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Top 6 Best Dog Raincoats to Keep Your Pet Dry and Warm in Rain


The Best Dog Raincoats

Humans tend to project their own likes and dislikes onto their dogs. We don't like to be outside when it's raining, so we assume our pets must not the rain too. Some dogs actually don't enjoy rain, but best dog raincoats aren't usually a necessity; however, they can be helpful in some situations.

best dog raincoatsFor example, if you happen to have a dog with little to no fur, a doggy raincoat for your pet may be a must-have in order to keep him comfortable and safe. This would be especially important if you live in a region that sees a lot of rain each year, like Seattle.

In this article on raincoats for dogs, we will take a look at what scientists have to say about dressing dogs into all types of doggy clothes, including dog raincoats, and what it means for pets. We'll take a look at the best raincoats for dogs, what you need to know before purchasing and review these six:

Dog Raincoats Price Quality Rating
Genenic Waterproof Lightweight Rain Jacket Poncho $$ A- 4.2/5
RC Pet Products Packable Dog Rain Poncho $ A 4.3/5
Ethical Pet Fashion Rainy Days Slicker Yellow Raincoat $ B 4.0/5
BINGPET Adjustable Dog Raincoat $$ C 3.9/5
Topsung Waterproof Puppy Raincoat $ B- 3.9/5
LesyPet Dog Umbrella with Leash $$ C- 3.5/5

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Does your pet really need a doggy raincoat?

Do dogs really need best dog raincoats for rainMany pet owners like to provide comfort to their dogs by dressing them in different kinds of functional clothes and footwear designed for dogs. But does that really matter?

Alexandra Horowitz, PhD is a cognitive scientist at Barnard College and an author, well-know for her research on dogs and the book Inside of a Dog.

She says that dog owners who dress their pets in things like dog raincoats have good intentions. They assume that because their dog resists going outside when it's raining, he must not like it.

However, she also says that we need to look to the behavior of wolves to understand what our dogs may think of wearing a dog raincoat. When they seek shelter from the rain, they do not try to cover themselves naturally in order to keep themselves from getting wet.

A dog raincoat wraps tightly around your pet. It presses on his chest and back. It even covers the head and legs of the dog. When wild dogs get pressed on the back or head by something, it's because they are being dominated or scolded. Therefore, it may be argued that in these situations the subordinate dog feels the pressure of the dominate dog.

In the article on BrainPickings.org, Alexandra Horowitz says:

“The raincoat might well reproduce that feeling. So the principal experience of wearing a coat is not the experience of feeling protected from wetness; rather, the coat produces the discomfiting feeling that someone higher ranking than you is nearby.” – Alexandra Horowitz, PhD

Her conclusion is that the dog will cooperate with the owner and wear his doggy raincoat, but it's not because he likes the coat; it's because the dog has been forced and subdued into this. He will be less wet in the rain, but it's the people who care more about that.

But for some dogs, however, a raincoat can be necessary.

Best dog raincoats are better than this
Other options are also available.

If you have a small breed that gets cold easily or a dog that has little to no fur, and it's time to go outside when it's pouring rain, your dog may especially benefit from wearing one of the best dog raincoats to shield from strong rain and avoid potential illnesses.

AVMA experts say that while a few dog breeds are okay with cold weather and rain, most dog breeds actually are not. In fact, if your dog gets cold in winter or in rain, it can cause or worsen his medical conditions, particularly things like canine arthritis.

Dogs can get cold just like people can. Rain is one of the causes that will make your dog cold. If it's pouring outside, using one of the best dog raincoats is advisable. In some instances, just a dog sweater or some type of doggy jacket can be enough, though.

How to find the best dog raincoat for your pet

When shopping around for the best dog raincoats, the main issue will be the size of it. Your dog's raincoat must fit your pooch well to provide all the benefits. So if you want to outfit your dog with a raincoat properly, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • How often does it rain in your area (aka does your dog really need it)?
  • What features do you need in the raincoat?
  • How do you select the right sized dog raincoat that fits well?
  • How much of your dog's body should the pet raincoat cover?

If live in a place like Seattle where it constantly rains and know that pet really needs one of these best dog raincoats, it's time to decide which features you'll be needing.

Ask yourself a few important questions. Will you be equipping a dog leash while your dog is wearing the raincoat? Pick the one with an opening for the D-ring on the dog's collar. What will be easiest to put on and take off your dog? This largely depends on the breed.

Now you know what you're looking for. The last step is choosing the right sized dog raincoat. Follow the measuring guidelines provided on the product's page. Always see other dog raincoat reviews: owners say if the sizing runs smaller or larger than expected. If the manufacturer doesn't offer measurement guidelines, look for a different raincoat.

What Are the Best Dog Raincoats?
Top 6 options to keep your pet dry when it rains

1 Genenic Waterproof Lightweight Rain Jacket Poncho

Genenic Waterproof Lightweight Rain Jacket PonchoGenenic makes one of the best dog raincoats that will protect your dog from a heavy downpour without restricting her movement. It is designed in poncho style – slipped over the head – and covers from high up the neck down to the dog’s buttocks.

This protective shell is made of lightweight vinyl material with elasticized inner neck lining, Velcro belly straps, elastic loops for the hind legs, and reflective strips to keep the dog visible even in low light conditions.

There are four sizes and five colors to choose from. Since the material is soft and lightweight, dogs tend to tolerate the raincoat well. Their owners liked it, too, because it has great coverage and kept dogs dry. That meant less mess in the car or the house, and it also allowed them to continue with their daily walk even during the rainy season.

The drawstring hood covers the head fully, but it would cover dog breeds with a longer neck up to the lower jaw only. Still, buyers found the Genenic Waterproof Lightweight Rain Jacket Pncho very useful in keeping their dogs comfortably dry from neck to tail.

best dog raincoatsWith all the straps and loops to secure the coat, pet owners found it to have a great fit. It stayed on pets well, even with a bit of wind and the dog's usual energy. The back pocket and leash openings are thoughtful additions that owners believe are very useful during walks.

  • Poncho-style slips over your dog's head, so there is no need to try to wrestle with his paws
  • Made of lightweight vinyl material with an elasticized inner neck lining
  • Velcro belly straps and elastic loops for the hind legs keep the raincoat secure
  • Reflective strips keep the dog visible in low light or after dark
  • 4 sizes and 5 colors to choose from
  • As with any of the best dog raincoats, there are reviews from buyers who were disappointed in the fit of this coat. Because dogs vary in size so greatly, this coat works well for some breeds and doesn't fit others as well as expected.
  • Many reviews noted the poor worksmanship of this product. Complaints ranged from the Velcro not being sewn on securely to the stitching of the jacket coming apart after just a few uses.

best dog raincoatsMost helpful dog owner's review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTO): “Lightweight and easy to put on our dog. She is a 60 lb. border collie/ retriever mix and measured about 29″ chest and 29” length so I sized up to the xxl. I think the sizing is…”


2 RC Pet Products Packable Dog Rain Poncho

RC Pet Products Packable Dog Rain PonchoThis poncho-style raincoat RC Pet Products is made of water-repellant taffeta shell, with hood and wide Velcro belt that fastens around the dog’s belly. It is available in seven sizes starting from XX-small to XX-large.

The taffeta material protects from rain without being uncomfortable or hot. It is lightweight and is perfect for furry or long-haired breeds that would do well in unlined coats.

This product is covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee to replace or repair it throughout your pet’s lifetime. The raincoat conveniently folds into a small bag that’s easy to tuck in your pocket or clip on your pup's leash when you go out for a walk with him.

Pets fear rain no more – this cute poncho in blue ducky-print design now allows them to play in the rain while staying dry and warm underneath. Since it’s light and simply designed, the RC Pet Products Packable Dog Rain Poncho does not weigh them down as they do their usual tricks. In fact, there were no objections to it coming from the canines’ side.

best dog raincoatsThe material is very similar to the usual raincoats for humans, except thinner. Pet owners don’t think that the thinness makes the poncho flimsy or cheap; rather it makes the poncho more comfortable for pets to wear. It’s light, not crisp or hot, and it does not stifle their movements. There’s no plastic smell that owners immediately consider suspicious in anything plastic, and it was easy to pick the perfect fit.

  • Made of a water-repellant taffeta shell with a hood and wide Velcro belt that fastens around the dog’s belly
  • Available in 7 sizes
  • The company offers a repair or replace guarantee on all their products – broken or damaged – for the life of your pet
  • Many reviewers were not satisfied with the sizing of this coat, saying that it runs extremely small. However, many others say that they followed the measuring instructions provided by the manufacturer and the coat fit just as expected
  • Some pet owners who purchased this were disappointed with thin material, claiming that it was very cheaply made and rips easily
  • A couple of buyers say the hood was too big for their small dog and would fall down over the pets' eyes

best dog raincoatsMost helpful dog owner's review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTO): “For the price, this rain coat is great. It stays on and the fit is adjustable. I got the XL for my 55lb Boxer mix and it fit fine. The girth is really adjustable with a wide velcro band, so you want to buy according…”


3 Ethical Pet Fashion Rainy Days Slicker Yellow Raincoat

Ethical Pet Fashion Rainy Days Slicker Yellow RaincoatThis yellow rain slicker from Fashion Pet keeps your pooch dry from mild to moderate rain. It’s made of 100% polyester fabric with PVC coating to make it waterproof.

It has a flared collar, hood, wide striped belly strap, and leash opening. The reflective stripes on the strap and hood are both functional and stylish.

Sizes range from X-small to XX-large. Pet owners were really pleased with the material – it’s a real rain slicker. They were very impressed with the construction and the quality of all materials used. It runs small they say, however, and that sizing is quite off.

Those who got the right size, though, couldn’t be happier with the Ethical Pet Fashion Rainy Days Slicker Yellow Raincoat. They offered a useful reminder – if your dog is at the bigger end of a size range, choose the next bigger size. It worked for them, so it will probably work for you and your dog, too.

best dog raincoatsPutting on the poncho-style raincoat is no-fuss, and it’s great when the dog needs a quick run outside when it’s raining. Potty breaks in the rain can be such a pain for both dogs and their owners. At least with this raincoat on, the dog can run outside on her own without need for her human to follow her around with an umbrella. For the right breed and with correct sizing, this is one of the best dog raincoat that’s well-made and a good-looker, too.

  • This is one of the best dog raincoats as it is made of 100% polyester fabric with PVC coating to make it waterproof
  • Features a flared collar, hood, wide striped belly strap, and leash opening
  • Sizes range from X-small to XX-large
  • Poncho-style slips over your dog's head, so there is no need to try to wrestle with his paws
  • Buyers say that the sizing is far off and runs very small
  • Multiple reviews state that the Velcro enclosure is cheaply made and does not stay fastened after just a few uses
  • One reviewer said that they left this raincoat in the sun to dry and it shrunk

best dog raincoatsMost helpful dog owner's review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTOS): “I have a 40lb goldendoodle who has a 23″ body length and 25” chest girth. Size XL fits him quite well. The coat can cover his whole body when the hood is on his head. We both like …”


4BINGPET Adjustable Dog Raincoat

BINGPET Adjustable Dog RaincoatFourth on our list of best dog raincoats is this lightweight poncho-style raincoat from BINGPET that holds up well to rain and light snow. It is made of 100% polyester waterproof material with a reflective strip to keep your dog safe especially in a dark environment.

It’s available in colors of navy blue, orange and yellow, and in six sizes ranging from X-small to XX-large.

This raincoat features a drawstring hood, a pocket at the back, and a leash opening. A buckle and Velcro closure allows for an adjustable and comfortable fit. This raincoat has been very indispensable for dogs and their owners who enjoyed walking every day, even during the wet season. It's one of the best dog raincoats because majority of owners confirmed that it kept dogs dry and cozy, and that made their walks more enjoyable.

Buyers say this is one of the best dog raincoats, as it held up well to the elements and it stayed in place – no slipping off the shoulder and the like. Tugging on a coat that kept slipping would have been too much of a bother, especially during outdoor activities. The BINGPET Adjustable Dog Raincoat scored an approval for not being like that.

best dog raincoatsThe size chart will help you pick the correct size, but a buyer says that you must carefully measure the body length first, then the chest girth and neck girth before buying this fourth rated best dog raincoat. Decide on the length first, because what good will a raincoat be if it’s short for your dog? Then the girth of the chest and neck will follow. This is an exceptional raincoat that kept dogs from getting soggy; but it is imperative that you choose the option closest to your dog’s size.

  • Poncho-style slips over your dog's head, so there is no need to try to wrestle with his paws
  • Made of a 100% polyester waterproof material with a reflective strip
  • Available in 3 colors and 6 sizes
  • Features a drawstring hood, a pocket at the back, and a leash opening
  • Multiple reviewers admitted that this is one of the best dog raincoats, but complained that the hole where the collar ring sticks out ripped after just a few uses
  • You will also find many reviews that complain about the chemical smell of this raincoat when you first open the packaging – some buyers even say the smell is still there after nearly a month of use!

best dog raincoatsMost helpful dog owner's review (read the full Amazon review): “I have a 76 lb Rhodesian Ridgeback. This fit him perfectly and kept him dry in the soggiest hike that he and I have ever been on. I am kind of envying it actually… My rain suit did not do…”


5 Topsung Waterproof Puppy Raincoat

Topsung Waterproof Puppy RaincoatAs the fifth choice of the best dog raincoats is the Topsung puppy raincoat which offers dainty-looking transparent rainwear for the smaller breeds of dogs and even cats. It is made of soft plastic that is stylishly simple with a single color for the edging and the snap-on buttons.

It will look great as outerwear, since your puppy’s fashionable shirt or clothes underneath will still show through and look well put-together with this transparent hooded raincoat.

The edgings and buttons are available in colors of pink, blue, green, and white. Sizes range from X-small through large. This is one of the best dog raincoats because it folds and tucks into a small pouch. Breeds like Dachshunds are a difficult to dress, especially with coats and jackets that must cover their full length. With their body length, it’s easy to be misled into buying a much bigger outfit.

Owners of this breed, though, were pleasantly surprised that this fifth rated best dog raincoat did fit their pooch beautifully. The Topsung Waterproof Puppy Raincoat not only provided good coverage, everything else clicked to a ‘T,' including the hood that covered the ears perfectly. The hood doesn’t fall back easily – it has to be pushed back if you prefer you pet’s head uncovered – and pet owners consider that as a definite advantage.

best dog raincoatsMost raincoat hoods slide back with the flick of the head and it’s pointless to keep pushing it back in place when you and your pet are out in the rain. Buyers say this is a charming raincoat that keeps the rain and wetness away from your furry little ones.

  • Made of soft plastic
  • Features easy snap-on buttons
  • Available in 4 colors and sizes ranging from x-small to large
  • Folds into a small pouch for easy transport
  • A few reviewers noted that this raincoat ripped after only being used for a short time
  • While they said it was one of the best dog raincoats for the price, some buyers said that the quality of the garment matched the cheap price

best raincoats for dogsMost helpful dog owner's review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTO): “There seems to be some confusion in the comments about a hole for a leash. I took a picture for other prospective buyers (I was on the fence myself). The hole is discretely located on…”


6LesyPet Dog Umbrella with Leash

LesyPet Dog Umbrella with LeashThis one is listed as last on our list of best dog raincoats because it is not a raincoat per se, but it does the work of a raincoat and is an ideal alternative if your dog can’t wear one for whatever reason. This is an umbrella made of waterproof PE material by LesyPet.

The umbrella opens out to a diameter 29 inches, has a handle 26 inches long, and a built-in hook-and-chain 8 inches long.

This dog umbrella is available in three transparent colors. The LesyPet umbrella looks like a regular umbrella, except that the handle attaches to the exterior center of the concave instead of inside. In its normal place is a chain or leash.

It’s such a novel concept that is well-liked by pet owners for their dogs that don’t want to get wet in the rain but don’t take to use any of the best dog raincoats. The LesyPet Dog Umbrella with Leash is a win-win solution for them, especially when the dog needs to pee or poop and it’s raining outside.

best dog raincoatsDogs do need a little getting used to having this umbrella around. With a funny thing hovering over them just when they’re about to do potty, who wouldn’t? The transparency of the material will help a lot, since your pet will be able to see you. That will be enough to reassure her and you could see, too, what she is up to. Overall, this is a great non-raincoat shield from wet weather.

  • Made of waterproof PE material
  • More convenient than trying to wrestle your pet into one of the best dog raincoats
  • Opens out to a diameter 29 inches, has a handle 26 inches long, and a built-in hook-and-chain 8 inches long
  • Available in 3 transparent colors, so you can always have eyes on your pooch
  • Many reviewers said their dog would not tolerate having this umbrella over them. They panicked or were clearly uncomfortable, which was not acceptable to the owner
  • Pet owners who purchased also said that they were not 100% satisfied with the design, saying it was more difficult to use than they anticipated

best dog raincoatsMost helpful dog owner's review (read the full Amazon review): “This is an awesome idea! And it works great for those little furbabies that refuse to potty when it is raining outside. My dog was a little scared of it at first as it hovered over her but soon got…”

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