The problem with grooming yourself is that (a) some pet owners may be too nervous about the process, and (b) the initial investment in dog grooming tools will put some people off.

Getting a good dog grooming table for your home setup will be the highest expense for your pet's grooming needs.

After having a couple bad experiences trimming nails, blowdrying hair, getting my dogs to stay still, I decided to get a grooming table.

At first, many of my friends thought I was ridiculous because who wants to spend upwards of hundreds of dollars or more on some fancy table?!

In fact, one of my friends Joey was heckling me one day. He currently has a +70lb chocolate lab.

When I showed him my grooming table, he busted out laughing and mocked me asking if I was going to start my own grooming business.

I first said some inappropriate language telling him to take a hike. Afterward I said, “Hey man, just bring Jade over you'll see how this thing works.”

That weekend he came over and brought Jade over.

She was first very nervous, but after a few treats on the table, she was good to go.

I gave his dog a nice grooming, shampooed her, blow-dried and brushed her shedding coat and trimmed her nails.

Joey was quiet afterward, not another word about how crazy I am to own one.

Sure enough, a week went by and he called me to tell me that he convinced his wife and they were getting a table!

Using grooming tables for dogs are a professional way of doing things. You'll spot them at your groomer's studio, but most pet owners don't need a professional dog grooming table in their home.

The main benefit of having one is it makes the grooming process easier for the dog and the groomer when going through all of the tasks at once.

If you want to forget about going to a groomer's, this may be a good investment.

Below are some of the best dog grooming tables in terms of cost-to-value ratio.


The Best Dog Grooming Tables

1Best Overall: Electric Grooming Table for Dogs
by SoarFlash

The first and best pet grooming table on this list has been well-regarded by home groomers but particularly by professional pet groomers since it's common to use it in grooming salons.

It's full of incredibly useful features, but it's also one of the most expensive dog grooming table out there. It's the one that I told you about earlier.

SoarFlash 49.6” Electric Lift Pet Dog Grooming...
636 Reviews
SoarFlash 49.6” Electric Lift Pet Dog Grooming...
  • [Non-slip silicone table top]...
  • [Strong and Sturdy] The table...
  • [Easy to control] The bottom...
  • [Large beauty table] 49.6...
  • [After-sales service] If you...

This table has a perfect five star rating on Amazon and many other grooming supplies websites, and outstanding reviews.

SoarFlash's Electric Grooming Table's height is adjustable from 12 inches to 42 inches, depending on where you need it to be.

It moves in a Z-shape, almost like a crane or lever.

The high-density table top is made of a textured pebble surface and has a trim made of protective vinyl along the edges.

On the underside of the table top is a thin layer of foam.

The motor of this dog grooming table runs silently and easily powers the table up and down to the adjusted height that you need.

There is a lifetime warranty on the frame and a two year warranty on the motor.

Lastly, the table has a 400 pound capacity, meaning that pretty much any size dog can fit on this best dog grooming table, which has dimensions of 42” x 24” x 1.2.”

I chose to put SoarFlash Z-Lift Electric Grooming Table first because of my own personal experience. It also is one of the highest-quality, the most well-rated, premium and professional dog grooming table that's still considerably affordable for one's home grooming needs.

The table is made of dense, sturdy materials and the Z-shape adjust-ability of it makes it a clear winner as the most convenient and reliable pet grooming table.

Also, it can hold the most weight out of all the options listed below!

Professional groomers raved about this top rated dog grooming table, saying that its durability and “amazing quality” are the most attractive things about it.

Larger dogs and smaller dogs can both feel comfortable on one of these best dog grooming tables from ComfortGroom because they stoop low enough for them to climb on and feel secure.

Dogs are sometimes afraid of heights, but this grooming table for dogs doesn’t wobble or shake when you use it, so there’s no need for any animals to be nervous about it.

It’s very solid and sturdy; your dog, no matter how nervous he or she is, won’t be able to topple this thing over (which both of you, I’m sure, can appreciate).

Despite its seemingly complex nature, this table is easy to assemble – just make sure you thoroughly read the instructions.

Finally, pet parents who have used it for a longer period of time all say that it has held up quite nicely with the work it has to do in lifting up the dogs—better it than you, as one professional groomer said. This table is a back-saver.

There aren’t too many negatives to this table, which is why it sits at the top of the list of best dog grooming tables with pride.

However, one disadvantage of the Z-Lift table is of course its price.

The MSRP of this usually runs around $589.00 before shipping, which seems pretty steep for most dog owners who want to groom their pets at home. But again, think of it as an investment.

There is also a six-month financing plan that you can choose if you need to. Another thing that a purchaser pointed out was that the table is easy to clean, but the black coloring makes it hard to tell whether there is still dirt on it or not, so you should just make sure that you are thoroughly scrubbing it.

2Best Value 45 x 24 Grooming Table
by DEStar

Second best dog grooming table on the list is a pretty solid choice as well. Its height adjusts from 19” to 39” depending on what you need.

The coating on the dog grooming table is a powder grey and the table top is steel-reinforced, meaning that grooming arms won’t dent it or damage it.

DEStar 45 x 24 Inch Collapsible Pet Grooming Table...
118 Reviews
DEStar 45 x 24 Inch Collapsible Pet Grooming Table...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Made of...
  • STURDY AND STABLE - Equipped...

The table top is non-skid, owing that resiliency to the fact that it is sprayed with textured sealant.

Conveniently, DEStar Grooming Table includes two scissor holes and clipper holders, making for an easy reach while grooming.

The weight of this second option on the best dog grooming tables list is a sturdy 95 pounds and the dimensions can hold dogs of up to 100 pounds or more.

The levers on the bottom are adjustable to the level you need and the dimensions of the table top are 45” x 24,” making for a table that is sizable for dogs of most sizes.

My decision to put DEStar Grooming Table for Pets as the second best dog grooming table was because although it had the same dense, high-quality materials as the above product, it didn’t hold as much weight.

But still, this is a fantastic option for anybody looking for a full set of dog grooming supplies to have in their one, and it deserves a solid place on this list of best dog grooming tables, especially consider its much lower price.

This dog grooming table is truly high quality, and the stainless steel reinforcements on the table top are sprayed, making it resistant to just about everything (as opposed to cheaper tables that swell and get mildew when they've been coming in contact with water for a long time).

Professional groomers were among the purchasers that most heavily complimented this best dog grooming table, claiming that it was perfect because of how well it held up to even multiple dogs a day.

Another big bonus of having one of these second-best dog grooming tables is how easy it is to adjust.

Adjustments to grooming tables for dogs—making them higher or lower—might be required depending on the size of the dog in question.

Dogs that are afraid of pet grooming tables might need to take it slower, and having such a quick and convenient ability to make adjustments is very important.

Professional or home pet groomers who compared this pet grooming table to other previous products said that this one was of a higher quality and provided the best results when compared to competitors’ products.

As one person put it, this table is “great for a starting groomer or even a veteran groomer” and was well worth the money.

The packaging on this product left much to be desired. Another pet parent seconded that, saying that the problem here wasn’t with the table itself, which they loved, but the packaging could have been better.

That said, be careful when you open these best dog grooming tables, barring against anything falling out or cracking. Remember that there is a one year warranty on the table as well, so any manufacturer defects can be handled within that time period.

3Best Budget Dog Grooming Table
by Yaheetech

Third on the list of best dog grooming tables is the Yaheetech one which operates electrically, with a quiet running motor that adjusts the table’s height from 21.5” to 41.3.” The table top’s dimensions are 36” wide and 23.6” long, making it appropriate for large size dogs.

According to the manufacturer, these best dog grooming tables can hold dogs of all sizes and weights.

The base is shaped in an “H,” which makes it extra stable and sturdy.

There is a grooming leash attached to the top for convenience and security (just in case your dog decides he or she wants to go somewhere in the middle of the grooming session).

Dog grooming table's top itself is made of plastic and rubber composites, making it very easy to clean.

The sides are lined with steel alloy for extra reinforcement and durability.

The product, conveniently, comes fully assembled which is absolutely ideal for busy dog owners who don’t have much time to be setting up their own dog grooming tables. Finally, the product comes with a clamp-on adjustable steel arm.

As you’ll see in the cons section, the reason this Go Pet Club Grooming Table with Electric Motor was placed as the third one of the best dog grooming tables is because the packaging on this project was not in the best of shape, so we chose to put it third behind the other two that are packaged neatly.

It’s still a significantly substantial table with well-made materials and machinery, but certain things about purchasing some of these dog grooming supplies leaves more to be desired.

Customers were thrilled with Yaheetech Grooming Table's durability—and the leash attached was a nice touch as well, most thought.

The dog grooming table leash makes it easier for purchasers who want their dogs to stay still and not go bounding off and the plastic and rubber composition of the table made cleaning a breeze.

A customer called it “quite substantial” and was surprised that it didn’t cost more, due to the quality being so high.

Others had the same idea, claiming that it saved their back (bending over to groom is stressful on the spine) and the motor ran smoothly and efficiently for the pet grooming table to go up and down.

Dogs of most pet parents who used this best dog grooming table were surprisingly calm and cheerful on these lifts, not experiencing any real anxiety or problems while on the table.

This is most likely due to the steadiness of the equipment itself and the ease with which it moves.

There’s no shaking or wobbling; your dog won’t feel like he or she is about to fall off.

The smoothness of it seemed to be a consistently attractive theme throughout the customers’ reviews, and professional pet groomers especially were impressed at how well-made and durable these best dog grooming tables with electric motor are made.

In all honesty, after researching for a while I noticed that there aren’t too many cons to note for this dog grooming table.

Some customers did, as with the last table, have a problem with the packaging, claiming that the table got “dinged” when it was being carried before arriving at their doorstep.

Be careful when opening the package and if you need to request a warranty or have any inquiries pertaining to that, you can call manufacturer's customer service.

Secondly, one customer had a dog that was hard on the leash that came with the table.

The leash frays easily, so if you have a dog that is a chewer, you may want to consider attaching a stronger, chew-proof leash to the holder of this third best dog grooming table.

4 Hydraulic Pet Grooming Table
by Go Pet Club

Another variation of the above third best dog grooming table, this Go Pet Club Grooming Table with Hydraulic has a Z-lift base and is adjustable to heights of 22.5 inches to 40 inches.

The hydraulic foot pump is used to adjust the height.

The base prevents the dog grooming table from wobbling or teetering, and there is a grooming arm (also adjustable) with a leash attached for your pet’s safety.

Go Pet Club Grooming Table, Hydraulic, 23.5 IN
66 Reviews
Go Pet Club Grooming Table, Hydraulic, 23.5 IN
  • Durability: The heavy-duty...
  • Stability: The solid Z-shaped...
  • Versatility: The electric...
  • Ease of use: The hydraulic...
  • Wide use: The professional dog...

The dimensions of the table are suitable for dogs that are large-sized, with the tabletop measuring at 23.6 inches by 36 inches by 41.3 inches.

The table top is made of both rubber and plastic, making it extremely easy to clean and maintain, though the sides are steel for reinforcement and stability.

The tabletop of Go Pet Club Grooming Table with Hydraulic is pebble-textured, meaning that it is non-slip and your dog shouldn’t be in danger of accidental falling.

The product comes fully assembled by the manufacturer, requiring little effort on your part to get it set up.

The weight of this grooming table for dogs is 96 pounds with a shipping weight of 136 pounds, so it is a hefty piece of equipment that won’t slide across the floor or be dangerous for your Fido, regardless of size, to get up on.

The table’s adjust-ability makes it perfect for any size animal that needs to step onto the table for grooming.

I made up my mind to place Go Pet Club Grooming Table with Hydraulic as fourth one of the best dog grooming tables, putting it after the other three dog grooming products because it holds less weight.

Also, the height adjustment is a little higher ratio than the other tables you'll see on this list. But I still found the quality to be top-notch, especially hydraulics’ efficiency.

One of the main things that customers were delighted by when it came to this grooming table for pets was its stability and durability.

According to one customer, the table was “very stable and very easy to use.” Professional dog groomers were the ultimate test of this product’s durability and they all measured it as successful.

It is a very well-constructed fourth best dog grooming table with a top of almost one inch thick. It holds up to 200 pounds, so just about any size of dog can fit on there without an issue.

The table also gets low enough that if your pooch is shy and doesn’t want to step on the table, he or she will be able to get on (you may have put a treat on there and coax them), which is very beneficial for dog owners who have large dogs and don’t want to throw out their back trying to lift them up onto the table.

Lastly, some customers expressed their satisfaction at how well the tabletop of this fourth best dog grooming table cleaned. Grooming is a messy business, often times full of hair, soap, cleansing products, and all the rest.

A table that cleans well is one of the keys to a successful grooming session and these pet owners definitely agreed that the rubber and plastic materials on the table were a huge asset in keeping everything neat and tidy.

Some pet parents who bought these best dog grooming tables with hydraulics reported dissatisfaction with the grooming arm that came with the table (with other customers reporting that their table served them well).

The arm, to some, wasn’t very steady and they found the need to buy a different arm—one suggested the Wayfair Company—and attach the new arm to the table itself.

It depends on your usage of it and what you consider stable enough or not stable enough, but just know that that was an issue that was reported with the product by several people, not just a single person.

5Portable Folding Dog Grooming Table
by Suncoo

Finally, the last one of the best dog grooming tables is the Suncoo portable dog grooming table that is often used by dog owners who are taking their dogs to shows.

This great dog grooming table is constructed of plywood that has no exposed screws or nails that would be risky for pets with long fur.

SUNCOO 48 Inch Portable Pet Dog Grooming Table for...
863 Reviews
SUNCOO 48 Inch Portable Pet Dog Grooming Table for...
  • Safe, Durable & Easy to Clean-...
  • Easy to Setup & Collapse-...
  • Back Saver& H-type Adjustable...
  • Lightweight& Super Sturdy- The...
  • Large Grooming Table- Table...

The plywood also isn’t absorbent, so you won’t have to worry about mold or mildew.

The top of this fifth best dog grooming table is vinyl, moisture-resistant, and mold-proof on the edgings. It comes with a leash (what the company regrettably terms a “noose”) that you can use to hold your dog in and secure them to the pet grooming table.

The ribbed top prevents slipping and the largest size of the table has dimensions of 48 inches by 24 inches by 30 inches.

The welding is extra-strength, lending itself extra durability and sustainability.

These best dog grooming tables also come with an arm clap that is securely fastened to the table itself.

The main reason I chose to list Precision Pet Professional Series Grooming Table as the last one on the list of best dog grooming tables is because its legs are not adjustable, something many dog parents find inconvenient.

However, if you’re willing to work with legs that don’t adjust, this is a great pet grooming table to consider.

Owners with high-maintenance dogs were pleased at this table’s performance, and it had a perfect rating on Amazon as well as many other websites.

It is sturdy and well-built with an ability to hold dogs up to 100 pounds.

The arm clamp was able to be moved and readjusted easily, which made changing the clamp way less painful than on many other tables.

The top of these fifth best dog grooming tables are easy to clean, as the vinyl is not absorbent and owners have cleaned them right up.

One customer commented that the size was perfect, saying that it was “big enough to get the job done and small enough to store conveniently.”

Precision Pet Professional Series Grooming Table has been labeled as one of the best dog grooming tables for puppies, because they often need the most training to be calm on a table.

No matter what the puppy does, this best dog grooming table won’t wobble or shake, as it’s very sturdily constructed and impervious to wobbling or trembling (a good thing, especially if you have to deal with a nervous dog).

The table comes in several sizes, so make sure you choose the one that is the right fit for your dog—i.e. not too small.

Lastly, another point of satisfaction customers experienced with this table was how collapsible it was.

This fifth best dog grooming table folded easily and could be stored in a closet or under a bed, depending on where you needed to put it.

One of the most obvious disadvantages of this fifth best dog grooming table (and really the only one, actually) is that the legs are not adjustable.

This is something that the company makes clear, so if you are looking for legs that adjust and go up and down, this might not be the one for you.

Some people have big dogs that are hard to lift up and get onto a table – if you’re one of these pet parents, you may want to look at the other dog grooming products I have listed above, so as to avoid throwing your back out while trying to lift your large dog.

How to Choose the Best Dog Grooming Table

High quality dog grooming tables will keep the mess to a minimum, providing a place for you to easily put your dog up and adjust their height while you trim the dog's fur, clip nails, and do other tasks.

Some tables will be mechanical (cheaper) for adjusting heights, some will have no high adjustment at all (usually the cheapest), and others will be hydraulic.

Hydraulic or electric grooming tables for dogs are the most expensive option but also the best option for large dogs, allowing to effortlessly adjust the height.

Consider the dog’s size.

Though a pet grooming table is generally sturdy, your dog’s weight, length and physical space that they take up may be too small for the table space provided. So check each grooming table's dimensions and measure your pet.

If your a large breed, choose a pet grooming table that has adjustable legs (such as the Z-formation).

That way, you won’t have to struggle to lift your pooch onto the table. Some pets may need to be kept at a lower level until they become accustomed to being a few feet off the ground.

With some dogs, you may want a built-in leash to keep the dog in place. This is perfect for pets that are anxious about grooming and wiggle too much, thus being at the risk of falling off (if using this, never leave your dog unattended).

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