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Top 15 Best Dog Christmas Scarfs

The Best Dog Christmas Scarf Options

It's fun to have your pet participate in holiday festivities with you. Not only will it boost your Christmas spirit, the guests who frequent your home during the holidays will definitely enjoy it too! You don't have to fight to get Fido into a sweater or onesie. The best dog Christmas scarf options are an easy way to dress your pet for the holiday without the hassle.

best dog Christmas scarfWhen you're saddling your pup with a scarf, it's important to ensure his safety. The best dog Christmas scarf needs to secure without tightening around the neck. You also need to make sure that it isn't long enough to get caught on anything, which could result in choking your dog.

Finally, the scarf you select for your dog should be comfortable for him to wear. An itchy wool scarf may bother your dog. Likewise, if your dog has a thick fur coat, a scarf may cause him to overheat.

Be mindful of your dog's needs. Just because you want your canine companion to look adorable for the holiday doesn't mean that he's going to be comfortable wearing a scarf – or any doggy clothing at all for that matter.

If you think that the best dog Christmas scarf if right for your pet, check out these 15 options. They're comfortable, safe and affordable for pet owners on any budget. They'll definitely help you and your pooch celebrate Christmas in style.

The Best Dog Christmas Scarf Options

1Chilly Dog White/Red Pet Scarf

Chilly Dog White/Red Pet ScarfThis red-and-white scarf from Chilly Dog is made of 100% wool fiber and dyed using organic plant dyes. It is about 37” long and 4” wide. It has a slit where you fit one end through. It fits somewhat loose around the neck. You can add a stitch or fix in place using a safety pin or clip.

This best dog Christmas scarf is thick and warm and will definitely come handy and practical for winter. This usefulness combines with the classy look of the Chilly Dog White/Red Pet Scarf making it a perfect wardrobe add-on for Christmas parties and holiday merry-making outdoors.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTO): “This is so cute. The small fit great on both my 12 lb (pictured) and 25 lb schnauzer mutts. Unfortunately my dogs think this is a great toy to chew on so I only put it on for a quick picture and…”


2Huxley & Kent Pet Scarf

Huxley and Kent Pet ScarfThis Christmas scarf from Huxley & Kent is comfortable for your pet, easy to put on and take off, and machine washable. The versatile styles of these seasonal scarves are great for male and female dogs. This holiday accessory gives your pet a picture-perfect look.

Easily wrap the scarf around your pet’s neck and tuck the ends into an attached loop for a secure but relaxed fit. This best dog Christmas scarf fits dogs with a 14” neckline. There’s a loop to insert the scarf’s opposite end through. The Huxley & Kent Pet Scarf is an excellent choice for the best dog Christmas scarf.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “My dog is on the smaller side but I ordered a medium because I was worried the small would be too small. It’s a little long but I LOVE it on her! Nice quality too!…”


3Alemon’s Pet Xmas Knit Christmas Reindeer Scarf and Hat Set

Alemon’s Pet Xmas Knit Christmas Reindeer Scarf and Hat SetThis scarf and hat set from Alemon has red and white pattern depicting reindeer and various shapes. It is made of acrylic fiber, and as such, it is soft with a little stretch, but not too much. The size runs small, so when in doubt, order one size up.

The small size hat, for instance, measures 3.2” in diameter and the matching scarf is 13” long. For reference, a small size of the Alemon's Pet Xmas Knit Christmas Reindeer Scarf and Hat Set fits perfectly in a 5-lb Yorkie. The hat has a cord under the chin for adjusting and securing, while the scarf has a loop on one end.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Ordered The medium/large and it was sooo small. Did not even fit on my French bulldog.The ball on the scarf was hanging by a thread after 5 minutes of handling the scarf. Cute but poor quality and…”


4ZippyPaws Holiday Red-White-Green Scarf

ZippyPaws Holiday Red-White-Green ScarfPut an end to scarves falling off or fussing with chunky ties. This holiday scarf from ZippyPaws is designed with one end folded. The opposite end goes snugly through this folded end and has a pompom on its tip. You need not undo this best dog Christmas scarf all the way when taking it off or putting it on – simply loosen it enough to slip it over your dog’s head and tighten around the neck.

The pompom holds it in a way, and the same is true with the snug fit of the scarf through the folded end which acts as a loop, although you can slip it off if you really try. Without the ungainly knots, the ZippyPaws Holiday Red-White-Green Scarf really looks smart.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “The holiday scarf is well made and looks cute on my dog. I got it so that she would look festive in a holiday photo…”


5POPETPOP Dog Christmas Scarf

POPETPOP Dog Christmas ScarfNow for that strictly for-Christmas-use scarf, nothing beats this Popetpop holiday piece for your dogs. This is perfect for costume parties on Christmas. The scarf is made of soft acrylon material with red pompoms on each end.

This seasonal accessory comes in 3 sizes with the biggest being 70 cm in length. Be sure to measure your dog's neck circumference for best fitting. Make your pet's holiday look really special with the Popetpop Dog Christmas Scarf.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Made great holiday doggie photos look adorable. My dogs are 30 pounds and scarf fit perfectly.…”


6ZippyPaws Holiday Red-and-White Santa Scarf

ZippyPaws Holiday Red-and-White Santa ScarfThis scarf is the same in design as the ZippyPaws scarf above, and uses the same sizing. This time, however, we have a red-and-white scarf and it’s made with thick, velveteen fabric. So while they both measure 3” wide (for the large size), this width goes tighter through the folded end or loop.

This red and white best dog Christmas scarf feels much like Santa’s costume and will be a nice accessory for your Christmas events. There are two sizes available in the ZippyPaws Holiday Red-and-White Santa Scarf, and the large measures 3” wide and 29” long.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “It looks like the picture, however it is a bit smaller than expected. It did fit our cane corso mix who is large. The material is nice and soft. I would have liked a matching hat. Our dog didn't seam to mind…”


7Forum Novelties Christmas Dog Scarf

Forum Novelties Christmas Dog ScarfGet your dog in sync with the Christmas season with this tartan plaid scarf from Forum Novelties in colors of red, black, white and yellow. It is embellished with a white paw design print. The two ends are covered with white wooly fabric.

This cute best dog Christmas scarf is fashionable for the holiday and even for other winter activities after Christmas. The Forum Novelties Christmas Dog Scarf is ideal for small pets and available in one size only.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Paw prints are cheaply printed on their. Mine were coming off when I recieved it in mail…”


8Rubie’s Costume Company Plaid Pet Christmas Scarf

Rubie’s Costume Company Plaid Pet Christmas ScarfThis pet scarf serves more as a fashion statement for dogs to announce the Christmas festivities than for any practical purpose. Though, this scarf from Rubie's Costume Company can also add some warmth while your pet wears it.

The Rubie's Costume Company Plaid Pet Christmas Scarf is very much the same in material and style as the previous tartan plaid scarf. It has the same details, too. It fastens using a Velcro strip. It is available is small/medium and medium/large sizes, but both run small.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I bought two items (the large size) yet they are Very small. I could not use them with my two Golden Retrievers (3 years). The item looks Very nice but it is SUPER SMALL…”


9Alemon’s Stripe Christmas Scarf for Pet

Alemon’s Stripe Christmas Scarf for PetThis red-and-green striped scarf by Alemon is made of acrylic yarn and is soft and slightly stretchy. Its stockinette texture will be smooth on your pet’s skin. This is actually a 5” knitted material but folded and stitched together giving your dog a scarf 2.5” wide, so the best dog Christmas scarf will be thick and warm and suitable for the cold winter season.

The small/medium size is 18” long, while the small size is 13” long and 2” wide. The Alemon's Stripe Christmas Scarf for Pet has a loop on one end that’s meant to hold the other end in place.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I purchased one that was to small for my dog but that one was well made so I gave it to a friend who has a dog smaller than mine and I ordered one that was a large and I just got it and somehow when…”


10Rypet Dog Santa Hat and Scarf

Rypet Dog Santa Hat and ScarfChristmas is not only a season for bundling your pets up to protect them from the chilly weather, but also a time to dress them up for photo shoots, costume parties, and other holiday events. Rypet’s best dog Christmas scarf will suit both purposes well.

The Rypet Dog Santa Hat and Scarf is made of soft, plush fabric with a cute matching Santa hat. This Christmas dog hat and scarf are adjustable and easy to put on and take off. It is suitable for large breeds, such as Golden Retriever, Labrador, and German Shepherd, Briard.


11Bolbove Adjustable Christmas Santa Hat + Scarf

Bolbove Adjustable Christmas Santa Hat + ScarfYour dog will enjoy donning this red plush scarf with white faux fur on the edges. The scarf from Bolbove joins together using a Velcro strip. This is a set with matching Santa hat in the same soft red material and the same faux fur trim.

This best dog Christmas scarf is 19” long, while the hat is 4.5” wide and 6” high. The Bolbove Adjustable Christmas Santa Hat + Scarf comes in a sheer purple drawstring gift pouch, which also contains a silver metal Bolbove keychain.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTO): “So adorable. The cat is now a santa cat! Great quality and perfect size…”


12SlowTon Dog Knitted Christmas Scarf

SlowTon Dog Knitted Christmas ScarfThis winter scarf from SlowTon is unbelievably inexpensive considering the intricate knitting technique it employs. The stitching technique is not only charming, classy, and interesting, but it is also dense. This denser quality makes it softer and thicker than ordinary.

This scarf fastens with a loop or folded end which secures the opposite end. The SlowTon Dog Knitted Christmas Scarf uses a single-color yarn which adds to the scarf’s classic charm and versatility.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “They are beautiful, soft, and the perfect length for a small dog. The material is also high quality, comfortable, and looks so elegant.…”


13Tail Trends Dog Scarf

Tail Trends Dog ScarfTail Trends offers an array of differently-styled scarves in various color combinations. This particular best dog Christmas scarf we have here is made of red plush fabric with white pompoms on both tips.

It fastens around the neck by inserting one end through a loop. A poinsettia flower accent adorns the point where the loop is on the Tail Trends Dog Scarf. The medium-sized scarf fits dogs with neck circumference of 16”-24”.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Tore apart after only a few days and the fog did not chew it. Made a bit cheaply and disappointed but did not contact seller…”


14Inscape Data Christmas Dog Santa Hat with Scarf

Inscape Data Christmas Dog Santa Hat with ScarfThis set is very similar in concept to Bolbove’s Santa hat and scarf set, except for some details. Inscape’s red velvet Santa hat with faux fur uses an adjustable strap for easy use.

The holiday scarf is creatively knitted with love to give optimal comfort and a gorgeous look for your pets. The Inscape Data Christmas Dog Santa Hat with Scarf is available in 2 sizes from extra small to large and will be perfect as costume accessories and even as gifts.


15Rubie’s Costume Company Knit Winter Scarf and Hat Set

Rubie’s Costume Company Knit Winter Scarf and Hat SetRubie’s Costume Company makes this green-red-and-white knitted winter set that includes a hat and a scarf in a deer pattern. The scarf is made of smooth stockinette with white pompoms on both ends. The bonnet has a pompom on its apex, and ribbing along its edges which gives it a snug but comfortable fit.

It has an additional pompom-tipped cord to keep the head gear more secure especially when your dog is playing outdoors. The Rubie's Costume Company Knit Winter Scarf and Hat Set works both as Christmas-themed costume and practical winter gear.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Quality is fine, but too small to be called a M/L. It's only ~25″. My dog (a 50 lb vizsla) wears an 18″ collar, and this scarf *barely* fit her. The hat was also too small, but I wasn't planning to use it. Also it has velcro…”

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