Clicker training has become quite a popular method for teaching dogs. The gist of this method of training is that you have a small plastic device that makes a sharp clicking noise when you press it. Anytime your dog does what you want him to do, you click the device and reward him with a treat. If you're planning to clicker train your dog, you'll need the best dog clicker before you get started.

Dog clicker training has been found as one of the most effective and user-friendly methods for teaching dogs. Clickers are also a cheap dog training tool that will cost pet owners a lot less than going to professional dog training classes. We've found five of the most effective, affordable, high-quality best dog clicker for training tools:


Dog Clicker Price Quality Rating
Downtown Pet Supply’s Big Button Clicker $ A 4.4/5
Attmu Pet Training Clicker $ B+ 4.5/5
Starmark Pro Training Clicker $ C 4.1/5
PetSafe Clik-R Trainer $ B- 4.2/5
A&S PetClicker Big Button Clicker Keychain $ A+ 4.5/5

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Training dogs using the clicker training method

The Best Dog Clicker for TrainingThe reason that clicker training has been shown to be so effective is that dogs learn by association. The sound of the click won't mean anything to your dog at first, but once he associates the sound with the immediate reward he'll start paying more attention to the clicks.

The food acts as a reinforcement, but what about the clicker? Well, to put it bluntly, most of what you say sounds like gibberish to your dog. But, the sharp sound of the clicker stands out from all other sounds (PDF) that your dog may be hearing. So, the clicker gets his attention and the food acts as the reinforcement.

Let's say that you're trying to teach Fido to ‘sit.' When he sits, you press the clicker, which gets his attention. Once you have his attention, you reward him with a treat. Your dog begins to think about what he did to cause the ‘click.' He soon associates sitting with the sound of the clicker, which he knows will lead to the reward.

See how dog clicker for training works in action:

What is the Best Dog Clicker for Training?
top 5 most effective clickers for training dogs

1Downtown Pet Supply’s Big Button Clicker

Downtown Pet Supply’s Big Button ClickerDowntown Pet Supply’s Big Button clicker is a set of four easy-to-use big button clickers in the colors red, blue, pink, and black. The Downtown Pet Supply trademark is imprinted on each piece with a wristband for easy carry. Downtown Pet Supply’s clickers facilitate the training of pets, such as dogs, cats, and even horses. It’s also available in sets of 5, 12, and 25.

These clickers are very portable and will fit snugly in the palm of your hand. The soft elastic wristband is a nifty addition to keep you from dropping or losing it in the thick of training. Not all clickers sold have wristbands to go with them, so this is definitely a bonus. You’ll not go looking for your clicker anymore because you’ll have it around your wrist whenever you need the Downtown Pet Supply's Big Button Clicker.

Best Dog ClickerYou’ll find these clickers very useful in communicating to your pet which behavior he or she is doing correctly. These emit a pretty loud click that your dog will soon associate with a forthcoming reward for good performance. This clicker has helped a lot of dog owners who found using it more rewarding than anything they’ve used before. We believe you will be equally successful with this big button clicker and recommend it to you for fun-filled training sessions with your dog.


  • Set of 4 clickers
  • Clickers are equipped with wrist bands for easy carrying
  • Also available in sets of 5, 12 and 25
  • Big button for easy clicking and a louder sound

  • Some reviews say this best dog clicker isn't as loud as other models they've tried
  • Multiple buyers were glad they came in multi-packs because they say these clickers break easily

best dog clickerMost helpful review about this best dog clicker: “Purchased these to train a new puppy. This is my first time doing clicker training and these have been excellent. I leave them scattered throughout the house so there's always one nearby. I don't have any way to compare, but the…”


2Attmu Pet Training Clicker

Attmu Pet Training ClickerThe Attmu set includes seven-button clickers with wrist straps in colorful combinations of orange, blue, green, black, red, pink, and white for easy visibility. They’re used for training dogs, cats, birds, and other pets teaching new tricks and proper behavior, and improving communication. The clickers are well-made and durable, yet very light. Attmu Pet Training Clickers are definitely a must-have device for pet lovers and trainers.

These clickers sound so much quieter than clickers you would use outdoors. They’re best used inside the house, or the car, or in any enclosed space. These clickers will be a good choice for you if your dog adversely reacts to a loud click. The Attmu Pet Training Clicker is very effective in sending signals to your dog to convey the exact moment when the desired behavior was executed without startling him or her each time.

Best Dog ClickerWith seven pieces in a set, you’ll never be without a clicker when you need one. While you have one with you, it’s a great idea to leave the others readily available in various strategic places, such as inside the house, outside the door, on the porch, in the car, or right in your purse as extra. You may even have one more left to give to a friend who is also training a pet. There’s a wrist band provided for every clicker, and it’s a thoughtful thing to add and very useful, too.


  • Set of 7 clickers
  • Clickers are equipped with wrist bands for easy carrying
  • Clicker mechanism is made of metal for added durability

  • Much quieter than other options, so this best dog clicker is ideal for indoor use
  • Multiple buyers were glad they came in multi-packs, because they say these clickers break easily

best dog clickerMost helpful review about this best dog clicker: “As a professional trainer I had more of these break. Bad quality. I received a email saying they will refund if I change my review!!!!! As a working professional I will not be blackmailed into…”


3Starmark Pro Training Clicker

Starmark Pro Training ClickerStarmark’s Pro Training Clicker kit contains three durably-constructed clickers in blue and bright orange color combinations. They are made of vinyl and rubber and are designed for long-lasting use. The clicker is roundish in shape to better fit between the thumb and forefinger. This also adds to the comfort of the hand especially when the clicker is used for extended periods. The button is raised for ease in locating and pressing it. It has a keyhole for attaching to a lanyard or chain. This is one handy but solid clicker.

You’d want your means of communicating with your dog to be consistent, so this 3-pack of clickers should do the trick. Keep them separately in places you’re likely to spend time with your dog. That’s important because this clicker is loud. If you suddenly use one that’s inferior in sound to the Starmark Pro Training Clicker, that may confuse your dog. This should work very well in outdoor situations where there might be a lot of distractions.

The kit also includes a step-by-step training guide for the use of clickers in training pets. This is very useful especially if you’re just starting out. Even old-timers could learn a few tips from this guide and other training aids from Starmark’s website. Very few clickers come with a training guide, and we believe that’s significant value added to this set of clickers.


  • Set of 3 clickers
  • Made of vinyl and rubber
  • Has a keyhole for attaching to a lanyard or chain
  • Specifically designed with the anatomy of the human hand in mind

  • A few reviewers were disappointed in the durability of these clickers
  • Does not come with a lanyard or wristband

best dog clickerMost helpful review about this best dog clicker: “I first used this type of clicker when I was using a professional dog trainer. He only used this type. Since he was a pro, I figured it had to be the best. I plant these all over the place so I can be consistent…”


4PetSafe Clik-R Trainer

PetSafe Clik-R TrainerPetSafe Clik-R Training tool is more ergonomic than other boxy types because it has a rounded shape and sturdy finger strap. The secure fit of the finger strap relaxes the hand because there’s no more need to hold onto the clicker. With this clever design, the hand is freer to move and flex, and clicking becomes more of thumb work. The clicker is a purple-and-green color and has a hole for a lanyard or keychain. This PetSafe clicker comes with clicker training instructions.

Unlike other clickers which are usually very loud, this item emits a relatively gentle click. It would be perfect to use if you have a dog that’s oversensitive to sound. This will work well indoors where it’s quieter and with fewer stimuli to cause distractions. If you’re living with other people who might be annoyed with loud noises – metallic clicking sounds, especially – then the PetSafe Clik-R Trainer is for you.

best dog clickerWhen planning to use outdoors, a louder clicker would be more appropriate because this tends to get drowned by car sounds, voices of passersby, and other outdoor noises. Dogs usually take time catching on to the signals you’re sending through a clicker. The instructions provided will be a good source of basic information about clicker training. You’ll definitely see positive changes in your dog’s behavior in no time at all.


  • Ergonomically designed with a rounded shape and sturdy finger strap
  • Equipped with a hole for a lanyard or keychain
  • Comes with an introductory guide to clicker training

  • Softer click than most other clickers, so it may not work well outdoors
  • Some angry consumers say the button began to stick after just a few uses

best dog clickerMost helpful review about this best dog clicker: “I have been using this to train my cat (stop laughing!) for about 2 months now. As I have to click 10x more for a Princess Cat, than a normal person would have to for a dog, I am confident that I am giving this…”


5A&S Creavention PetClicker

A&S Creavention PetClicker Big Button Clicker KeychainA&S Creavention PetClicker weighs just over an ounce and looks rather small. It’s ergonomically designed to be near-circular in shape, with deep grooves for a better grip. It is made of PVC plastic material which makes it light and durable. It has a large soft-to-click button and emits a distinct sound. A set includes three pieces, and each has a wristband and latch. For a set, you may choose from blue, red, white, yellow, or white, or a mix of all those colors for the set of five.

The clicking sound emitted by the A&S Creavention PetClicker is crisp and moderately loud, and it’s one that your dog will have no problem recognizing. The button is very responsive even to light pressure. It’s in the center and hard to miss because it’s set apart by an indentation that runs along its circumference. Because of this design, the button will not get stuck like most clicker buttons.

best dog clickerThe small size of the clicker makes it easy to lose or drop. With the wrist coil, however, you’ll not lose or damage this clicker by constantly dropping. The wrist coil adjusts to a large wrist, and it has a clasp that you can latch on any part of the coil to adjust to a smaller wrist.


  • Set of 3 clickers
  • Each clicker comes with a wrist band with a latch
  • Weighs just over 1 ounce
  • Ergonomically designed to be near-circular in shape, with deep grooves for a better grip
  • Made of PVC plastic material

  • This clicker was too small for some buyers who say it was not comfortable to hold
  • Softer click than most other clickers, so it may not work well outdoors

best dog clickerMost helpful review about this best dog clicker: “I recently adopted a 6 month old German Shepherd from the shelter and quickly realized that she was completely food driven (she'd been left outside to fend for herself and was hardly fed by her…”

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