Top 12 Best Heating Pads for Dogs

A dog heating pad isn't only for keeping your pooch warm in winter. You can use heat to improve blood circulation, relieve stiff muscle aches, and reduce muscle soreness in dogs.

In physical therapy, heating pads for dogs are also used for those with arthritis, joint problems and injuries.

In winter, different conditions of ill or senior dogs in particular will be aggravated by the cold weather.

Quick Look at the Best Dog Heating Pads

The Best Dog Heating Pad Brands
Toozey Pet Heating Pad, 6 Adjustable Temperature Dog Cat Heating Pad with Timer, Indoor Pet Heating Pads for Cats Dogs with Chew Resistant Cord, Electric Pads for Dogs Cats, Pet Heated MatToozey Pet Heating Pad
  • Best Overall Dog Heating Pad
  • Waterproof PVC envelope to prevent damage if used outdoors
  • 6 temeperature settings
  • Heavy-duty chew proof cord
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K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Dog and Cat Bed, Electric Thermostatically Controlled Orthopedic Pet Pad Tan Medium 19 X 24 InchesK&H Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed
  • Best Runner Up Dog Heating Pad
  • Can be used for both indoors and outdoors
  • Has a timer option to shut off the heating after a period of time
  • Moisture resistant foam filled vinyl cover
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K&H PET PRODUCTS Lectro-Kennel Outdoor Heated Pad with Free Cover Black Large 22.5 X 28.5 InchesK&H Original Lectro-Kennel Outdoor Heated Pet Pad
  • Best Heating Pad for Small Dogs
  • Built to withstand freezing temperature
  • Comes in 3 sizes
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Farm Innovators HM-80M 17 x 24 Inch Plastic Heated Pet Mat with Fleece Cover and Heavy Duty Anti Chew Cord Protector for Dogs, Cats, and More, 70 WattFarm Innovators Heated Pet Mat
  • Most Powerful Dog Heating Pad
  • Built to heat no more than than normal body temperature no risk of melting
  • Designed for both indoors and outdoors
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Pet Magasin Cat Thermal Bed Self-Heating Pads for Small Pets, [2-Pack Combo] One Medium (22" x 18.5") and One Small (17'' x 11'')Pet Magasin Thermal Self-Heated Bed
  • Best Non-Electric Dog Heating Pad
  • Catches hair and dander
  • Retains your dog's body heat and insulate from cold surfaces
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K&H Pet Products Outdoor Small Animal Heated Pad for Rabbits and Small Animals Tan 9 X 12 InchesK&H Manufacturing Small Animal Outdoor Heated Pet Pad
  • Best Heating Pad for Small Dogs
  • Chew-proof cord design
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K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Igloo Style Dog Bed, Large 17.5-Inch x 30-Inch, 60-WattsK&H Manufacturing Lectro-Soft Igloo Style Heated Dog Bed
  • Best Dog Heating Pad Nest
  • Works as a pet bed as well
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RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad, Electric Heating Pad for Dogs and Cats Indoor Warming Mat with Auto Power Off (M:18" x 18")RIOGOO Heating Pads for Pets
  • Best Dog Heating Pad for Pregnant Dogs
  • Uses little to no wattage
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Arf Pets Microwavable Pet Heating Pad, Self Warming Cat Mat, Cozy Cover- Cushion is Included - 2 PackArf Pets Pet Dog Cat Self - Warming Heating Mat Pad
  • Great Dog Heating Pad for Sleeping
  • Dogs warm up to it quickly!
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K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Crate Pad, Warming Dog Crate Bed, Machine Washable Dog Crate Mat, Mocha X-Small 14 x 22 InchesK&H Manufacturing Crate Pad for Pets
  • Most affordable micro fleece dog heating pad
  • Works great indoors
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Two recent studies found that cold temperatures and humidity directly contribute to the discomfort of those with arthritis and other joint issues.

There's enough evidence pointing to the effectiveness of heat therapy and heating pads to treat arthritis and joint and muscle-related health issues, and Harvard Health Medical School recommends using heating pads as a cheap and effective solution for these and many other related health problems.

For the below rankings of best dog heating pad brands, we've tested, reviewed and chosen several options based on their safety, ergonomics, cost-effectiveness, features, temperature control and other factors.

The Best Dog Heating Pad Brands

1 Toozey Pet Heating Pad

Toozey is the most popular manufacturer of heating pads for dogs, and we've found several of their products to include in these rankings.

The Toozey Heated Bed is very similar to the below option, except that it is smaller in size and has a lower wattage and less power consumption; it's also more affordable.

Toozey Pet Heating Pad, 6 Adjustable Temperature...
9,136 Reviews
Toozey Pet Heating Pad, 6 Adjustable Temperature...
  • ❤【Temperature Adjustable...
  • ❤【Pet Heating Pad with...
  • ❤【Safety and Secure...
  • ❤【Unique Heating Pad...
  • ❤【NOTE: DO NOT...

The size of this pet heating bed comes in 4 different sizes.

The fleecy sheet is removable and washable.

Underneath the sheet is vinyl-covered orthopedic foam that makes the heating pad more comfortable for your pet to lie down on.

The reason it's the first among the best dog heating pad brands is because it's most cost-effective, and it uses very little energy to run so you need not worry about your bill even when you keep the pad plugged in all the time.

That is an important consideration, because some dogs simply can’t afford to miss out on outdoor wintertime fun and prefer to live 24/7 in their dog house in the yard.

If your pooch is anything like that, then this K&H dog heating pad will make him warm and toasty all through the snowy weather in a way that will not entail a large price tag.

While we loved this pad, we've also looked through other pet owners' reviews.

Most are positive, and many owners report enjoying the orthopedic aspect better than the original rigid type (listed below) because it’s softer and more comfortable to sleep on.

The Lectro-Soft dog heating pad has won over the more expensive Lectro-Kennel, except in one area: it’s not odor-proof.

If your dog or cat peed on it, you could wash the vinyl cover but the odor may still be there, though faintly. The rigid type, listed as the second best dog heating pad below, does not retain pee smell after it is thoroughly washed.


  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Cost-effective
  • Uses low energy
  • Fleece cover is removable and washable
  • Inside has a vinyl-covered orthopedic foam
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturers warranty

  • Not odor-proof
  • May not be suitable for dogs that chew a lot

2K&H Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed

Another type of heating pad for dogs from K&H Pet Products is their different version of Lectro-Soft.

It works both indoors and outdoors, and unlike fabric-covered beds, Lectro-Soft has a specially made cover of foam-filled vinyl material.

This moisture-resistant feature makes it perfect for use in your dog's kennel, porch, patio, or wherever it’s comfortable for your dog.

Also, this dog heating pad is thermostatically and accurately controlled, meaning it consistently maintains your pet’s normal temperature even during frigid weather.

K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Dog...
9,301 Reviews
K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Dog...
  • OUTDOOR WARMTH: Outdoor heated...
  • SAFE EFFICIENCY: This 19" x...
  • SAFETY: Outdoor heated dog bed...

Unlike the above version, this is a large size that measures 25”x36” with a 60-watt heating component.

Wattage varies with size, though. The vinyl cover appeared very sturdy, thick and soft to us.

Also, after reviewing other pet owners' opinions, most report their dogs turn softy and cuddly once they hit to nap on this second best dog heating pad.

The power cord of the Lectro-Soft heated pad is steel-wrapped and heavy duty but you’d need an extension cord if you’re going to place the bed more than 5 feet away from a power outlet.

Our favorite part about this heated dog pad is that it combines the automatic shut-off heater feature and the added functionality offered by the soft watertight cover.

You won't need to constantly unplug the heated pet bed when your pooch wanders away. That’s not only convenient, but also energy-efficient.

Overall, this is a solid choice and great value for money.

The only downside is that in very cold weather, this may not be get warm enough for some dogs (depending on the breed and coat).


  • Automatic heater shut-off
  • Works both indoors and outdoors
  • Moisture-resistant foam-filled vinyl cover
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Available in 3 sizes

  • Somewhat expensive
  • Won't be as warm in very cold weather

3K&H Original Lectro-Kennel Outdoor Heated Pet Pad

This is again very similar to the number one best dog heating pad listed above, except that this Lectro-Kennel is smaller in size and has higher wattage.

The large size is only 22.5” x 28.5” in width and length and consumes 80 watts.

It has a 5.5-feet long steel-wrapped cord, a cover constructed of tough ABS plastic, and a fleecy sheet for the outer cover.

Its heating system employs the same thermostat control technology that Lectro-Soft listed above does.

This internal thermostat adjusts to the preset temperature of about 105 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the normal body temperature of dogs.

K&H PET PRODUCTS Lectro-Kennel Outdoor Heated Pad...
2,313 Reviews
K&H PET PRODUCTS Lectro-Kennel Outdoor Heated Pad...
  • IDEAL USE: Heated pet pad is...
  • TEST YOUR PRODUCT: You'll...
  • SAFE HEATING: This product has...

You’d find this third-best dog heating pad indispensable, especially if your puppy lives in an outdoor shelter.

The Lectro-Kennel heated bed is ruggedly built to withstand freezing temperature, according to the manufacturer; however, we did not get to test that yet as we're waiting for cold weather still.

The power cord is wrapped in spiral steel, making it safe from being chewed on and your dog, too, from any accident that may arise from chewing on the cord.

The downside of this is that the plastic cover is rigid and not too comfortable like the soft vinyl material used for Lectro-Soft, the first best dog heating pad listed above.

The fleecy sheet makes it a bit cozier but won’t stand a dog’s chewing for long.

The K&H's heating pad for dogs can also be installed on the wall, which for us, is the better way to use it so that your dog could lean on it instead of lie.


  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Equipped with a 5.5-feet long steel-wrapped cord
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Cover is made of tough ABS plastic, which is water-resistant

  • Expensive
  • Not too soft/comfortable
  • In certain environments, it can get too hot and even damage itself
  • The cover doesn't feel durable enough (watch out for those long dog nails)

4 Farm Innovators Heated Pet Mat

Farm Innovators heated dog pad is also made of the ABS plastic and designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

This fourth best dog heating pad has an internal thermostat that warms the pad to a temperature range of 100-105 degrees Fahrenheit.

It uses 70 watts of power for the medium size, which measures 17”x24”. Wattage varies with size.

The plug is 3-pronged, and the cord has a spiral wire protector to discourage your dog from chewing it.

To make the rigid surface feel more comfortable, the pet heating pad comes with a faux fleece cover held by elastic bands on all four corners.

Farm Innovators HM-80M 17 x 24 Inch Plastic Heated...
339 Reviews
Farm Innovators HM-80M 17 x 24 Inch Plastic Heated...

A striking difference from the K&H products is that this fourth-best dog heating pad continues to produce heat even when your pet is not on it – there's no automatic shut-off.

For some, this may be a disadvantage, while for others, it's an advantage, especially if your pet isn’t particularly fond of the cold pad that heats up only after it has been lain on for a few minutes.

On the other hand, it's all that additional electricity wasted even when the pad is not being used.

Since this is a very rigidly-built heating pad for dogs (to withstand heat and not melt), it does not have the soft feel of foam or soft vinyl, unlike the first two best dog heating pad options above.

If your pet is not fussy about that, then this will do just fine.

You can count on it to provide constant, gentle heat without going beyond the normal body temp, so freezing nights don’t need to be punishing for your outdoor-loving pup.


  • Affordable
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Internal thermostat that warms the pad to a temperature range of 100-105 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 3 sizes available
  • Spiral wire protector to discourage dogs from chewing

  • Not very thick, and not soft enough
  • The cover is only attached with elastics on the corners, which frequently fall off

5Pet Magasin Thermal Self-Heated Bed

If you’re looking for non-electric heated dog pad for a very cheap price, then the Pet Magasin Thermal self-heated bed for dogs may be one of the better choices.

It does not need electricity to heat up and is less expensive than the four products we’ve listed so far.

This item is a set of two self-heating mats – one measures 22”x18.5” while the smaller one measures 17”x11”.

The mats are made from thick foam padding, an insulating material called Mylar, and a velvety outer sheet.

Pet Magasin Cat Thermal Bed Self-Heating Pads for...
5,050 Reviews
Pet Magasin Cat Thermal Bed Self-Heating Pads for...
  • TWO MATS: 1 Medium (22" x...
  • COZY & COMFORTABLE: A velvety...

This dog heating mat feels soft and warm.

It uses special materials to help retain the natural heat exuded by your canine, and provide insulation from the cold floor and the ambient air.

It’s a great mat to have during chilly nights, but it may not work so well as the sole source of heat during cold winter nights.

The bottom part of this heating pad for dogs is rubberized, which keeps the mat steady on the floor.

You may use this on the couch, too. It will keep your dog warm and serve as a catch-all for shed hair, dander, and everything in between.

There’s a slight crinkling sound when you press the mat, not unlike the sound that paper or plastic makes when crumpled.

That may bother some pets or make them curious at the start, but our two dogs took right to it in no time and didn't have any issues.


  • Non-electric
  • Very cheap
  • Comes in a set of 2, which is great for multi-pet families
  • Rubber underside keeps this best dog heating pad from sliding across the floor

  • Self-heating pads like this may not produce enough heat to keep a dog warm in cold winter
  • Slight crinkling noise when your dog steps on the mat, which may scare some timid dogs

6 K&H Manufacturing Small Animal Outdoor Heated Pet Pad

Like its bigger counterparts, the K&H Pet Products Small Animal Outdoor Heated Pet Pad also has an internal thermostat that automatically warms to the pet’s natural body temperature.

It is designed for small animals, such as puppies, toy-breed dogs, and other small pets. It measures 9”x12”x1/2” and uses 25 watts per hour.

The pad itself is made of rigid ABS plastic material and it has a 5.5-ft long power cable that is wrapped in 18-inch steel spiral.

K&H Pet Products Outdoor Small Animal Heated Pad...
1,133 Reviews
K&H Pet Products Outdoor Small Animal Heated Pad...
  • SMALL ANIMALS: Outdoor/indoor...
  • AUTOMATIC: Thermostatically...
  • CHEW RESISTANT: This heated...
  • MOUNTING: Pre-drilled holes in...
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: This 9” x...

While our two dogs liked this one, other pet owners have mentioned that small pets seem to take to this heated dog pad faster and better than the bigger K&H models, possibly because it’s cozier.

This sixth-best dog heating pad is also a perfect match for a small dog bed or dog house.

Since this is made of hard plastic material, it’s more resistant to moisture and not easily damaged by chewing or scratching.

If, with your previous pet heat pads, you’ve worried about those things, then this model would be your best bet (above the other top choices listed).

On the downside, your pooch may find this choice too slick or hard to sleep on, but that’s where the fleece cover comes in for just a tiny bit of help.

It has to be bought separately, however.

Another downside of that would naturally be that the fleece itself is chew-able, but that would only become an issue if your canine fancies chewing everything they see.

Besides that, we found this K&H pet heating pad to be highly functional, hassle-free, and economical.


  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Specifically designed for small breeds
  • Cord is wrapped in 18-inch steel spiral
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty

  • Measures 9” x 12” x 1/2,” so it's only suitable for small breeds
  • Won't fit all dogs as it is hard and slippery

7 K&H Manufacturing Lectro-Soft Igloo Style Heated Dog Bed

If your dog has an igloo house, then this Lectro-Soft Igloo-style seventh best dog heating pad from, again, K&H Manufacturing will be the right shape for the roundish base of the igloo.

This igloo-style bed is half-round and is designed to occupy half of the igloo’s base. The large size has the dimensions of 17.5”x30” and consumes 60 watts.

Like all the K&H heated pads we’ve featured, this is thermostatically controlled to maintain the natural body temperature of your pet.

K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Igloo Style Dog Bed,...
222 Reviews
K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Igloo Style Dog Bed,...
  • Outdoor heated dog bed with...
  • Thermostatically controlled to...
  • Designed to fit into igloo...
  • Large measures 17.5 X 30...
  • This heated dog pad has been...

This is the perfect heating pad for dogs who use the igloo-shaped dog houses because it provides warmth when it’s chilly but allows the dog to move over to the non-heated half during the day or when it’s not that cold.

The fleecy cover is nice as freebies go, but quite flimsy and only has an elastic band to keep it from shifting out of position – it's not very well secured, unfortunately.

The soft pad though is comfortable enough even without the fleece, so you don't always have to use it.

Since this is the same Lectro-Soft best dog heating pad we've listed above, only this is shaped.

It has exactly the same soft vinyl cover, making it a very comfortable dog bed.

It’s excellent both as a heating system and cozy pet bed, but only if your dog won’t chew and render it non-functional.


  • Round shape to fit into igloo dog houses
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Comes with a removable, machine washable cover

  • The cover does not secure well, and it often falls off when our dog tried to get situated
  • Not suitable for chewers

8 RIOGOO Heating Pads for Pets

The RIOGOO heating pad for dogs has some features that are not present in other best dog heating pad brands mentioned above.

First, this one boasts of a 11-level adjustable temperature control box with LED display.

This allows you to set the temperature from 80 to 130 degrees Farenheit.

Second, the heating pad is resistant to fire, water, and electric shock.

It is made with PVC material, refractory wool, and measures 18”x18”. The power cord is chew-resistant. The fabric cover is removable, zippered, and moisture-resistant.

RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad, Electric Heating Pad for...
10,214 Reviews
RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad, Electric Heating Pad for...
  • Heating Pad for Dogs and Cats:...
  • Auto Power Off Function Pet...
  • Safey and Secure Stucture : 7...
  • Removal Polyester Cover: Soft...
  • One Year Guarantee: If you are...

For some people who want more flexibility in controlling the temperature of their dogs’ beds, this heated pet pad clearly has an advantage over K&H pads with preset temps.

This feature makes it adaptable to regions with erratic weather.

It also has high applicability to pets in different situations, such as pregnant dogs, arthritic dogs, or small puppies that all need warmth but in varying levels.

This is a low-voltage and slow warming heated dog pad, and that’s both good and bad. It will take a while to heat up to the set temperature, but once it does, it’s able to keep the warmth very even and stable.

There’s one more important thing about this seventh best dog heating pad that you must keep in mind: it does not have an automatic on-and-off function.

That can be a deal breaker for some (it certainly is for us, hence the lower ranking), but if you could live without that feature, the FLYMEI heating pad for dogs should do well.

It only uses 15 watts of power, which is low-cost even if you use it continuously.


  • 11-level adjustable temperature control
  • Temperature adjusts from 80 to 130 degrees Farenheit
  • Resistant to fire, water, and electric shock
  • Power cord is chew-resistant
  • Fabric cover is removable and moisture-resistant

  • Measures 18” x 18”, so it's only suitable for small breeds
  • Takes very long to warm up
  • Does not have an on/off function, so you need to be sure you shut it off when not in use

9 Arf Pets Pet Dog Cat Self-Warming Heating Mat Pad

Arf Pets’ self-warming mat is similar to Pet Magasin’s thermal self-heating pad, because it’s not powered by electricity, unlike most of the above mentioned best dog heating pad brands.

The materials are designed to absorb heat from the pet’s body and radiate it back to the pet, retaining and generating as much heat as possible.

The mat is made of a polyethylene foam core and fleecy cover. This self-warming dog heating pad is available in 2 sizes.

Arf pets Microwavable Pet Heating Pad, Self Warming Cat Mat, Cozy Cover- Cushion is Included

Our dogs actually liked this thermal mat quite a lot, and it's a great alternative to a standard electric dog heating pad choices.

After reading reviews from other pet owners, it seems most pet owners agree: dogs quickly “warm up” to this product.

The reason for that could be that the it looks so much like a regular sleeping mat – downy yet firm – without suspicious-looking cables.

There’s no distracting sound either, just warmth and softness conducive to sleeping.

From the human’s point of view, however, the downy cover serves as a magnet for fur and lint and can be very unsightly.

The cover on these heating pads for dogs is not removable, so you’d have to wash the whole thing. Maintaining should be very easy if you vacuum-clean it instead of wash with soap and water.

This mat does not wash so well, so vacuuming would be a better idea if you want to prolong its usefulness.


  • Not powered by electricity
  • Made of a polyethylene foam core and fleecy cover
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Easily cleaned with soap and water

  • Not powered by electricity
  • Largest size is 21″ x 31″, so it's not suitable for large and extra-large dogs
  • The cover attracted too much hair and dirt, and we wish that it could be removed and machine washed

10 K&H Manufacturing Crate Pad for Pets

As the tenth best dog heating pad, here is yet another K&H Pet Products’ choice but a different design this time: warming crate pad, and it's is made to work without electricity or battery.

This crate pad is made of metalized plastic, which helps to trap your pet’s natural body heat and release it back to the pet in a continuous cycle.

The outer material is breathable micro-fleece, which is soft to the touch and was absolutely appealing to our two dogs.

There are six sizes available starting from 14”x22” to 37”x54”. The pad has slits on all four corners to accommodate slight discrepancies between the pad size and crate size.

K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Crate Pad, Warming...
5,747 Reviews
K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Crate Pad, Warming...
  • IDEAL CRATE FIT: Corner slits...
  • MULTI-USE: Self warming kennel...
  • SLEEP SURFACE: Soft...
  • EASY CARE: Machine washable...

The heated dog pad's self-warming property works most well at room temperature; using it outdoors is not recommended and it's unlikely to keep your pet warm.

If used outdoors, the much cooler ambient temperature would quickly dissipate your pet’s body heat before the pad could even absorb it, so there would be no heat to reflect in the first place.

This is an excellent alternative to electric dog blankets and noisy self-warming pads for dogs. The crinkling sound usually heard from other brands is barely audible in this product.

This tenth best dog heating pad is thin enough to be machine washable, and it takes well to weekly washing (we did two washes).

At its price, it’s already very cheap, plus there’s no maintenance cost to think of monthly.

It’s hassle-free and cost-effective that you simply can’t afford not to have it if you're looking for something budget-friendly.


  • Very cheap
  • Does not require electricity
  • Breathable micro-fleece top for added comfort
  • Available in 6 sizes
  • Comes with a 1 year limited warranty

  • Not very thick, not too comfortable
  • The bed makes a crinkly noise when stepped on, which may bother some dogs

Best Dog Heating Pads: Summary

To summarize, our best dog heating pad was the Toozey brand. It had 6 adjustable options and an automatic timer that would shut it off to save power.

The cover is machine washable, and the cord is steel, making it chew proof.

And if that one doesn't fit your needs then there are plenty of other options to choose from. We wanted to do the research for you to provide some higher-end pet heating pads and some middle of the road and cheaper ones.

Remember, dog's need to stay warmer than you think during all seasons of the year.

Disclosure: We may earn affiliate commissions at no cost to you from the links on this page. This did not affect our assessment of products. Read more here and find full disclosure here.

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