Schnauzers have unique nutritional requirements that have to be met. Like all other breeds, they need to eat a diet that will contribute to their overall well-being. Learning the best dog food for Schnauzers is an important part of caring for your canine companion.

Top Best Dog Food for SchnauzersWith all the recent recalls and problems in the pet food industry, it's more important than ever to do your research before selecting a diet for your dog. Finding the best dog food for Schnauzers will include looking at the ingredients, researching the dog food company, and selecting the right formula of food.

We've compiled a list of things to remember when feeding your Schnauzer in order to help you feel less overwhelmed. At the end of this article, check out our suggestions for dog food brands to keep your Schnauzer happy and healthy.

What's the Best Food for Schnauzers?

Below is a quick recap of five options of the best dog food for Schnauzers. For more details, continue reading below to learn when, how much and how to feed Schnauzers.

Dog Food Brands Price Value Rating
ROYAL CANIN Miniature Schnauzer Adult food $$$$ $3.6/lb 4.5/5
Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Body Health $$ $1.5/lb 4.5/5
Hill's Science Diet Adult Small Breed $$$ $2.6/lb 4.8/5
Taste of the Wild Tow Appalachian Food $$$$ $4.0/lb 4.4/5
Blue Buffalo BLUE Adult Dog $$ $1.6/lb 4.5/5

* Click on the Pug dog food brand for information and prices. Or scroll down below for more details.

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Best Dog Food for Schnauzers: When, What and How to Feed Schnauzers Properly

Best Dog Food For Schnauzers

Amount of Food to Feed Schnauzers

The amount of food you need to feed your dog will depend on her size and weight. Miniature Schnauzers typically weigh between 12 and 20 pounds, while Standard Schnauzers weigh 31 to 45 pounds.

As small and medium sized dogs that aren't too active, they will not need that much food. It can be really easy to overfeed these pups! You want to aim for a calorie goal of 500-625 for the minis and 900-1200 for standard size Schnauzers.

Best Dog Food for SchnauzersUse a measuring cup to ensure your dog is not getting too much. Miniature Schnauzers should get ¾ to 1 ¼ cups of food each day, while Standard Schnauzers need 1 ¾ to 2 ½ cups. Remember that puppies and senior dogs may have special requirements for more or less food.

If you aren't sure your dog is eating enough, or if she seems to be gaining or losing weight even with using a measuring cup, consult your veterinarian. Be prepared to answer questions about how often you feed your dog, how much food you give, and the best dog food for Schnauzers that you've chosen.

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Activity Level of Your Schnauzer 

Most Schnauzers have a medium activity level and aren't working dogs, meaning you don't need to worry to much about getting them extra calories on a regular basis. Many pups of this breed like to romp around in the house or yard for a bit, but taking them for an extra tough hike or run may not be a good idea.

Luckily, this means you don't have to worry about unique supplements like you would for more active, working dogs such as German Shepherds. Do be aware that if your dog is very sedentary, it will be easy for her to gain weight through extra treats and table scraps.

Make sure that your dog is not getting too much food outside of their regular daily meals. Even just a few extra pounds can make a big different on a smaller dog such as a Schnauzer.

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Best Dog Food for Schnauzers

Health Considerations for Schnauzers

Like most breeds, Schnauzers have some specific health concerns that you should be aware of. Some of the concerns related to diet and nutrition include hyperlipidemia (an inability to process fat), pancreatitis and liver problems.

All of these conditions involve fat, and can be worsened by too much fat or unhealthy fats in your dogs' diet. Because of these issues, it's very important to monitor your Schnauzer's fat intake, whether she is a mini or standard.

Your pup will still need a certain amount of healthy fats, like omega 3 and 6, in her diet. However, unhealthy fats can spell disaster. Always avoid giving your Schnauzer greasy table scraps and fatty human foods.

You'll also want to find the best dog food for Schnauzers that has a reasonable fat ratio and includes mostly healthy fats from sources like chicken and fish.

In addition to monitoring fat intake, it's also going to be important to keep your Schnauzer at a healthy weight to avoid these problems. Being overweight or obese can significantly raise the risk for these conditions.

Since Schnauzers are small dogs, it only takes a few extra pounds to jeopardize their health. Talk to your vet to learn how to tell if your dog is overweight, and make sure to check their weight using a scale at home or at the vet's office to keep an eye on things.

Best Dog Food For Schnauzers

What's the Best Dog Food For Schnauzers?

Kibble is an excellent option for dogs since it is usually full of vitamins and minerals, is easy to prepare, and is good for your pup's teeth. To ensure you have a quality kibble, look for “complete and balanced” on the label.

This term is used by the Association of Animal Feed Control Officials to let you know that a food is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of dogs. It's also a good idea to take a look at the nutrition label and ingredient list. Choose a food with quality ingredients listed first, such as chicken, beef, lamb, and fish.

For Schnauzers, these are some of the best commercial dog foods available:

1. Royal Canin Dry Food for Schnauzers

Royal Canin Dog Food for SchnauzersRoyal Canin has some breed specific kibble available, and some of their food is designed specifically for Schnauzers. The dry food is designed to help keep your Schnauzer from getting any breed-specific health issues.

This food will also work to improve your dog's coat. The nutrients are specifically chosen based on the breed's preferences and health considerations.

2. Natural Balance for Schnauzers

Best Dog Food for SchnauzersNatural Balance is a great dog food for breeds that could potentially have issues with their diet, such as Schnauzers. They have allergy-friendly ingredients and are completely natural.

If your pup is picky, there are a few flavors available to appeal to them, including sweet potato, rabbit, duck, and rice. Natural Balance is a more expensive choice for the best dog food for schnauzers, but if your pooch has any trouble handling their fats and other certain ingredients, it's well worth the price.

3. Blue Buffalo for Schnauzers

best dog food for SchnauzersBlue Buffalo is a well-known brand that has some great small and medium breed choices. Blue foods start with a healthy portion of meat, followed by a good amount of vegetables and fruits for vitamins and fiber.

Blue Buffalo products do not use any fillers such as corn or wheat. These foods are great for Schnauzers, as they offer a complete and balanced diet made with safe and healthy ingredients.

It can be difficult to know how to properly feed your dog, especially when you consider her specific breed. Hopefully these tips will help you perfect your Schnauzers diet! If you have any concerns regarding your pet, never hesitate to contact your vet. They can answer all kinds of specific questions about your pup and her food.

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