blue and pink variations, with sizes ranging from XX-Small to XX-Large. It’s a no-fuss, easy-care material that is also machine-washable.

Even buyers who were initially skeptical about the Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Solution found it very effective. Their edgy dogs took naturally to vest. The whining and nervous symptoms during thunderstorms have been significantly reduced. After a while, dogs that were previously easily agitated began behaving normally with other people. With a Thundershirt vest, these dogs are quieter and calmer. The extreme reactions to noise, like trembling, have promptly disappeared, although they’re still obviously unhappy about so much sensory stimuli.

Best Dog Anxiety Vests & Anxiety Vets for Dogs ReviewsCustomers highly recommend using the Thundershirt sizing chart. The effectiveness of this shirt relies so much on how good it fits the dog and how it provides uniform and deep pressure. An ill-fitting vest would be ineffective as some unhappy buyers found out. The use of the best dog anxiety vests has gained worldwide acceptance from dog owners and professionals alike. Thundershirt leads among them and is even highly recommended by veterinarians and dog trainers.


  • Made of durable, comfortable fabric
  • Dirt can be wiped off with a damp cloth
  • Material does not accumulate fur
  • Company supports animal rescue organizations

  • Proper fit is a MUST or the vest will not work

Best Dog Anxiety VestsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Our older dalmation has severe thunderstorm anxiety. She shivers, hides, pants, and whines. It is terrible! I was another skeptical shopper, but…”

2AKC Calm Anti-Anxiety and Stress Relief Coat
by American Kennel Club

AKC Calm Anti-Anxiety and Stress Relief CoatThis is one anti-anxiety vest, or otherwise known as calm coat for dogs, that’s perfect and safe for dogs suffering from different forms of anxieties – from being hyperactive to fear of loud noises. Created by the famous American Kennel Club, this vest comes in a variety of colors and different sizes from X-Small to X-Large.

Since it is important for the coat to hug the dog’s torso, it is best to go for the chest size when choosing the correct size for your dog. An X-S size will be good for chest sizes of 13”-18”, while an X-Large will be perfect for dogs with chest sizes of 30”-38”. The vest is easy to wear and take off, and it is machine-washable as well. It’s durably made and looks attractive, with a price that’s a lot cheaper than most anti-anxiety vests for dogs.

Right after the first few days of donning their anti-anxiety vest, most dogs showed relief from anxiety. Similar to the other best dog anxiety vests, it hugs your dog tightly to make him feel secure. The vest has greatly alleviated the dogs’ fear of thunder and lightning, and there were significantly fewer instances of freaking out and hiding under the bed during thunderstorms.

Best Dog Anxiety Vests & Anxiety Vets for Dogs ReviewsPet parents who bought the American Kennel Club Calm Anti-Anxiety and Stress Relief Coat for Dogs and had previously resorted to drugs now see hope in their dogs recovering from both anxiety symptoms and drug side effects. Erroneous sizing was the usual reason for unsatisfied customers. Those who were able to get the right size for their dogs found no reason not to be happy with the results.


  • Comes in a variety of colors and sizes
  • Machine washable
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Cheaper than most similar products

  • Proper fit is a MUST or the vest will not work

best dog anxiety vestsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “This thing worked great for my dog. But the main reason for my review is to offer advice when choosing the right size for your dog. I chose a…”


3Anxiety Calming Wrap
by Mellow Shirt

Mellow Shirt Anxiety Calming WrapThis calming wrap for dogs by Mellow Shirt comes in at number three on our list of the best dog anxiety vests. It generates moderate and constant pressure, thereby soothing a wide range of fear and anxiety concerns in dogs.

It is durably constructed with breathable, lightweight, and machine-washable material for easy cleaning. This vest's closure is made of hook-and-loop fasteners that make pressure adjustments rather easy.

Like the other best dog anxiety vests, it does away with the need for drugs or medication to soothe your dog’s anxiety problems. It comes in sizes ranging from XS (10-19 lbs) to XL (76-110 lbs). Comparing with other anti-anxiety wraps, pet owners found this to be of softer and more flexible material. It’s also relatively cheaper, which was what mostly enticed buyers to give it a try. It proved as effective as a more expensive brand, although the fabric used by the other brands looked and felt more superior.

This wrap worked almost immediately for terrified dogs, and their owners wondered whether it was something psychological. It has even helped an ageing dog regain her old vibrant self after getting rid of fears over the slightest storms.

Best Dog Anxiety Vests & Anxiety Vets for Dogs ReviewsFor some dogs, results were evident in a matter of minutes. For other dogs especially those that had issues relaxing even without triggers, the benefits took weeks or even months.

The Mellow Shirt calming dog anxiety wrap works by using the right amount of pressure on the dog’s torso, which results in the calming effect. Many professionals have embraced this method and recommend this wrap as an easy, safe, and drug-free solution to multiple anxieties commonly experienced by dogs.


  • Made of breathable, lightweight fabric
  • Material is soft and flexible
  • Machine washable
  • Closes with hook-and-loop fasteners

  • Buyers noticed that the fabric was of lesser quality than comparable products
  • Took weeks or months for some owners to notice a difference

best dog anxiety vestsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I have a four year old make English Bull Terrier who recently started to have general anxiety issues. He would just sit there and shake, never seemed…”


4The Original Anxiety Wrap
by The Company of Animals

The Original Anxiety WrapThis is a nice-looking wrap that covers the full length of the dog’s torso. It was designed by a professional dog trainer for optimum comfort and effectiveness.

The Original Anxiety Wrap for dogs uses maintained pressure and acupressure to relieve stress. Like other best dog anxiety vests, it is applicable for getting rid of various anxieties and fears in both dogs and cats.

The material used in this product is lightweight and breathable. It stretches in four directions to provide maximum coverage, comfort, and soothing effect. The wrap is available in sizes from Toy to 2XL. A good number of satisfied customers find this wrap practical for various applications aside from terrible thunderstorms. They use it on their dogs for almost any activity where the pet feels uncomfortable, such as bringing the dog to the groomer or the vet.

These dogs’ owners were less stressed, too, with reduced need to replace damaged furniture or fewer sleepless nights listening to terrified dogs’ barking. With the breathable material used, dogs are also more comfortable in this wrap than in other similar products which are not as well-ventilated. A few buyers were not as satisfied. They found issues with the fitting and the straps that went to the butt. Some dogs simply didn’t take to it and even became anxious just seeing it.

The lack of proper conditioning before The Original Anxiety Wrap for dogs was introduced to them could be one reason. This is a common reason for complaints with all of the best dog anxiety vests. Another user suggested that the use of the wrap for anxiety needs time to completely take effect. But whatever caused this reaction, it simply shows that there’s not a singular cure to all anxiety problems. Scientific studies show that anxiety wraps are effective in 89% of anxiety cases.


  • Covers the full length of the torso
  • Designed by a professional trainer
  • Made with a lightweight, breathable material

  • Some buyers noted an issue with improper fitting of the adjustment straps
  • Did not work for all dogs

best dog anxiety vestsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I have been using my Anxiety wrap now for several years. I've used it on my own dogs, on foster dogs and rescues. I have Anxiety Wraps in several…”


5ZenDog Anxiety Vest Calming Compression Shirt
by ZenPet

ZenDog Anxiety Vest Calming Compression Shirt by ZenPetWith its durable and attractive two-tone super soft design, this anti-anxiety jacket for dogs from ZenPet highlights total comfort, function and style. The jacket is easy to wear and machine washable.

It comes in many different sizes so you'll definitely find the one to fit your pooch. Unfortunately, it's one of the least effective dog anxiety vests according to pet owners, and it's not the most popular either.

Nevertheless, it may be a solution that's better fitted for your specific situation and your dog. This dog anxiety jacket for great for hyperactive dogs or those fearful of thunderstorms, fireworks, traveling, and other anxiety stimuli.

The combined deep pressure and comfort afforded by this jacket allows for a stress-free and drug-free solution to your dog’s anxieties. It also comes with a guarantee – your money back and no questions asked should you not feel satisfied.

Restless pets suffering from severe anxiety found a humane solution to their condition with the ZenPet anxiety vest for dogs. A few pet owners, whose dogs suffered from anxieties and mild temperamental issues, have vouched for this product’s calming effect over their dog, without even having to administer medication. Their dogs were much calmer and less agitated on long travels and even when in unfamiliar situations.

Dogs that were severely anxious did not immediately react positively to this jacket, and that is common issue with the best dog anxiety vests but this one seems to be the biggest let down.

Also, while some dogs did not mind wearing it, a few were not having it at all. It took them a while to calm down and wear the jacket. Their owners resorted to making the dog wear it even inside the house, not only to relieve their dogs’ anxiety issues, but also as a way of training them to behave normally. After a while, these dogs have overcome their uneasiness and now find the jacket to be a source of comfort and reassurance.


  • Machine washable
  • Available in three sizes
  • Money back guarantee

  • Dogs with severe anxiety didn't respond well at first

Best Dog Anxiety VestsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I have a 5 year old American Staffordshire Terrier that suffers from separation anxiety and is also afraid of lightning (so much for being known as a…”

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  1. The Original Anxiety Wrap, first marketed in 2001 by the late Susan Sharpe, CPDT-KA is inarguably the BEST product available. It is the only patented pressure wrap, much better designed, and far more effective than any of the knock-offs, including the Thundershirt which came out in 2009.

    I have found the (old design) Original Anxiety Wrap to be 100% effective, and I have been using and recommending it as a professional trainer since 2009. Its effectiveness is documented by research conducted at Tufts University. It must be used correctly though, like other products, to be effective.

    Unfortunately, the product was re-designed a couple of years ago to resemble the Thundershirt, so that it could be marketed in fewer sizes, and it has lost its effectiveness. The fabric is less elastic, it lacks the adjustability, and it provides less coverage. Therefore, I recommend the old design that comes in 11 sizes, if you can find one, but not the new design that comes in just 7 like the Thundershirt.

    Cindy Ludwig, M.A., R.N., KPA-CTP, CPDT-KA, Canine Connection LLC


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