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The Best Dog Hearing Protection

Top Best Dog Hearing Protection

Dogs are extremely sensitive to loud noises, which you probably know already if you ever saw how dogs react to thunder or fireworks. Your pooch has a much better hearing than you and he can hear sounds of a different frequency from a distance.

That's why canines often get anxious when they hear loud noises and why you should do something to protect their hearing. However, you may also need to protect your dog’s ears during cold weather or when you are giving them a bath, or letting them to swim in a lake. In this article, we will cover a few different products meant to protect your dog's hearing and ears from various things.

Dog Hearing Protection – What to Look For?

Dog Hearing Protection – What to Look ForIt’s hard to pinpoint the exact features you should look for in dog supplies made for pet's ear protection because they serve a wide variety of purposes: protecting your dog’s hearing, protecting their ears from cold and elements, or keeping the water out of his ears during baths or swimming.

Each of these products has specific characteristics, depending on the purpose. That being said, there are a few things to look out for when you choose dog ear protection products:

  • Purpose – As we already mentioned, not all dog ear protection is made for the same purpose. You may be looking for hearing protection or protection from cold and you probably won’t be able to get both in the same product.
  • Size – Make sure that the ear protection you choose fits your pooch perfectly. Most product come in three sizes – small, medium and large, so choose one according to your dog’s size.
  • Material – Dog ear protection can be made from a variety of materials. For example, hearing protection muffs are made from noise-reducing foam, while dog snoods for ear protection are made from stretchy fabrics like nylon.
  • Price – Price can be an important factor if you are on a budget but it shouldn’t be the main thing to drive your decision.

We know that there are different types and items of hearing protection for dogs, so let’s see what some of the best products on the market are.

The Best Dog Hearing Protection

Mutt Muffs Hearing Protection for Dogs

Mutt Muffs are earmuffs made specifically to protect your dog’s hearing and to reduce the sound, especially loud noises. The main purpose of these muffs is to prevent possible hearing damage and keep your dog calm during thunderstorm or fireworks. It also protects your dog’s hearing from high frequencies that we can’t even hear.

Mutt Muffs DDR337 Hearing Protection for Dogs,...
  • Over-The-Head Hearing...
  • Specially Designed Wide Foam...
  • Comfortable And Lightweight
  • Adjustable Straps For Optimum...

These muffs are comfortable because they come with adjustable straps. However, you still need to find the right size for your pooch, which shouldn’t be a problem since you can choose from 5 different sizes. In addition to this, you can also choose one of 4 different colors.

The muffs are stuffed with foam made from ester resin, which is similar to the foam used for headphones for humans. When your dog wears these muffs, his ear flaps are down so they are basically a second layer of protection.

Unfortunately, this product comes with mixed reviews. While many users claim it helps their dogs, others complain that the muffs were not effective and that they don’t provide the proper fit, leaving room for the sound to come in.

PROS: Lightweight, Comfortable, Come in Different Sizes and Colors, Adjustable Straps

CONS: Expensive, Some Reports of Ineffectiveness, Some Reports of Not Fitting Properly


4 Paws Aviation K-9 Ear Muffs

This is a similar product to the previous one. However, these muffs are available in just two sizes, small and medium. They are also only available in black. While these muffs were primarily designed for use in aircraft, they can help with noise reduction during thunderstorms and fireworks.

This product I made out of FA-approved foam and comes with adjustable straps with buckles, so you should be able to fit it comfortably onto your pooch. However, some users find it hard to adjust the muffs properly and keep them from slipping off.

PROS: Available in Two Sizes, Comfortable, Lightweight, Adjustable Straps,

CONS: Expensive, Only One Color, Reports of Muffs Slipping Off


Happy Hoodie 2 Pack

This hoodie is a completely different product than the muffs we already talked about. However, this item does have the same purpose – protecting your dog’s ears from loud noises. While this hoodie does help with noise reduction, it is not as effective as earmuffs. It may not help as much with thunderstorms and fireworks but it can help you keep your pooch calm when you groom him, especially if you use electric grooming devices.

Happy Hoodie The Original Calming Band for Dogs &...
  • RECOMMENDED BY VETS to help...

On the other hand, the hoodie is useful in other ways since it can keep your dog’s ears warm in cold weather, protect them from the elements during walks and keep various allergens at bay. Even if your pooch already has an ear infection, this hoodie can help him protect his ears from getting irritated further.

The material this hoodie is made from is fairly thick and stretchable. This package includes two Happy Hoodies – one small and one large. However, both hoodies are purple and there is no other color you can choose.

PROS: Affordable, Machine Washable, Comfortable, Protects from Cold and Elements, Helps with Noise Reduction

CONS: Not as Effective as Earmuffs in Noise Reduction, Only Available in Two Sizes and One Color, Some Dogs May Not Like It


RC Pet Products Summit Dog Snood

Unlike previous products on our list, this snood is not meant to help with noise reduction. However, it is still a good product for ear protection since it is made to keep your dog’s ears warm and keep the elements and allergens away from his ears in order to prevent ear infections.

RC Pet Products Summit Dog Snood, Dog Neck Warmer,...
  • Summit Snood is a hat and...
  • Soft and 4-way super stretchy...
  • Two drawstring cinch closures...
  • Contrast reflective piping...
  • Size medium snood length 12",...

While it is very similar in appearance to the Happy Hoodie, it is actually different since it is a combo of a hat and scarf that keeps both your dog’s ears and neck covered. This snood is made from stretchy and comfortable fabric that gives your pooch freedom of movement. However, you can also ensure a tighter fit thanks to the laces on the snood.

This snood comes in three different sizes and colors. It also includes reflective piping to help your dog stay visible at night. However, some users complained that the snood is not staying in place as intended and that the laces are not as secure and may fall off.

PROS: Affordable, Comfortable, Comes in Three Sizes and Colors, Protects from Cold and Elements, Covers Ears and Neck

CONS: Not Meant for Noise Reduction, Reports of Not Staying on the Dog’s Head, Reports of the Laces Falling Off


Disposable Pet Shower Caps

Protecting your dog’s ears during a bath or a shower is crucial in preventing ear infections and this product is one of the best on the market for this job. Unfortunately, it is not really meant for swimming, which would make it even better.

These shower caps are available in two sizes – small and large. The large size is suitable for dogs over 25 lbs. but also for dogs with big ears. One package includes 12 shower caps, which can last you 6 months or more, depending on how often you bathe your dog and how often you use one cap since they can be used multiple times.

The caps are made of waterproof, soft and transparent plastic. They cover your dog’s ears to prevent shampoo and running water from entering his ears but they can also be stretched to cover his eyes as well. This product has stellar reviews and most users confirm that it does the job perfectly.

PROS: Available in Two Sizes, Can Be Reused, Prevents Ear Infections, Can Be Stretched to Protect Eyes, One Package Has 12 Shower Caps

CONS: Not Suitable for Swimming, Some Dogs May Find It Uncomfortable


Whether you are looking for a way to help your dog deal with loud noises, cold weather or running water, these products can help you protect your dog’s ears and prevent ear infections or reduce your dog’s anxiety during thunderstorms or fireworks.

We hope that our reviews were helpful to you and that you were able to find the perfect product to ensure that your dog’s ears are well-protected.

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