5 Best Dog Cage Covers for Crates

Crate training a dog is beneficial to both owners and pets. A crate gives your dog his own den, a place to rest, relax and escape stressful situations such as during fireworks or thunderstorm. One effective way to calm down a dog in a crate is with fitting dog cage covers.

Even though they are technically not den animals, studies found that in the wild, dogs tend to find small dens to sleep in and raise their pups in. A den gives a dog a sense of comfort and safety.

The best dog cage covers are an excellent accessory once you know what size and model crate you're purchasing. Covering the cage will help your dog settle in, relax and go to sleep, particularly when an anxious dog is trying to hide from stress.

Top 5 Best Dog Cage Covers for Dog Crates

1Pet Dreams Classic Cratewear Set

This 3-piece set comes with a soft crate pad that creates extra cushion for your dog. It resembles a pillow, which ensures comfort for your pet as opposed to the plastic tray or metal bars that serve as the flooring for most crates.

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As a bonus, this cover from Pet Dreams is available in a large variety of colors and sizes, so it is sure to fit in with your home décor! This cover is made of three pieces (the actual cover, a mattress, and bumpers), and they are all both washer and dryer safe. Dogs seem to be extremely happy with the comfort that this product provides. Even dogs who have been resistant to go into their crate in the past don’t mind being kenneled once this three piece set is in place.

Crates look far more attractive once covered with one of the best dog cage covers, which most customers agree is an upgrade from the eyesore they are used to. Pet owners agree that the cushions and cover hold up well after multiple runs through the washer and dryer as well. The Pet Dreams Classic Cratewear Set is comfortable for your dog, aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean!

Pet owners with mischievous dogs seem to have issues with keeping this product attached to the crate, as their dogs are able to take it off and chew on it. Adding more Velcro to the product to hold the bumpers in place may help in keeping dogs from being able to remove them as easily. Some customers had an issue drying this and recommend using a low setting rather than a heavy duty option.


  •  3-piece set that includes a soft crate pad and bumpers
  • Available in multiple colors
  • All pieces are washer and dryer safe

  • Not recommended for dogs that like to chew
  • Minimal amount of Velcro used to attach, making it easy for dogs to pull off


2MidWest Polyester Crate Cover for Wire Crates

This dog cage cover from MidWest is available in multiple sizes and in a black or camouflage option. It is lightweight and made from polyester. It provides just the right amount of privacy, security, and comfort for your dog.

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Customers love that this product is so lightweight, making it easy to store or travel with if needed. It is also very easy to put on and/or remove quickly, and it stays put as long as dogs aren't constantly tugging on it.

Dogs who previously had anxiety being kenneled are often more at easy once the crate is covered – that's where the best dog cage covers come in. Pets who were not willing to step foot in a crate before now have no issue with it thanks to the security and comfort they feel when it's covered. The Velcro strips on the Midwest Polyester Crate Cover for Wire Crates allow it to be easy to adjust so that it can fit on crates with no hassle.

A few customers mentioned that this crate cover is not breathable, so it may make your pet too warm if the temperature is high. Dogs who were able to pull the cover off could easily chew through the material. This product is a very simple, “no frills” crate cover, so if you are looking for something that looks more presentable than a plain, black cover, you may want to look at products aimed more at aesthetics.


  •  Simple design makes it easy to put on and remove
  • Available in black or camouflage colors and comes in multiple sizes
  • Lightweight, making it ideal for traveling

  • Not breathable
  • Extremely easy to chew through or tear with claws
  • We wanted a more aesthetically pleasing design than this simple cover


3HiCaptain Double Door Dog Crate Cover

This plush dog cratewear set is made of three pieces, including a crate cover, crate pad, and bumpers to line the inside walls of the crate. As with all the best dog cage covers, rather than a plain, unattractive metal crate, your dog gets a comfortable bedroom to relax in.

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The reversible crate pad allows for less frequent laundering, and all pieces of this set are 100% washer and dryer safe. This is one of the best dog cage covers as it comes with a training brochure to help make crate training a breeze for you and your dog.

The set is made to fit crates that are 19 inches, 24 inches, 30 inches, or 36 inches in length and to accommodate crates made by Midwest, Precision, and other brands. According to customers, the cover is really soft and comfortable, and the product looks even nicer than the photos show.

It is said to highly improve the appearance of a plain metal crate. The cage cover comes in a variety of colors to match any home décor. Pet owners like how the bumpers provide extra safety for rambunctious puppies that seem to constantly run into things (such as metal bars).

The padding was thinner than some customers expected it to be, and some say it is even as thin as a blanket. For a few customers the stitching came undone after only a couple of washes. Puppies who are chewers may destroy these bumpers in a matter of days, so be sure to attach them securely to attempt to prevent this from happening.


  • 3-piece set includes crate pad, bumpers and cover
  • Crate pad is reversible
  • All pieces are washer and dryer safe
  • Includes crate training brochure with helpful tips and tricks

  • Not recommended for dogs that like to chew
  • Padding is a bit thin
  • The stitching came undone after many washes


4Molly Mutt Crate Cover

This product from Molly Mutt is available in a wide range of patterns and styles, making it one of the more aesthetically pleasing best dog cage covers current on the market.

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The unique design allows the panels to roll down for full closure or roll up using snaps for easy access. A matching duvet is available for the inside of the crate if your dog would like extra cushion for napping.

It is made out of a canvas-like material so that it looks more like an addition to the décor instead of an eyesore. Customers are extremely happy with how this cover allows ugly metal dog crates to more easily fit in with their home décor.

The material is also a heavy fabric, which looks nicer than the more popular plastic best dog cage covers that are available. Pet owners like using Molly Mutt Crate Covers while traveling because they can keep the front rolled up so that dogs can still see them and not feel as if they are being left behind.

Some pet owners say that customers may want to order one size up so that the cover is long enough to touch the ground when placed on the crate; however, this may differ between crate brands. If you plan to wash the cover, please be aware that it may shrink; therefore, you may want to refrain from using the dryer and hang it to dry instead. Last, if your dog is a chewer, you may choose something that hugs tighter to the crate than this cover because the fit of this cover may make it easier to pull off.


  •  Available in a wide range of patterns and styles
  • Panels roll down for full closure or roll up using snaps for easy access
  • Matching duvet available

  • We wish we ordered a size bigger as it didn't quite reach the floor
  • May shrink if dried in the dryer
  • Not suitable for chewers


5Sofantex Heavy Duty High Quality Crate Cover

This black, heavy-duty crate cover is waterproof and both machine washable and dryable. It is one of the very few best dog cage covers available that allows access through 1, 2, and 3 door model crates.

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This kennel cover from Sofantex comes with a three year warranty, too. As with many other best dog cage covers, dogs seem to not mind going in their crate as much when this cover is on. The material is heavy enough that dogs cannot pull it through the crate bars as easily as some other covers. This prevents dogs from chewing and ripping the cover to shreds.

Customers who have tried several different brands say that this is by far the strongest and most durable cover for the price. Some customers say that the vinyl these Sofantex Heavy Duty High Quality Crate Covers are made of has a very strong odor and may require a couple of days outside to air out.

The color has also been off on several shipments, some customers saying they received a bright blue cover instead of the advertised black cover shown in pictures. Although it is said to be waterproof, many customers recommend against keeping it out in the weather and using it under a covered patio instead.


  •  Waterproof
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Allows access through 1, 2 and 3 door crate models
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty

  • Vinyl material has very strong odor and needs to be aired out before use

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