Best Dog Treat Jar

Everyone feeds their dog a treat once in a while. Although it isn't healthy to feed your pooch a lot of snacks, it's nice to have them on hand when you want to spoil him. The best dog treat jar will keep any snacks that you buy for your Fido fresh and safe from pests.

Top Best Dog Treat Jars for StoringWhether your pup prefers jerky treats, biscuits, or freeze-dried snacks, keeping them in the best dog treat jar will lengthen their shelf life. You'll want to select an air-tight jar that will keep moisture from ruining your dog's treats.

Selecting a safe container also needs to be a priority. Many treat jars made of plastic contain BPA and other harmful for dogs chemicals that can leach into the treats over time. These toxins will have a negative impact on your pup's overall health and well-being.

The best dog treat jar is safe, effective, and attractive. Chances are, you're probably going to set this product on a counter in your kitchen or on a shelf somewhere that is easily accessible. You don't want to display a cheap eye sore that takes away from the beauty of your home's décor.

What's the Best Dog Treat Jar?
Top 5 Choices for Storing Doggy Snacks

Best Dog Treat Jar for Pet Treats

1Fire Hydrant Ceramic Cookie Jar

best dog treat jarThis ceramic cookie jar works great as a cute dog treat jar, given its design and size. Keep it on your counter for a convenient storage solution for your dog treats, as its appearance is attractive and fun!

Customers say that this is a perfect container for dog treats, both in design and size. Its glossy finish looks attractive, and it is well-made. It typically ships quickly from Amazon, often arriving before expected.

The seal is strong enough to keep smells inside, so you don’t have to worry about the scent of your dog treats escaping into the kitchen or wherever you may keep this product. According to a few customers, the seal on this Fire Hydrant Ceramic Cookie Jar may leave a lot to be desired.

best dog treat jarYou may only want to store a small amount of dog treats in this container at a time to keep them from drying out (unless they are dry treats – then you should be fine!). Some wish the container was larger so that it could hold more treats at a time, but, for the most part, customers were happy with every aspect of this cute jar!


  • Appearance is attractive and fun
  • Consumers say the glossy finish looks attractive, and it is well made
  • Typically ships quickly
  • Seal is strong enough to keep smells inside

  • Consumers noted that treats will still dry out in this best dog treat jar
  • Buyers also noted they wished this canister was larger


2Bone Dry Ceramic Pet Jar

Bone Dry Ceramic Pet JarThis ceramic dog treat jar is a cute way to keep pet snacks readily available for your little (or big) one(s)! It has a minimalistic gray-and-white graphic pattern and contrast. The lid is made from bamboo.

There is no mistaking what the jar is meant for, as it has decorative bone and paw detailing.

All customers can agree on two things – this treat jar looks classy, and it holds a good amount of treats. Reviewers attest to the fact that the bamboo keeps the dog treats nice and crunchy or soft and chewy, whichever the treat may be. The attractiveness of the Bone Dry Ceramic Jar container is a major positive for many customers, as it fits in great with décor, rather than being an eyesore like many other storage canisters.

Bone Dry Ceramic JarSome say the canister was smaller than they thought it would be, so be careful to pay attention to the dimensions! Even those customers mention that it still holds a lot of treats, which is the overall goal. As posted in the product description, it is ceramic, so be sure you are okay with purchasing a breakable dog treat jar before ordering this product.


  • Has an appealing minimalistic bone and paws graphic pattern
  • Lid has a cute bone-shaped handle
  • Large size pleased most buyers

  • Pay attention to dimensions as some owners were not pleased with the size
  • Made of ceramic, meaning it is breakable and not suitable for everyone


3Dog Treat Jar – Good Dog

This adorable dog treat jar by Rae Dunn is simple and timeless! It is made of clay and (according to the product description) crafted entirely by hand! It is both food and dishwasher-safe, so it is easy to clean.

The black and white container features a crown handle and says “good dog” on the front. It has a rubber seal on the inside, so it keeps dog treats fresh.

Many customers agree that this container is the perfect size for dog treats, and it does great at keeping treats from getting stale over time. The expensive price tag is justified, according to most, as it is well made, classy, and looks great on the countertop! The simple design of the Dog Treat Jar – Good Dog is a favorite of most, as it goes better with décor than the typical busy design found on many dog-related products.

There is some discrepancy on where and how this best dog treat jar is truly made, as some reviewers say that the bottom of the container says “Made in China” and not in California, as the description states. Very few people were unhappy with this product, as it came as expected and works as described.


  • Made by hand out of clay
  • Food and dishwasher safe
  • Rubber seal on the inside that keeps treats fresh
  • Consumers agree that this product is well-made and aesthetically pleasing

  • More expensive than many of the other best dog treat jars
  • Some consumers noted that the bottom of the jar states “Made in China,” but the description states it is made in the USA


4Anchor Hocking 1.5-Gallon Montana Jar

best dog treat jarThis 1.5-gallon glass jar is a great storage container for anything, including dog treats! It is dishwasher safe and features a beautiful brushed metal lid. This design from Anchor Hocking is available in many different sizes, so it is possible to order several for an attractive storage solution for multiple items in your kitchen (or any other room!).

This company has been around since 1905, and all of its products are made in the USA. The lid of this best dog treat jar is airtight, so freshness is never an issue when these are used for storage.

Customers agree that the design of these containers is simple and basic, which is exactly what they wanted! Since these jars are see-through, it makes it easy to always dig into the right container the first time. Anchor Hocking 1.5-Gallon Montana Jars are high-quality containers made with heavy glass, and they are perfect for preserving freshness. Most agree that this jar is exactly what they had hoped for.

best dog treat jarThe lids of these jars may show scratches easier than some would hope, so be careful when handling. Some customers say this jar was bigger or smaller than they had hoped, but, for comparison purposes, it is about the size of a gallon of milk.


  • 1.5-gallon capacity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in the USA
  • Equipped with an airtight lid

  • Brushed metal lids show scratches easily
  • Some customers were not pleased with the size saying they were smaller or larger than they anticipated


5Snapware Airtight Food Storage Pet Treat Canister

This airtight food container is available in multiple sizes and features a snap lock lid with a silicone seal that shuts easily and keeps food fresh! This best dog treat jar from Snapware has an adorable black paw print on a see-thru glass background, making it easy to see its contents.

This best dog treat jar is 100% airtight and leak-proof, and it is stain, shatter, and odor resistant (made with BPA-free plastic). You may want to order several to keep multiple kinds of treats on hand for your beloved pet(s).

Customers say that these canisters seal tightly and keep treats fresh for much longer than leaving them in their original containers. Rather than storing treats away out of sight, many pet owners leave them out once they have a Snapware Airtight Food Storage Pet Treat Canister. Many people appreciate being able to choose between multiple sizes, as these can be used for anything from kitty food to large dog treats, depending on the size ordered.

Some people have failed to close these properly, resulting in stale treats quicker than expected. Be sure to fasten the lids completely, and this should not be an issue! Because there is such a great range in sizing, be sure to check the dimensions so you are not unhappy with your purchase.


  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Features a snap lock lid with a silicone seal that shuts easily and keeps food fresh
  • 100% airtight and leak-proof
  • Stain, shatter, and odor resistant
  • Made with BPA-free plastic

  • Because it is available in multiple sizes, buyers are encouraged to pay attention to the dimensions
  • Some consumers complain about the lid stating that it doesn't always close properly, resulting in stale treats

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