I bet you have a first aid kit in your bathroom cabinet. It is extremely handy to have bandages, tweezers and other necessary first aid items on hand in the event of an accident. Likewise, you'll need to have the same for your pet. Having the best dog first aid kit on hand is imperative, because items made for humans may not always be safe to use on your pet.

A doggy first aid kit is something that you rarely need but when the emergency situation happens, you wish you would've prepared better. explains how being prepared is essential for pet owners not only to possibly save your dog's life, but also save on veterinary bills.

Why first aid kit for dogs is essentialThere are many situations when the best dog first aid kit can be useful. Other than accidents at home, it can also come in handy while traveling, hiking or camping with your canine companion. If you already have your own first aid kit, you can add the missing items to make it a dog-friendly. But ASPCA Pro and other experts recommend that you keep a separate dog first aid kit specific to your pet because it’s safer, faster and more convenient.

The best dog first aid kit must have all the essential items you'll need to care for your pet in the event of an accident or emergency. We've done the research and found 7 of the best dog first aid kit products available, and we'll discuss each one in detail below:

Best Dog First Aid Kit Price Value Rating
Canine Friendly First Aid Kit $$$ A+ 5 stars
Adventure Medical Kits Trail Canine First Aid Kit $$ A+ 5 stars
JoJo Modern Pets Essential First Aid Kit $$$ A 5 stars
AKC Pet First Aid Modified Kit $$$ B 4 half stars
Canine Friendly Pocket First Aid Kit $ B 4 half stars
Small AKC Pet Safety Kit $$ B- 4 half stars
Large AKC Pet Safety Kit $$$$ C- 4 stars

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Why first aid kit for dogs is essential to have

Best Dog First Aid Kit ChoicesJust like little kids, dogs get themselves into trouble quite often. They get into things that they shouldn't and try to explore areas that may be harmful to them. Being prepared for emergencies is a big part of being a responsible pet owner, and American Red Cross explains and encourages all pet owners to familiarize themselves with pet first aid procedures and have at the least the very basic pet first aid kit at home and/or in a car.

A pet first aid kit is similar to that designed for people – a collection of essential supplies and instructions that would allow you to assist your pet in case of accident. You can easily assemble your own dog first aid kit (here's how). However, purchasing a dog first aid kit that is already pre-assembled is significantly cheaper than buying all the first aid kit supplies separately. It's also a lot easier than tracking down the materials you need and ensuring you've got everything.

Some pet first aid kits only have the necessities, while others include a lot of extras. It's up to you to evaluate each best dog first aid kit listed below to make sure it will be suitable for your dog. For example, if you frequently take your dog on hikes or other outdoor adventures, it may be wise to purchase one of the larger kits. We've ranked these pre-assembled kits below in order of cost-to-value.

Most pet owners will not want to waste time looking for health supplies and instructions on how to use them when a dog cuts his paw or gets into something poisonous. The more extensive your best dog first aid kit is, the better. That way you'll have the peace of mind in knowing that you've got what you need in one convenient place, and understand at least the basics of dog first aid procedures.

What is the Best Dog First Aid Kit?
top 7 assembled best first aid kits for dogs

1Canine Friendly First Aid Kit

Canine Friendly Pet First Aid KitWhen you need to treat a pet for a wound or insect bite, you don’t want to scour the place for all the things you need. That’s why first aid kits are important – they make things simple and swift. The Canine Friendly Pet First Aid Kit is a handy fabric bag with a zipper that opens the whole side of the kit to allow full view and access to the supplies contained in each vinyl pocket. This kit contains a very helpful manual with simple instructions on how to respond to emergencies properly.

Inside the kit are supplies that include a pair of scissors, a pair of tweezers, gauze rolls and gauze pads, elastic bandage, triangle bandage, exam gloves, tongue depressors, cold pack, emergency blanket, antiseptic wipes, and a few other items. The Canine Friendly Pet First Aid Kit is a good starting point for pet owners who always had the intention of coming up with a kit but never got around to actually doing it.

best dog first aid kitDog owners like the convenience of having all the small items in one place. They find the kit very useful even for humans. It has room for their dog’s medicine from the vet and even their own emergency stuff, too. It’s good to have one place for all health-related supplies – beats having to stash another bag which may contain similar items anyway. This is especially handy when going on trips with the four-legged travel buddy. For the price, this is one great buy.


  • Comes with a brief canine first aid instruction manual
  • Comes in a fabric case with a convenient carrying handle
  • Contains 32 items

  • Doesn't include as many items as other dog first aid kits
  • Some buyers thought it was overpriced for the items that it includes

best dog first aid kitMost helpful review about this best dog first aid kit: “I bought this kit to add to our emergency supplies, given some of the recent events in California. I'm sure it will be great to have on hand even just for every-day cuts and minor injuries. Most of the supplies are items…”


2Adventure Medical Kits Trail Canine First Aid Kit

Adventure Medical Kits Trail Dog Canine First Aid KitThis Trail Dog Canine First Aid Kit is very comprehensive and portable. It’s carried in a canvas bag with a carrying handle. The back has a space for the vet’s emergency numbers and a sort of checklist of supplies you’ll find inside the kit in four categories – wound care, sprain, instructions, and medications. This is a 1.47-lb kit which you may easily bring wherever you go. In fact, it’s a good idea to always have one of these kits from Adventure Medical Kits in the car and another one in the house – you never know when and where you’ll need one.

For wound care, the Adventure Medical Kits Trail Dog Canine First Aid Kit has bandages, gauze, sterile dressing, tape, wound wash, syringe, glove, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic, and alcohol. For sprain, it has triangular bandage, cold compress, and safety pins. Then it also has common medications, medical instructions, and instruments, such as EMT shears, tick remover forceps, emergency blanket, travel medicine guide and first aid manual, among other things.

Best value for the money – this is what buyers think about this kit. It has the basic first aid things they need for a day trip or two, and just the right weight to add to the backpack. They’d want to find something more substantial though for much longer trips, but this is essentially what they’d bring along during weekend camping and usual walks to the woods or the beach.


  • Comes in a canvas bag with a carrying handle
  • Comes with a brief canine first aid instruction manual
  • Features a space on the outside of the bag to write your veterinarian's phoen number and other emergency information

  • Doesn't include as many items as other dog first aid kits
  • Will not suffice for longer trips or lengthy hiking/camping adventures 


4JoJo Modern Pets Essential First Aid Kit

JoJo Modern Pets Essential Pet First Aid KitJoJo Modern Pet’s Essential Pet First Aid Kit is a square-shaped kit which you could easily insert between clothes inside a backpack or put inside a sling bag. It doesn’t occupy that much space, but packs a lot in it. The important thing that it does is keep the most basic first-response supplies in one small kit that you could bring anywhere because it’s so light and compact.

The JoJo Modern Pets Essential Pet First Aid Kit contains 16 items – a pair of scissors, a pair of tweezers, triangular bandage, gloves, tongue depressor, instant ice pack, depressing bandage, emergency blanket, elastic bandage, antiseptic wipes, cotton buds, sterile gauze, antibiotic ointment, styptic powder, medical tape, and sting relief pad. These supplies are what you’d commonly need for cuts and injuries requiring immediate attention while waiting to get your pet to the vet.

best dog first aid kitThe carrying case is nice and compact, and the mesh and vinyl compartments keep supplies in place but easy to find and access. It’s the perfect thing to carry when hiking with dogs since it won’t be too bulky. A pet owner wished it came with more of the antibiotic ointment. It does come with a little of everything, which is good for reminding which supplies are more needed – which to buy less of or more of when replenishing them.


  • Comes in a compact carrying case with handle
  • Ideal for short hikes or to keep in the car for traveling with your dog
  • Includes an emergency card to write important contact numbers and information on

  • Only contains 16 items
  • Some products included in the kit are of cheap quality, but they still get the job done

best dog first aid kitMost helpful review about this best dog first aid kit: “hope I never have to use it – wish I would have heeded the other reviews that said the plastic parts are a little lower quality than I would have liked. That being said, it was the right price and I can add…”


4AKC Pet First Aid Modified Kit

AKC Pet First Aid Modified KitThis is a variation of our first product from the American Kennel Club, which contains 100 items. However, this one contains only 46 pieces. Originally this had 50 items inside, but four items were recently removed. It has the same red rectangular carrying case as the 50-item kit, with clear pockets inside to keep supplies in full view and easy access. This will be just the right thing to bring during trips, camping, beach combing, or whatever activities you’re doing with your pet. To be safe, make it a mainstay inside your car so there’s no forgetting it when it’s most needed.

This kit contains scissors, gloves, cotton swabs, gauze roll, instant cold compress, gauze dressing pads, self-adhesive wrap, emergency blanket, tweezers, magnifying glass, med applicator, pet waste bags, collapsible water bowl, and a few other items. The fabric bag is well-made with plastic compartments to organize the supplies with. There’s a plastic envelope that folds in the center to hold other items that you add to the kit. Due to concerns about hazardous materials (hazmat), four items were removed from the AKC Pet First Aid Modified Kit – alcohol, antiseptic, hand sanitizer and sting relief wipes.

best dog first aid kitThis best dog first aid kit looks like it contains almost everything you’d need when attending to a dog with a minor wound or has a slight limp. You could easily buy the four items removed and possibly add styptic powder or a thermometer. The first aid carrying case itself is a beauty and holds a lot of stuff. It’s something that you would like to contain everything but hope you’d never come to use.


  • Contains 46 items
  • Comes in a convenient fabric bag with a carrying handle
  • Extra room inside the kit for you to add your own items

  • Contents inside do not have expiration dates on the label, which bothered some buyers
  • Some reviewers complained about the strong chemical smell when you first take this kit out of the packaging

best dog first aid kitMost helpful review about this best dog first aid kit: “This product was NOT as good as advertised or as the five (5) other reviews led me to believe. Products inside did not have expiration dates as they should, two products included in kit I received that were supposed to have…”


5Canine Friendly Pocket First Aid Kit

Canine Friendly Pocket Pet First Aid KitThese last two products would beat the five others for their sheer small size – they’d slip inside the side pockets of your cargo pants with no effort at all. The Canine Friendly Pocket Pet First Aid Kit is a mere 4”x 6”x 2” size and looks more like a coin purse than anything else. It has a carabiner, which you may use for attaching to your dog’s leash or your belt loop or backpack. Nothing can be more perfect for daily walks.

This Canine Friendly first aid kit contains a first aid guide, gloves, medical tape, gauze pads, bandage roll, antiseptic wipes, wound plaster, and elastic bandage. The case is made of bright orange fabric so it’s easy to spot in the midst of other things even with its tiny size. The Canine Friendly Pocket Pet First Aid Kit has a black round thing on its back. Looking closer, you’d see an X-shaped opening where you may stuff doggie bags so it’s just one pull when you need one.

best dog first aid kitThe tiny size of this kit is already a dead giveaway that it is not the same as the first aid kit you’d bring to a week long camping trip. Instead, it’s a neat way of packing antiseptic, some gauze pads, and first aid tape without actually rummaging through the medicine cabinet for those items every time you go out for a walk. Think of it as keeping your walks a bit more fun, worry-free, and safe.


  • Slim design (4”x 6”x 2”) could fit in a purse or pocket
  • Equipped with a convenient carabiner to attach the kit to a leash or hiking pack
  • Comes with a brief canine first aid instruction manual

  • Buyers complained that the wrap included in this kit does not stick to itself, so you have to tie it or use safety pins to keep it from falling off
  • Doesn't include as many items as other dog first aid kits

best dog first aid kitMost helpful review about this best dog first aid kit: “Personally, I don't think this is canine friendly because it only has the basics and really should include styptic powder (the items it comes with can be used on people as well). I purchased this little bottle…”


6AKC Small Safety Kit

AKC Pet Safety KitThis last product is another American Kennel Club pet first aid kit, but this time it only has 20 items, and it comes as a travel bag with belt loop. It’s perfect when traveling. It’s something you could pull right out of your pocket or from your waist. Imagine traveling with your dog and something in his paw is bothering him. Your dog would be grateful if you checked his paw right away instead of digging inside your luggage to look for a first aid kit. In fact, he’d thank you for having the good sense of wearing your AKC Pet first Aid Kit where it’s within easy reach.

This compact emergency kit has 20 first aid items including a pair of tweezers, emergency blanket, emergency whistle, waterproof ID card, collapsible water bowl, gloves, antiseptic, sting relief pads, alcohol cleansing pads, gauze pad, self-adhesive wrap, non-adherent sterile pad, and a safety guide. The travel bag of the AKC Pet Safety Kit measures 4”x5”x1.5”.

best dog first aid kitDog owners find this best dog first aid kit very useful. Teams that respond to dog emergencies even bought this for their members. They added some more supplies that they thought they’d need more of. They’ve used other brands of first aid kits at this price point, and they like this best. The carrying case is one of the best they’ve seen for the price.


  • Comes in a travel bag with a belt loop
  • Slim design (4”x 5”x 1.5”) could fit in a purse or pocket

  • Only includes 20 pieces
  • Buyers were disappointed to find that there were not many dog-specific products in this first aid kit

best dog first aid kitMost helpful review about this best dog first aid kit: “I wanted a pet first aid kit to keep in my dog's pack while backpacking so I purchased the small AKC kit. It's a bit pricey, but it has great reviews so I figured it would be a good investment. The first thing I noticed, is that the quality…”


7AKC Large First Aid Kit

AKC Large First Aid KitAccidents and emergencies do happen, especially with playful canines, and you’d want to be able to make a timely response when something like that happens. A first aid kit is a must-have for families who own pets. This large version of pet first aid kit from the American Kennel Club is one handy piece with a hundred items that a pet owner might need in emergency and even non-emergency situations. This is licensed and approved by the American Kennel Club for this purpose.

The red case is made of fabric and has a handle. It measures 11.5”x9”x3” and has pockets and compartments. The AKC Large Pet First Aid Kit contains a tick removal tool, scissors, tweezers, magnifying glass, disposable styptic pencils, hand sanitizers, alcohol swabs, antiseptic pads, cotton swabs, tongue depressors, gloves, gauze, thermal blanket, and syringe among the 100 items. You may add your own items or tailor the contents to your pet’s specific needs.

Pet owners were impressed with the quality and exhaustive list of the items it contained. It does lack some essentials, like an ear thermometer, but a quick trip to the drugstore solved that. There’s enough room inside the kit for their favorite brand of eye wash or topical medicine. Others ordered this just prior to a trip and they were so glad they had it with them. It had everything they needed for minor cuts and skin irritations that they rated this as topnotch for its usefulness.


  • Licensed and approved by the American Kennel Club
  • Comes in a fabric case with a convenient carrying handle
  • Contains 100 items

  • Some reviewers say they were disappointed by the contents of the kit, as they were expecting necessary items like a saline wound flush, or eye flush
  • Some products included in the kit are of cheap quality, but they still get the job done

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