Shed pet hair is one of the only downsides to owning a dog. It sticks to your furniture, clothing, and carpets. It builds up on the floor and collects in the corners of your home. Shed dog hair is not only unsightly, it's also not healthy for you or your family. The best dog hair remover products are specifically designed to get rid of the shed hair around your home quickly and easily.

It's impossible to find a canine that doesn't shed unless you get a completely hairless breed. The only way to tell how much a dog will shed is to research the breed before adopting. Just because a dog has long hair, doesn't mean it will shed a lot. Likewise, some short-haired breeds (like the Labrador Retriever) are known for excessive shedding during certain times of the year.

We’ve all tried countless ways to remove dog hair from around our homes. It’s frustrating to buy product after product in hopes that something will finally end our battle against shed hair. If you're ready to stop wasting money, try one of these 7 best dog hair remover products:

Dog Hair Remover Price Quality Rating
ChomChom Roller $ A 4.7/5
Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover $ B+ 4.2/5
Butler Home Products Giant Pet T Hand Roller $ C+ 3.9/5
SuperiorMaker Pet Hair Roller $ C 4.3/5
Chemical Guy Rubber Pet Hair Removal Brush $ B 4.2/5
Brazilian Mat Pet Hair Removal $ B 4.3/5
Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter $ C- 3.8/5

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Shedding in dogs

Best Dog Hair RemoverLike us, our dogs shed hair naturally. It’s their bodies way of getting rid of old, damaged hair. While there are some breeds that are barely shed at all, in reality, there’s nothing that you can do to stop a dog from shedding altogether. Likewise, research has shown that there is no such thing as a dog that does not shed at all.

All dogs shed. Some more, some less, but they all leave pet hair around your home. Bathing and brushing your dog on a regular basis will remove much of the loose hair from his coat and keep it from falling off on your flooring and furniture.

Ultimately, you will need to clean pet hair around your home no matter what. For the loose hair that does make its way onto your furniture, carpeting, and clothing, you’ll need one of the most effective, best dog hair remover products to keep your home and belongings pet hair-free.

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What is the Best Dog Hair Remover Tool?
top 7 most effective tools to remove dog hair

1ChomChom Roller

ChomChom RollerRemoving pet hair has never been easier. With the ChomChom Roller, you can easily remove hair from carpets, car seats, beds, sofas, pet beds, and fabric surfaces with a back-and-forth motion. It has a rolling part that seeks out hairs that are in its path. Looking closer at this roller, you’d see that it’s made up of what looks like hundreds of tiny brooms that do the work of catching fine hairs.

Unlike the adhesive type hair removers, this is reusable. It does not use any battery or electricity, so it’s very economical in the long run. The ChomChom Roller has an ergonomic handle, and there’s a button that you push to open the hatch to clean out the collected hairs.

best dog hair removerPet owners use this on their clothes and suits, and it works perfectly. It has no problem picking out those annoying hairs from fabric and soft dresses. It works best if you lay the clothing on a flat surface first then run ChomChom on it. For the job it’s designed to do, which is removing hair off the fabric, it is number 1. But take note that it will not work on tiles and floors, or pick out debris other than fur, as noted by some pet owners.


  • Reusable roller
  • Does not require batteries or electricity
  •  Features an ergonomically designed handle

  • Only made to remove hair from fabric, not on tiles or floors
  • The fabric material wears after a short time, depending on how much you use it, and won't pick up hair anymore

best dog hair removerMost helpful review about this best dog hair remover: “Where has this been all my crazy cat-loving life? Sticky rollers work fine for clothes but this is the only product that has ever COMPLETELY removed all the cat hair from my bed. I have a long-haired 20-lb. tabby and if you run…”


2Fur-Zoff Hair Remover

Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover (00003)Fur-Zoff is a pumice-like material that has good size and curvy shape to make gripping easy. It’s used to remove embedded fur on sofas, rugs, car seats, and couches. Vacuuming often misses these hairs because they’re so tiny they could go deep between threads making it almost impossible to extract them.

Fur-Zoff picks it up where other cleaning tools left off. You just sweep it off upholstery and fabric surfaces and it draws fur like magic. It’s a cleaning tool trusted by professionals in auto detailing because it’s that good. The surface of the Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover is like that of stone, and it has gentle edges which your hand can curve around comfortably. Its hard form does not make it the best thing to use on plastic or wooden surfaces, such as those in your car’s dashboard, because it would cause marks.

best dog hair removerSo don’t throw away that hair-laden carpet yet – as one dog owner was about to do – until you’ve tried Fur-Zoff. It will pick out embedded hair and bring it out to the surface. The hair may fly off and land back on the surface again, so once Fur-Zoff pulls away hair, it’s for you to gather and dispose of.


  • Made of a rough pumice-like material
  • Designed to remove embedded fur from fabrics, not just the fur stuck on top
  • Made in the USA

  • Because of its hard form, this best dog hair remover will scratch hard surfaces
  • Flakes apart over time and may leave little flakes on your upholstery or fabric

best dog hair removerMost helpful review about this best dog hair remover: “This product lives up to its name. Dog or pet hair cannot simply be vaccumed up. Some hair will be picked up by a vaccum, but for the most part the hair will remain embedded in the carpet. I used the Fur-Zoff on the carpet of my…”


3Butler Home Products Giant T Hand Roller

Butler Home Products Giant Pet T Hand RollerButler Home Products Giant Pet T Hand Roller is a lint roller with 70 layers of adhesive sheets that will cover a total area of 42.8’ x 4.6”. This lint remover measures 9.2” from the tip of the handle to the edge of the roller. It uses Zipstrip technology for greater ease in removing the used sheet. The T-handle is reusable and the roll of sheets is refillable once consumed.

This tool effectively picks up pet hair from your beds, rugs, linens, car seats, sofas, and clothing. Since it’s an adhesive roller, the Butler Home Products Giant Pet T Hand Roller will also pick out lint and other debris, including those on a hard surface. Every dog owner knows how difficult it is to totally remove hair from comforters, but it’s possible with Butler Home Products’ lint roller.

The adhesive is pretty sticky, so while it could work on hard surfaces such as the floor, it might leave a sticky residue. If you really have to use it on the floor it sure would do fine, but expect to do some minor wiping up after it. Pet owners find it more effective than the average lint remover because of its width, which allows it to wipe a wider area with fewer swipes.


  • 70 layers of adhesive sheets that will cover a total area of 42.8’ x 4.6”
  • Uses Zipstrip technology for greater ease in removing a used sheet
  • The roll of sheets is refillable once consumed
  • Wider width than most traditional lint rollers

  • May leave a sticky residue on hard surfaces
  • While some reviewers note the sticky part is the best dog hair remover they've ever used, they also say that the handle of the roller tends to break off easily

best dog hair removerMost helpful review about this best dog hair remover: “I have three cats that leave cat hair EVERYWHERE including all over my clothes. I typically use a lint roller to roll my clothes off if I dare to wear black, but I would still find hairs everywhere. I decided to try this roller so…”


4SuperiorMaker Pet Hair Roller

SuperiorMaker Pet Hair RollerThis pet hair remover pack from SuperiorMaker includes one lint roller tool and five adhesive rolls, with each roll containing 90 sheets. This tool removes hair, lint, dust, crumbs, and all types of tiny debris on clothes, furniture, upholstery, beddings, and any surface you’d want to wipe off clean. This is different from the T-rollers, like those from ChomChom and Butler Home Products, because the handle aligns with the roller. You’d hold it the way you hold a human hairbrush.

The roller is 4” long and handle is a bit over 4”. The roller is 2” in diameter. Pet owners find it a clever idea that the end of each sheet is cut diagonally. It makes it so much easier to locate that demarcation when you need to remove a used sheet from the SuperiorMaker Pet Hair Roller.

best dog hair removerThe roller turns smoothly, unlike most sticky rollers which you need to press firmly. SuperiorMaker’s pet hair roller glides so smoothly and the adhesive sheets are so sticky that there’s barely any effort when using it.


  • Includes one lint roller tool and five adhesive rolls
  • Each roll contains 90 sheets
  • Roller is 4″ long and 2″ in diameter
  • The end of each sheet is cut diagonally, which makes them easier to remove

  • Multiple reviewers mentioned the handle breaking after only 2-3 uses
  • The adhesive sheets are thinner than other similar products, and buyers say they rip quite easily

best dog hair removerMost helpful review about this best dog hair remover: “We purchase these for our veterinary clinic and we go through lots of rolls. We have been buying this brand for awhile but since their new change, they are definitely warranting a 5 star review. The price is great and now the…”


5Chemical Guy Rubber Hair Removal Brush

Chemical Guy Rubber Pet Hair Removal BrushNow, this best dog hair remover looks like a human hairbrush. The Chemical Guys Professional Rubber Pet Hair Removal Brush is made from composite rubber. It is 10” long and 1.25” wide with rubber bristles that are 1” long. It works like a magnet by creating an electrostatic charge to attract fur, lint, and other tiny debris. It has an edge over the sticky types because this brush works on any type of surface and will not leave any sticky smudges.

Dog owners who regularly give their dogs a ride have finally found their all-time hair and debris remover with this tool. The Chemical Guy Rubber Pet Hair Removal Brush is effective on their car’s leather upholstery, dashboard, and carpeting. It’s safe for plastic and rubber surfaces, and will not leave unsightly marks or damage to the car’s interior.

best dog hair removerOne thoughtful addition is the built-in squeegee along one side of the brush where the bristles are. It gives glass, mirror, and dashboard surfaces that final touch for a spotless finish. This is a very sustainable tool because it’s washable, limitlessly reusable, and durable.


  • Made from composite rubber
  • Works by creating an electrostatic charge to attract hair and debris
  • Works on any type of surface
  • Built-in squeegee on the other side
  • Washable and limitlessly reusable

  • Unhappy buyers say there is a strong chemical smell on this brush one first taken from the package
  • Bristles wear down with excessive use

best dog hair removerMost helpful review about this best dog hair remover: “BEST PET HAIR BRUSH EVER!! I have a service dog named Piper and she is a white short haired Labrador mix, I take her everywhere with me so pet hair is a part of my life. I use my truck so she sits in the backseat and…”


6BrazilianMat Hair Removal

Brazilian Mat Pet Hair RemovalWe’ve named our first five products, and each came with a handle. This BrazilianMat Pet Hair Remover does not, and it’s perfect for tight spots where a handle and a tube-like contraption would take so much space, like that tight corner where surfaces of the sofa meet. These spots are where shed hair gather in large numbers because they’re pressed tight and most inaccessible to lint rollers.

The BrazilianMat Pet Hair Remover works in open spaces, too, and actually covers a large area with just one swipe. A sheet measures 8.5” x 11”, the same as short-sized book paper, and comes in a loose-leaf pad of 25 and 50 sheets. The sheets can be used multiple times before they’re discarded.

best dog hair removerThe pat-and-press method of cleaning surfaces works perfectly for hard-to-reach spots and crevices. Pet owners who use this mat-type hair remover cut it to smaller sizes because they don’t usually need the whole sheet, and that makes it more economical. This is made of paper so it can be used on curved objects, which is its edge over the roller types which are applicable only on flat surfaces.


  • Each sheet measures 8.5” x 11”
  • The sheets can be used multiple times, won't rip, and don't stick to themselves
  • Molds to corners, curved surfaces, and hard to reach areas

  • There are reviews from buyers who did not think these sheets worked well at all compared to traditional lint rollers
  • Some buyers wished these sheets came in smaller sizes, as they are too big for smaller spaces

best dog hair removerMost helpful review about this best dog hair remover: “I've looked for something like this for YEARS and am so happy to have found them! I have one cat, but he produces enough hair to form another kitten in a week's time – much worse when he sheds his winter coat! I've been trying to…”


7Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter

Gonzo Pet Hair LifterThe Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter is a sponge. It’s similar to the Brazilian mat in a way because it is pliable and works on different types of surfaces. It can be used on fabric, figurines, rugs, furniture, appliances, beds, bedding, upholstery, window screens, and car interior. This best dog hair remover from Gonzo must be used dry to extract and sweep off hair. It is washable but must be thoroughly dried before reuse. The sponge measures 2.8” x 5.7 and is a good fit for the hand.

One obvious benefit of using this sponge compared to the peel-away rollers, and even the Brazilian Mat, is its environmental advantage. As pet owners observed, most hair-removing tools contribute so much waste. The Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter, on the other hand, is made of natural materials and thus compostable, and it does not add to the dump of sticky sheets.

best dog hair removerThis can be used repeatedly and gets about 90% of the hair from the surface. That’s not as good as the performance of sticky hair removers, but considering that you can rub it on tight and curvy surfaces, it’s a good enough tradeoff. It balls up collected hair, not allow it to fly off, and that makes it easier to collect.


  • Pliable and works on any surface
  • Measures 2.8” x 5.7 and is a good fit for the hand
  • Environmentally friendly, as it can be washed and reused
  • Made of natural material and is 100% compostable

  • Some people who have purchased many of these say the quality control has gotten worse in recent years

best dog hair removerMost helpful review about this best dog hair remover: “Our cats love to lay on rugs, laps and bedspreads but they shed like fiends. Previously we relied upon tape rollers to remove unwanted fur from these various surfaces but replacing a roller every week was expensive. Enter Gonzo, a rubberized sponge…”

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