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A good dog collar is one of the first pet products new owners consider buying after adopting a puppy. Whether it's a custom, designer, or personalized dog collar, you need an item of the highest quality that is also safe for your dog, such as these best cute dog collars for puppies and adult dogs.

Why do we need pet collars? There are many reasons why getting a high-quality dog collar should be one of the first priorities for a new pet owner.

Apart from allowing you to clip a dog leash on your pet's collar and equipping your canine with a high visibility item that helps at night, some of these best cute dog collars will help with the identification of your pooch.

It's also important to pick the right type of pet collar for dogs. For example, even the best leather dog collars won't do well for dogs that are exposed to a lot of rain or regularly go swimming.

In this article, I will take a look at the reasons why pet owners need some of the best dog collars for their pets, how they benefit both the dog and the owner, how to pick the right sized dog collar and fit it properly onto your Fido, and we'll review some of the best cute collars for dogs:

Top Dog Collars Price Quality Rating
Ruffwear Top Rope Collar $$$$ A+ 4.5/5
Dublin Dog All Style No-Stink Dog Collar $$$ A 4.7/5
Up Country Classic Houndstooth Design $$$ A- 4.8/5
Lupine Flower Power Adjustable Collar $$ A 4.9/5
Harry Barker Gingham Collar $$$ B- 4.0/5

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Picking the best cute dog collar for your pet

Some dog owners may think that pet collars aren't necessary for dogs, but the opposite is true. Moreover, certain dog collars will have a specific purpose for the dog, and you need to know exactly why you put a pet collar on your dog, your dog's behavior patterns, and how this dog collar may affect him.

A study in the Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association warns pet parents to be careful with their pet collars.

“By far the most common collar is the flat or rolled collar that fastens with a plastic clip or a buckle. These collars are the most convenient to slip on and off and are handy because they can hold your dog’s identification, rabies, and license tags.” – Dr. Sophia Yin, DVM

Why pets need some of these best cute dog collarsFrom the above links, you can see that not all collars for dogs are good, and choosing those that have been proven to work is the best approach. The best cute dog collars are those that are simple and can be effectively used on your pooch without hurting him.

Making sure you fit the cute dog collars properly onto your pet is also essential.

If you don't know how to fit a dog collar on a Fido, take a look at our video guide on how to do this right.

There's no need to buy pet collars for dogs with all types of fancy features, especially the infamous spiked metal collars, some of which may be harmful to the dog. This especially applies to prong or shock collars.

National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy and AVMA studies report scary numbers of lost dogs and cats, a lot of which could be solved if pet parents ensured their pets have collars, ID tags, microchips and other pet safety measures. Make sure you follow their recommendations when picking your next best cute dog collars and read reviews of other pet owners on how well the collar works.

We've done the necessary research and tested some of the options to find the best fit for dogs. Take a look at the below list of best cute dog collars, some of which are personalized, custom dog collars, or designer-made dog collars, and take your pick. If none of these options work for you, please scroll down where we've also added 20 more cute dog collars that are safe for dogs and would be good alternatives to these top five best cute dog collars listed below, but we haven't reviewed those so check other pet owners' opinions.

Top 5 Best Cute Dog Collars

1Ruffwear Top Rope Collar

Ruffwear, Top Rope Dog Collar, Reflective Collar with Metal Buckle for Everyday Use, Sunset, 14"-20" First product on our list of best cute dog collars is made by the famous and beloved dog company, Ruffwear. Their custom dog collars have a metal Talon buckle, which aids in keeping the V-ring at the top of the dog’s neck, allowing for easier leash clipping. They also come with a reflective stripe so that dogs are visible, even in low lighting.

This Ruffwear Top Rope Collar is available in small, medium, and large sizes, so pet parents can find any designer dog collar for dogs of any size: small, medium, and large. They come in the colors of blue, red, orange, and gray. These personalized dog collars from Ruffwear are highly durable and well-designed and even have a silicone tag silencer to keep tags from jingling!

As you can see from the dog collar reviews following the above link, most dog owners are very happy with the quality and aesthetics of Ruffwear's custom dog collar. Several customers recommend that those who can’t decide between two sizes of this best dog collar should go for the smaller size so the ballast works correctly. The quick-release buckle and tag silencer are two of the best features of this custom dog collar, along with the metal clasp, which provides durability.

While many pet parents are extremely satisfied with the sturdiness of Ruffwear's Top Wear designer dog collar, few people have mentioned that they found this personalized dog collar to be of poor quality, thin, and light when compared with other best cute dog collars on the market. Another complaint from several customers is that the tag holder failed, which seems to be the poorest engineering point on this best dog collar from Ruffwear.


  • High-quality materials
  • Quick release buckle
  • Tag silencer
  • Metal clasp

  • Expensive
  • Too thin
  • Too light

Best Dog Collars Reviews - Custom, Personalized, DesignerMost helpful review (full Amazon review):“My dog is about 40lbs and has a neck circumference of about 14 inches. That is right on the line between small and medium. The medium didn't work because when I shortened it enough to fit his neck properly the ballast function (the reason…”


2Dublin Dog All Style No-Stink Dog Collar

All Style, No Stink Dog Collar, Sultan, Medium 12.5" x 17"The best dog collar on our list from Dublin Dog is far less popular than Ruffwear's product, but it seems to be loved by those who tried it. The custom dog collar is 100% waterproof and both stink and bacteria-resistant, which can be an important factor for many dog owners.

Thanks to the patent-pending special blend of synthetic polymers, warm water is all that is needed to thoroughly clean this designer dog collar. The Pirate Punch Collar is available in small, medium, and large sizes that's good for dogs of any size, and in either blue or pink colors, both of which have skulls and crossbones as the featured design.

Looking through the above best dog collar reviews, for many buyers, the most impressive feature of this designer collar is how easily it can be cleaned. Dublin Dog's Pirate Punch collar is lightweight and a great option for outdoor dogs who tend to get into wet, dirty, or smelly situations. Despite the light weight of these best dog collars, they are durable and don't fade, holding up to the activities of even the most rambunctious canines. The price is mid-road but is no deterrent for dog owners because these pet collars for dogs seem to last for a long time with no issues.

There are very few complaints from pet parents who have tried these second-best cute dog collars from Dublin Dog. The only negative factor about this pet collar for dogs is that the leash/tag ring is quite thick, which makes it hard to attach tags with ease.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Stink and bacteria-resistant
  • Extremely easy to clean

  • Leash/tag too thick

Amazon Pet Supplies Reviews Dog ProductsMost helpful review (full Amazon review + photos):“This is the best collar I have ever bought for my dog. It fits him perfectly and it looks amazing on him. I hand wash it in the sink when it gets dirty. The other collar I had for him was fabric so when it got dirty I had to throw it out and I didnt like…”


3Up Country Classic Houndstooth Design

Up Country Houndstooth Pattern Dog Collars and Leashes (Houndstooth Pattern Dog Collar, X-Small (6 to 12 Inches) 5/8 Inch Narrow Width) The third one of the best dog collars on the list is made by another young dog supplies manufacturer, Up Country. This houndstooth custom dog collar is stylish and made in the USA. The company claims the product is not only a stylish dog collar but also has fashion, functionality, and quality, all three of which many dog owners are looking for in their pooch’s potential new personalized dog collar.

The buckles are approved by the Coast Guard for high-weight hold, and the nylon webbing on this designer dog collar is both stain- and fray-resistant. It's also machine washable, which makes it easy to freshen up as needed.

According to the very few dog collar reviews, pet parents have been extremely impressed with the quality and looks of Up Country's Classic third-best cute dog collars. They are well-made and tend to stay clean even when using them outdoors. The style of these custom dog collars is one of the most impressive features, according to multiple reviews.

Due to a very small number of opinions expressed with regard to these pet collars for dogs, it's difficult to pinpoint more drawbacks of the product. Most dog owners have been very happy with their purchase. However, one dog collar review does mention that pet parents must be sure to check the size of the dog’s neck before ordering this doggy collar, as it may be slightly heavy for your dog if it is the wrong size.


  • Coast Guard approved
  • Boutique, stylish custom design
  • Stain and fray-resistant

  • Too heavy for small dogs

Amazon Pet Supplies Reviews Dog ProductsMost helpful review (full Amazon review):“Great, well made collar and quick delivery. Up country has all kinds of choices for the perfect collar for your dog.”


4Lupine Flower Power Adjustable Collar

LupinePet Originals 1" Flower Power 16-28" Adjustable Collar for Large Dogs The fourth best cute dog collar on the list is from a slightly more well-known company, Lupine, which has been getting some media attention recently. This fourth-best dog collar is made from jacquard woven nylon, and the pattern is woven into the webbing rather than simply being printed or sewn on. It has strong bar-tack stitching and a welded D-ring, along with a custom side-release buckle. The company is so confident in their custom dog collars that they guarantee them, even when chewed.

To wash this designer dog collar, one may simply use warm water and mild soap in the washing machine. Although these personalized dog collars are available in many patterns, this particular Lupine's Flower Power collar features 70’s style flowers on a black background and is available in 12 – 20 inch, 16 – 28 inch, and 25 – 31 inch neck sizes (all of which are one inch in width). Matching dog leashes are also available from the same dog supply manufacturer.

According to several dog collar reviews, this product is said to be well-constructed and of high quality. The clip latch on this custom dog collar seems to be impossible to break or snap, even with strong tugging. Most dog owners plan to stay loyal to the company because of the durability, style, and lifetime guarantee on this fourth-best dog collar, as stated in their reviews.

Similar to the designer dog collar mentioned above, there are still not enough reviews to draw a more definite conclusion on the drawbacks of this pet collar for dogs. However, one negative dog collar review mentions that this item tends to loosen on its own, but that does not seem to be a widespread issue with the product, as no other pet parents have noticed this to be the case with their canine collars.


  • Cheap price
  • Multiple fashion styles
  • Matching leash and harness
  • Company's guarantee

  • May loosen up on its own

Amazon Pet Supplies Reviews Dog ProductsMost helpful review (full Amazon review):“Very well constructed Collar. I have a leash made by Lupine and it is top notch, so I decided to go with their collar also. I am glad I did, the quality is second to none. The clip latch is very strong also, I was afraid the dog might be able to snap it…”


5Harry Barker Gingham Collar

Harry Barker Blue Gingham Dog Collar, MediumThe last item on our list of best dog collars is made by yet another known dog supplies manufacturer, Harry Barker. These custom dog collars are available in blue, red, and black gingham patterns. Harry Barker's designer dog collars are said to add a touch of English charm to any pup.

These personalized dog collars are available in a wide variety of sizes, fitting anywhere from a 6 to 26-inch neck. The contoured buckles are quick-release and made to withstand up to 600 pounds of pressure, and the double-coated nickel-plated steel hardware is both scratch and tarnish-resistant. This fifth-best dog collar is made from 100% certified plastic bottles and has received an award for sustainability.

There's a lack of dog collar reviews for Harry Baker's product out there. However, a few of them mention that this product is of great quality and priced reasonably. Although most dog owners say that the pattern and color are true to the online photo, the red may be slightly more orange than the picture shows. One of the top points about the company is its commitment to being eco-friendly and giving back by supporting philanthropic institutions, such as Canines for Veterans.

Harry Baker is a relatively new company that currently has a very wide range of products for pet parents. Most of their items, including these pet collars for dogs, seem to be unaccustomed to negative reviews in general. The slight misrepresentation of the color of this dog collar has been the single issue, according to one review so far.


  • Award-winning dog collar
  • Quick release buckle
  • For up to 600 lbs of pressure
  • Tarnish and scratch-resistant

  • Color(s) not accurate

Amazon Pet Supplies Reviews Dog ProductsMost helpful review (Full Amazon review):“Nice quality and good price. The reason for not being 5 stars is that the red is a little orangish than true red in my opinion, and not quite what I was hoping for. It works fine though, and will keep it.”

20 Best Cute Dog Collars as Alternatives

Ruffwear, Flat Out Dog Collar (Formerly Hoopie), Webbing Collar for Walking and Everyday Use, Spring Burst, 11"-14" Pet parents looking to start off their dogs with a style and effective collar will usually find the above-listed five best cute dog collars as good options to start with. Those pet collars for dogs have been proven to work; they've been reviewed positively by many other pet parents, and they are completely safe for canines. However, if none of the above five picks worked for you, please check these fifteen additional cute dog collars that may fit your fancy.

  1. Ruffwear Hoopie Collar for Pets
  2. Haoyueer Sparkly Rhinestone Wide Dog Collar
  3. Up Country Heart and Valentine Patterns
  4. Perfect Dog Command Collar
  5. Rhinestone Bling Pet Collar with Bowknot
  6. Blueberry Pet 3/4-Inch Classic Solid Basic Polyester Nylon Collar
  7. Embroidered Reflective Safety Personalized Dog Collar
  8. Elasta Cat® Reflective Safety Stretch Collar
  9. Reflective Cat Collar with Bell, Set of 3, Solid, Nylon
  10. 2 Rows Rhinestone Bling Heart Studded Leather
  11. Reflective Puppy Dog Collar 
  12. Luxury Brown Padded Leather Dog Collar
  13. PetSafe Martingale Collar 1″ Medium
  14. Soft Touch Collars – Padded Leather Dog Collar
  15. Seresto Flea and Tick Collar For Dogs
  16. Martingale Reflective Dog Collar with Quick Release Buckle
  17. Rogz Utility Large 3/4″ Fanbelt Side-Release Reflective Dog Collar
  18. Adjustable Tuxedo Dog Collar
  19. Didog Leather Dog Collar 1″ leather with ID plate
  20. Coastal Pet Products 2205 Leather Latigo Round Dog Collar

Have you tried any of these cute dog collars with your pooch? How did they fit your dog, and did they work as expected? Please share your opinions with other pet parents in the comments below!

Top Best Cute Dog Collars

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