A dog collar is a must-have piece of supplies. It gives you a place to attach Fido's dog tags and offers a place to secure a leash while walking him in public. But, you don't have to settle for a boring, simple collar. Instead, the best dog tag necklace can be a great fashion statement.

There is a long list of products to purchase when bringing home a new puppy or adopting an adult dog. A sturdy collar should be first on that list!  Aside from allowing you to clip a dog leash on your pet’s collar and helping to identify your pup in the event that he gets lost, a quality dog collar helps to keep Fido visible when he's out and about.

There are many types of collars to choose from, and choosing a flashy fashion collar will only draw more attention to your pet's neck. You'll surely get a lot of compliments from friends and family, and anyone that happens to find your dog will instantly notice his best dog tag necklace.

In this article, we will take a look at five fashion-forward collars that will fit any budget. We'll also discuss how to choose the right collar for your dog, but before that, take a look at the products that made our list:


Dog Tag Necklace and Fashion Collars Price Quality Rating
PetFavorites Couture Designer Fancy Diamond Necklace $ A+ 4.0/5
Bingpet Diamond Bow Tie Crystal Rhinestone Pet Collar $ A 3.7/5
EXPAWLORER Rhinestone Dog Collar $ A- 3.4/5
PAWZ Road Dog Collar with Pink Pearls $ A 3.4/5
Yunt Bling Rhinestone Dog Bow Tie Collar $ B- 4.5/5

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How to pick the best fashion dog collarBest Dog Tag Necklace

Collars aren't just about fashion; they're about function too. You may like the way a collar looks, but you also have to make sure that it will be safe and fit your dog properly. Dog collars aren't the right choice for every pet. For example, recent research shows that a harness would be a much safer choice for dogs with ocular issues.

The best fashion dog collars are those that are simple and can be effectively used on your pet without hurting him. Making sure you choose the right size collar and it fits properly is also crucial. If you don’t know how to fit a dog collar, take a look at our video guide on how to do it right.

There’s no need buying pet collars for dogs will all types of fancy features, especially the infamous spiked metal collars, some of which may be harmful to the dog. This especially applies to prong or shock collars.

best dog tag necklaceSome designer collars feature spikes or prongs that could be very dangerous to your dog and any people or pets that get too close to him. Likewise, you need to pay special attention to the materials that are used to make the collar. For example, plastic buckles are not as durable as metal hardware.

We’ve done the necessary research and read sorted through thousands of reviews from real dog owners to find the best dog tag necklace and fashion collars available. Take a look at the list below, and find the collar that you think best suits your pup.

What is the Best Dog Tag Necklace?
top 5 adorable dog fashion collars

1PetFavorites Couture Designer Fancy 3 Row Pearls Diamond Necklace

Your pet’s bling and jewelry don’t need to cost a lot to look expensive. This PetFavorites necklace faux pearl and rhinestones look regal and would certainly make your princess pet stand out at the party. More importantly, you need not break a bank for it. This sparkly handmade jewelry has three strands of pearls embellished with around 28 rhinestones. There are three neck sizes available, and there’s a clasp to fasten it around your pet’s neck. You may choose from pink or blue or purple.

This is a great item to mix and match with other pet accessories for various occasions. It’s so classy that it would look appropriate during weddings, debuts, or other formal events bearing this color scheme and theme. At the same time, it would stand out with matching costumes during non-formal parties and gatherings. It’s a total knockout worn as it is even on ordinary days.

Whenever pets don this best dog tag necklace, it never fails to attract the interest of other pet owners. It is sturdily made and the fit is comfortable because of the elastic strand that weaves through each pearl bead. This is a precious gift idea for people who own small pets. It’s important to note that the sizes are generally small. Though there’s a little give on each necklace, it’s just enough to make the fit comfortable and not to accommodate a much bigger-sized pet. This is a decorative collar and not one you could attach a leash to. The clasp, however, might be able to hold a small dog tag.


  • Made from handmade high-quality imitation pearls and 28 rhinestones
  • Attaches with adjustable jewelry clasp, which makes it easy to fit
  • Available in 3 sizes and colors

  • Some reviewers say this collar fell apart and spilled pearls everywhere shortly after buying
  • A few reviewers noted that the sizing is smaller than expected

best dog tag necklaceMost helpful review about this best dog tag necklace: “I bought the 12-14 inch size and it fits my 10 lb Yorkie perfectly. The beads are on elastic, so there is a little give to it; I was able to slip it over my dog's head right out of the package. The clasp has a bit of…”


2BINGPET Diamond Bow Tie Crystal Rhinestone Pet Collar

Bingpet Diamond Bow Tie Crystal Rhinestone Pet CollarFor the pet that loves to dress up, this bow designer collar from BINGPET is the perfect accessory. It is made of a soft velvety felt band with a metal clasp for fastening. A twin bow using the same material acts as base for the square faux diamond jewel at the center of the bow. Rows of tightly set rhinestones adorn the length of the collar. Three sizes are available, the smallest of which is designed for a neck 8-10 inches in circumference. The largest size would go around a neck 12-14 inches in circumference. It’s important to use these neck measurements when choosing sizes. Each necklace has three holes for making fine adjustments.

This design comes in colors of black, red, and pink – all elegant and stunning in their own way. The BINGPET Diamond Bow Tie Crystal Rhinestone Pet Collar is made of heavy felt material, yet very soft. It’s quite well-made – it stayed put even after it got dirty from a rough play according to a very satisfied poodle owner. It may not be a practical idea, though, to dress your doggy this girlish ornament when expecting it to get rough with its buddies.

best dog tag necklaceOwners of small and toy breeds thought this would be the perfect accessory for their cute fur kids, and they were right, of course. While this looks very delicate and seems exclusively made for the smaller breeds, this did not deter owners of large breed puppies to get one in their favorite color, too. It turns out the large size is just right for their Great Dane puppy, so now they’re checking if the two other colors are still available.


  • Available in 3 sizes and 3 colors
  • Made of soft velvet leather and rhinestones
  • Durable metal clasp is easy to fasten

  • Many reviewers say this best dog tag necklace is adorable, but not practical for daily wear
  • Rhinestones on the side begin falling off after a few weeks

best dog tag necklaceMost helpful review about this best dog tag necklace: “Super cute!!! We used this on our Getman Shepherd puppy until she was almost 4 months and her neck was about 14″. It is very soft, and the bling and bow is adorable! We got so many compliments on it. The only reason I didn't…”


3EXPAWLORER Rhinestone Dog Collar

Rhinestone Dog Collar, Cute Bling Pet Puppy Cat Crystal Collars for Girls, Soft Adjustable SparkNow, this one’s really special. That party dress can’t go without this best dog tag necklace from EXPAWLORER. It’s made of a belt-like velvet collar that settles at the nape and only goes halfway around the neck. This connects to the other half of the collar that’s displayed at the front – a lovely necklace made of a row of sparkly twin tear-shaped stones. A faux diamond pendant hangs at the center, and it’s just gorgeous. So this is a half collar, half necklace, which is a good combination because it keeps the part that touches the nape more comfortable with the soft, flat belt. It prevents tangles that way, too.

There are three sizes-small, extra small, and medium. There’s a splendid choice of colors – beige, purple, and pink – which really go well with the necklace’s sparkle. The small size of the EXPAWLORER Rhinestone Dog Collar has a belt that’s 1/2 inch wide and an adjustable collar-necklace length of 9 to 13 inches. There’s a buckle and two loops at one end of the belt for clasping and unclasping, and there are several buckle holes on the other belt end for making fine adjustments.

best dog tag necklaceDog owners mostly bought this attention-grabbing necklace for parties and special occasions because it’s obviously not your regular everyday collar. One very resourceful dog rescue team member, however, suddenly had a very bright idea using this necklace. She had a cute, but otherwise low-key, puppy wearing this for a picture to post at the dog rescue website. Little puppy did get the attention it needs from potential adoptive parents. This bling collar is great for small dogs and cats. It’s a favorite gift item, too.


  • Available in 3 sizes and 3 colors
  • A velvety soft belt is comfortable around your dog's neck
  • Durable alloy buckle

  • Rhinestones have been known to fall off after just a few wears
  • Some reviewers say that the buckle is heavier than the rhinestones, so the collar tends to slip sideways

best dog tag necklaceMost helpful review about this best dog tag necklace: “I purchased this to use for pictures for rescue dog's website. It looks great and gets them lots of attention on adoption day! It is well made and really sparkles. Will be buying more in different sizes! Lucille Ball, a red poodle…”


4PAWZ Road Collar with Pink Pearls

PAWZ Road Dog Collar with Pink PearlsThis could be the two-strand version of the PetFavorites product in our number 1 spot. Instead of three rows of faux pearls and rhinestone strips, this has two rows of pink faux pearls and short barrettes set with CZ diamond stones. The necklace looks like a human female’s bracelet and may even be worn as such. It would fit a pet with a neck girth of about 13.4”. It has no clasps but the string that holds it is elastic, so you may just slip it over your pet’s head or your hand if you’re wearing it as a wrist ornament. This is available only in this color and size.

This is a small necklace, so it’s best worn by toy dogs or small puppies. According to satisfied buyers, it looked elegant on their Maltese and Yorkie. A cute but sullen pug really looked sophisticated wearing the PAWZ Road Dog Collar with Pink Pearls in a portrait. You can’t help but smile at how two strands of inexpensive faux pearls can make an unpretentious pose look so precious.

best dog tag necklaceIt’s true that this is elastic, but it’s not that stretchy to be worn by a big-necked pup. It can be stretched to slip over the head, but the wearer’s neck circumference must not be way over 13.4”. It will not choke tight enough to cause your dog to pass out, but uncomfortable enough to make her feel miserable. Once again, the smaller breeds rule with this fashionable vanity item.


  • Two rows of pink faux pearls and short barrettes set with CZ diamond stones
  • Can double as a bracelet for humans

  • Only available in 1 size for dogs weighing less than 8 pounds
  • Only available in one color – pink
  • No clasp, just an elastic string, which can break if you stretch it to far

best dog tag necklaceMost helpful review about this best dog tag necklace: “Just got this for my 8 week old Chi/Yorkie mix and it fits Great and looks Beautiful on her. It's not adjustable, it's like a stretchy bracelet. Very pleased with it. It hangs on her neck. She is about…”


5Yunt Bling Rhinestone Bow Tie Collar

Yunt Bling Rhinestone Dog Bow Tie CollarWhen it’s party time for your little girl, send her off wearing this bling with a rhinestone-studded bow on a silver outline and pink crystals on the center bow. This is held by a soft pink leather collar that fastens at the nape with an alloy buckle. This best dog tag necklace from Yunt does not have any dangling parts so it’s the best accessory for parties and dog events where you expect your dog to mingle with other pets. This looks great for costume parties and holidays and is also appropriate for dressy but more formal occasions, such as weddings and ceremonial gatherings.

You may choose between red and pink, and two sizes. The XS size is 11.81” (30 cm) long, while the S size is 14.57” (37 cm) long. Holes on one end of the collar allow for fine adjustment. The width in the description is slightly off, but pet owners who bought the Yunt Bling Rhinestone Dog Bow Tie Collar said that this was the width they wanted. It’s more on the slim side, and owners like that because it doesn’t bother their dog that way.

best dog tag necklaceThe collar has a lot of holes which makes adjusting it really easy – it can be made to hang loose or kept snug, or even lend to big sister on some occasions. Pet owners were quite surprised that this fashion collar lasted 10 months of constant use, further saying that embellishments they’ve bought before usually didn’t last that long. This makes a great present for people with small pets, too.


  • Available in 2 sizes and 2 colors
  • Rhinestone-studded bow on the silver outline and pink crystals in the center of the bow
  • Soft leather collar
  • Durable alloy buckle

  • Some reviews were disappointed in the quality of this collar, saying it broke after just a couple of wears
  • The sizing in the description is slightly off

best dog tag necklaceMost helpful review about this best dog tag necklace: “The measurements shown in side panel picture are CORRECT – from end of buckle to tip. Disregarding the buckle, the “leather” strap is exactly 14″. I ordered 5 collars (different companies) and should have paid closer attention…”

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