Best Dog Doorbells and Housetraining Bells for Dogs

Are you tired of repairing your doors and walls because your dog scratches them up when they want to be let outside? Dogs learn to scratch at the door to tell their owners when they need to go potty. To avoid damage to your home, training your pet to use dog doorbells, also known as dog housetraining bells, is the easiest solution.

A dog doorbell is yet to become popular, but they've been extremely helpful for house training dogs in our home. These devices are just what they sound like – doorbells for dogs. Normally, a housetraining dog bell is placed down low where your pet can easily step on it or push on it with his nose. The best dog doorbells are easy to use, and most dogs can be trained to use them in just a few days.

Here at Top Dog Tips, we enjoy trying out unique and untested products that make the lives of pet owners a little bit easier, and a housetraining dog bell is certainly one of the cool dog supplies that most of us miss out on. We've done the research and rounded up five of the best dog doorbells for dogs that are proactive about announcing the potty time.

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Picking the Best Dog Doorbell for Your Home

If you're still confused about how doorbells for dogs work, I recommend you watch one of our review videos on YouTube where Samantha tests them (this one for example).

As you can see, they're generally simple to use and most dogs can be trained to use a doorbell very quickly. But if you're having issues, then this video walks you through the process.

Testing a Dog DoorbellThe concept of a housetraining doorbell for dogs is simple, which means finding the one that fits your home and your dog is fairly easy.

The design is similar among all doggy doorbell brands, with some having a few more points of contact (for paws, for example).

Most dog doorbells are just strings of metal bells that hang from your doorknob.

All you have to do is train your pet to push on the bells with his nose. You'll hear them jingle and can come let Fido out to use the bathroom and prevent the scratching of your doors.

When you're looking for the best dog doorbells, be sure to keep your pet's needs and personality in mind.

Do you think it would be easier for him to press a button with his paw or jingle a string of bells with his nose?

It will take longer to train him to use the doorbell if he's scared of it or has a difficult time using the device.

The Best Dog Doorbells for Housetraining

1. Potty Bells Housetraining Doorbells for Dogs

Scratching, whining, or barking is a dog’s way of telling his human that he needs something.

Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co. manufactures Potty Bells for dogs that offer an easier and more socially-apt way for your pet to tell you that he wants to be let out.

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The doggy housetraining doorbell has a sturdy strap reinforced with nylon stitching and four 1.4-inch nickel-plated metal bells that sound loud and clear. Colors are available in black, red, white, brown, and brown gold.

Pet owners share how easy it was to get their dog to use Potty Bells. It was a breeze especially with the simple instructional guide to help you train your dog in the shortest time possible.


Now their pets simply nudge the bell if they want to go potty, and the bell rings to send the message clearly.

Buyers say there are no more potty accidents inside the house after only a few weeks of training with Potty Bells Housetraining Dog Doorbells.

For the buyers of Potty Bells, it has also taken the place of bundles of pet diapers yet to be bought. They now realize how cost-effective this item really is.

The cost of the doorbell is a small price to pay for costly supplies, offensive smell, and frustrating situations.

With a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee to boot, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain in this charming little product.


  • Sturdy strap reinforced with nylon stitching
  • 4 nickel-plated metal bells make a loud, clear sound
  • Available in 5 colors

  • The strap is too rigid, which means the bells don't ring loud enough


2. PoochieBells Original Dog Potty Training Bell

PoochieBells are proudly made in the USA and handcrafted individually with each metal bell distinctly emblazoned with a paw print representing PoochieBells’ logo.

These bells are attached to a durable leather strap, which is available in five classy colors.

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Potty training is made easier and quicker with enclosed housebreaking instructions.

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with this product, the maker warrants a full refund without question.

Dogs took to these bells rather quickly; in fact, quicker than what most pet owners expected. Initially, some dogs thought these bells were just toys and playfully rang them just for the joy of it, which was often annoying.

With a little patience and the proper conditioning method. However, pet owners were successful in teaching their dogs the proper way to use PoochieBells for their intended purpose only.

The bells sound loud enough so that they are heard a few rooms away, but not so awfully loud that they become irritating.

Users like that this device hangs low, which is perfect for any size of the dog. Some have hung it on the wall right next to the door to prevent it from ringing every time the door opens, often confusing the dog’s need to go out.

With a little creativity, this thing will work just as well for any household.


  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Durable leather strap
  • Available in 5 colors
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • Cheap quality


3. GoGo Bell Doorbell for Dog Potty Training

GoGo Bell Dog Doorbells are unlike any other brand. They have a single large bell that’s held by solid metal – no thin strap that’s likely to wear out from scratching over time.

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It is ingeniously designed so that it is positioned some inches away from the door or wall, thereby reducing the chance of your dog scratching the door or wall.

Safety is another feature that makes this one of the best dog doorbells for house training dogs. It has no tiny slits (typical of chime bells) that can cause accidental snagging of pet nails.

While strap bells are obviously so easy to hang on fixed doorknobs or handles, chances are they might be too high for smaller dogs or too low for the taller breeds.

With these bells, however, you can mount them at the height that’s perfect for your dog.

Some buyers even thought that the GoGo Bell Dog Doorbell was such a great idea that they bought two – one doorbell to be installed inside and another one outside.

This is one of the best dog doorbells for families with naughty pooches that would tug or chew at hanging doorbells. With this metal-supported bell, what’s there to tug and chew?

Their pets also picked up the idea real quick for a record time of just 7 days to just a few weeks.

This came after enduring as long as 3 months of unsuccessful potty training with other methods.


  • Held by a solid piece of metal instead of a thin strap
  • Designed to stick out from the wall to reduce the likelihood of scratches
  • A good solution for dogs that chew and pull on hanging dog doorbells

  • The bell is too small to produce a noise that is loud enough to hear when in another room

4. JIMEJV 2 Pack Dog Doorbells, Pet Training Bells

JIMEJV Dog Doorbells are a premium quality training gadget for your woofer. Made with durable nylon material and 1.4″ extra loud stainless steel balls, these bells are designed to be long-lasting.

The adjustable length features allow you to easily customize the length between 30″ and 33,” making it suitable for different types of doorknobs, handles, or hooks.

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With a diameter of 2.83 inches, these bells are perfect for dogs and cats.

Teach your woofer to hit the middle button with their paws or nose to ring the bell, which can be used for potty training, housetraining, and housebreaking.

The JIMEJC Dog Doorbells are a great present for your pet and come with a 1-year warranty and lifetime customer service.


  • Premium quality
  • Adjustable length
  • Great for dogs and cats

  • Some reports he loop created for these bells is too big to fit around a standard door knob securely


5. Mighty Paw Leather Tinkle Dog Doorbells

Pet owners love the elegant look, quality of sound, and durability of these best dog doorbells from Mighty Paw.

Six small bells are attached to a stylish and long-lasting leather strap, which is available in colors of black and brown.

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Tinkle Bells house training dog doorbell is designed with large thick-walled jingle-type bells constructed from specially blended metals to create superior sound quality and durability.

The bells are polished with a shiny silver coating which lends elegance to its appearance.

Pet owners say that with the suggested three-step method, Mighty Paw Leather Tinkle Bells has worked wonders in enabling their dogs to communicate their needs. They have reduced destructive scratching on doors or disruptive barking.

Both humans and their pets now enjoy a more stress-free environment. Owners appreciate how their pets are now better able to tell them when they need to go for a potty break.

The buyers find great value in their purchase mainly because the product works.

The manufacturer has also included a couple of extras – a high-grade rivet to attach to any doorknob, handle, or hook, and a free wall hook for hanging whatever small stuff like keys, dog’s leash, or hats.

A money-back guarantee makes this a totally risk-free purchase.


  • The strap is made of durable leather
  • 6 thick-walled jingle-type bells constructed from specially blended metals to create superior sound quality are attached to the strap
  • Available in 2 colors

  • The leather strap snapped after 2 months

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