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Top 5 Best Dog Fence Windows


The 5 Best Dog Fence Windows

If your dog often seems stressed by being contained in the yard and feels anxious about the world outside of that fence, you can reduce your pup's stress, barking and decrease the risk of escape attempts simply by installing a dog fence window for your pooch – allow them to see the world out there.

These windows feed your pups curiosity and let the dog to observe what goes on behind the fence, which can be enough to keep him away from trying to escape. In this article, I'll try to explain how you can find the best dog fence window for your needs and give you a few suggestions so you don’t have to spend hours searching for the right product.

How to Choose the Best Dog Fence Window?

When you decide to get a dog fence window, pay attention to these features:

Size – The window you choose should be large enough in diameter and also deep enough in order to provide your pooch with a complete view of the outside world. In most cases, these windows are around 10 inches in diameter and 5 inches deep.

Material – Most of the dog fence windows are made out of acrylic plastic and come in the shape of a dome. This makes the windows durable and also easy to clean, so stick to acrylic windows when you purchase one.

Ease of Installation – Keep in mind that you will have to install these windows yourself, so make sure that the item you select comes with clear and detailed instructions on installation and that you don’t need any additional hardware to install the windows. Of course, you will probably need additional tools to install a dog fence window.

Price – While the price may not be the most important factor in your decision, it should be taken into account. The price range for these windows is usually between $20 and $30, although you may be able to find some better deals out there.

Now that you know what features are important to consider when you choose a dog fence window, let’s check out some of the best windows you can find on the market.

Top 5 Best Dog Fence Window Choices

BobbyPet Dog Fence Window

This dog fence window is a bit bigger than the previous entry on our list; it comes with a circle diameter of 9.9 inches for the inner circle, 12.2 for the outer circle and it’s also 4.7 inches deep. This should give your pooch enough room to peek into the outside world.

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This product can reduce your dog’s anxiety, barking and prevent digging and fence jumping. It can be installed easily – you shouldn’t need more than 15 minutes to do it. You receive all the necessary hardware in the package, but you may need some additional tools like a drill.

This fence window can be installed in vinyl, wood and other materials such as drywall. The window is made out of acrylic and it can be easily cleaned with non-fluoride with toothpaste, which can also remove superficial scratches.

PROS: Durable, Easy to Install, Easy to Clean

CONS: Requires Additional Tools, Doesn’t Come in Tinted Version


PetPeek Fence Window for Pets

The PetPeek dog fence window is pretty similar in size to our previous entry since it has a 9.5-inch diameter and it is 5 inches deep. This durable acrylic dome comes with a black trim ring and all the hardware you may need to install it, although you will need tools to complete the installation properly. Instructions on how to install it are included.

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In addition to being used as a dog fence window, you can also use this product for kennels, children’s playhouses, tree houses, etc. It can be installed in wood, vinyl and a few other materials, including drywall.

This product is made in the USA, which is often a good indicator of quality. The acrylic dome can be easily cleaned with a garden hose, although you may need to use non-fluoride white toothpaste for superficial scratches.

PROS: Durable, Easy to Install, Easy to Clean

CONS: Requires Additional Tools, Doesn’t Come in Tinted Version, Some Users Found Instructions Difficult to Read


EXPAWLORER Dog Fence Window for Pets

The third choice of dog fence window has a very convenient design that allows your pooch to have a wide vision of the other side. This hard acrylic dome is durable and clear and it is 12.4″ wide in diameter and 5″ deep. The dome comes with a black trim-ring, which gives it a stylish appearance.

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The window comes with bolts, nuts and other hardware needed for installation but you must also have the necessary tools to install it. The installation should be easy since you also receive detailed instructions for it.

This dog fence window can be installed in wood panel fencing, vinyl fencing, drywall and wood. This item can also be used on dog kennels, children’s playhouses or henhouse. Cleaning is also very easy – just spray down with a garden hose as necessary. However, some users reported that the plastic trim is not very durable.

PROS: Durable, Easy to Install, Easy to Clean

CONS: Requires Additional Tools, Doesn’t Come in Tinted Version, Some Reports of Trim Getting Broken


2-Pack Pet Love Fence Bubble Window for Pets and Dogs

Unlike previous dog fence windows on our list, this item comes with a stainless steel trim ring, which makes it extremely sturdy and durable. The dome itself is made from durable acrylic and it is 5 inches deep and 9.5 inches wide in diameter.

No products found.

This package includes 2 dog fence windows, as well as 8 bolts and nuts necessary for easy installation. You will also get a step-to-step installation manual to help you do it quickly and properly. In addition to easy installation, this product is also easy to clean.

However, some users reported that the dome is not really durable and that their windows came already scratched or even cracked.

PROS: Durable, Easy to Install, Easy to Clean, Stainless Steel Dome

CONS: Expensive, Requires Additional Tools, Doesn’t come in Tinted Version, Some Reports of Dome Cracking Easily


Pet Fence Dome Peek Bubble Window for Dogs

Similar to other options, your dog can use this pet fence window to look on the other side of the fence, which can help with the constant barking. The window is made out of sturdy, durable acrylic plastic and comes in two varieties – clear and tinted.

No products found.

This acrylic dome is 9.5-inches long in diameter and provides enough room for your pooch to get a good view of the outside. It is easy to install and comes with all the necessary hardware for the installation. To clean this window, you should use white, non-fluoride toothpaste.

Unfortunately, there are some reports by users who claimed that their window came with missing hardware pieces.

PROS: Affordable, Easy to Install, Can Get Clear or Tinted Version, Durable, Easy to Clean

CONS: Some Reports of Missing Hardware, Requires Additional Tools


Dogs are curious creatures and when you keep your pooch contained inside your yard without a view to anything outside the fence he might become anxious or stressed. A dog fence window is a very simple, affordable and easy-to-do solution to this problem and there is a wide variety of products you can find on the market to make your pooch happy and satisfy his curiosity.

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