Some dogs are born paralyzed, others may become paralyzed due to an accident or old age. Either way, if it happens to your pet, you'll need a good dog wheelchair. Wheelchairs for dogs allow them to stay mobile, even without the use of hind legs.

Years ago, when a dog lost the use of his hind legs he would be euthanized. Now, buying one of these vet-recommended dog wheelchairs you can help your pet regain his quality of life after suffering such a traumatic loss.

Today, canine wheelchair has had a very scientific approach and it's a big part of veterinary field. Not only was this development a huge advancement in veterinary medicine, it has also added years to lives of countless elderly dogs. Dog wheelchairs have been around for decades, but a lot of owners still don't know much about them. In this article we compare the pros and cons of the best dog wheelchair brands.

The Purpose of Dog Wheelchair for Back Legs

The Purpose of Dog Wheelchair for Back LegsOther than a sudden traumatic accident, dogs going through rehabilitation often have very tired, weak or non-functioning back legs. Other canines may have an extra bad case of dog arthritis, other joint problems such as hip displaysia, or they may simply get really tired in general. You don't always need to use a wheelchair for dogs in those cases, but often times, it may help your dog recover quicker, according to studies.

Disabled dogs who are struggling to move require the limb support that their dog owners can provide through a variety of technology, first of which is of course is by using the best dog wheelchair that fits your pet, or some specially designed pet wheelchairs, or a proprietary design of a rear wheel dog wheelchairs which are usually harder to find.

Dog wheelchairs are a relatively new invention. These “machines” will let your canine receive the necessary exercise that they require in order to live a very happy, active, fulfilling, healthy lives. With some of these best dog wheelchairs we've listed below, your pet will be able to use their front legs in order to move around, run fast, explore areas, play with you and even other pets.

When Should Wheelchairs for Dogs Be Considered?

Wheelchairs for dogs may not always be the first or best option. Before you spend the money on the best dog wheelchair, you should know whether or not it will benefit your pet. Seeing your dog lose his mobility, whether due to old age or an accident, is nothing short of traumatic for a dog owner.

It's imperative to work closely with your veterinarian during this time. If your dog is slowly losing his mobility with age, talk to your vet as soon as you notice any changes. They'll be able to help you cope with the changes and get you set up with a plan that will help your canine companion say mobile for as long as possible. This may or may not involve the use of wheelchairs for dogs or other assistance measures.

What is the best dog wheelchair?You may have assumed that the best dog wheelchair would be helpful for any canine with paralysis in his hind end. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Dog wheelchairs are usually helpful only in very specific cases, which your vet will tell you about.

In order for your dog to be able to use a wheelchair effectively, he'll need to be able to support himself with is front legs. Sometimes, especially with older dogs, the front legs aren't strong enough to support the pet and pull the cart along. Therefore, wheelchairs for dogs that are much older and/or suffering from arthritis may not be a good option.


How do you know if your dog is able to support himself in a wheelchair?

The best way to test your dog's front end strength is to make a sling and gently lift his hind end off the ground. You can make a simple DIY dog rear leg sling with a cloth grocery bag by following the steps in this quick video.

If your canine can support himself with his front legs, a wheelchair for dogs may be a good aid for him. Consult with your veterinarian to get their opinion, and ask about any recommendations they may have for any wheelchairs for dogs to meet your pet's needs. If you think any of the options on this list may be appropriate for your Fido, discuss them with your veterinarian as well before making a purchase.

Top 7 Best Dog Wheelchair Choices

1 Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair

The Walkin' Wheels is the most popular company among disabled pets. They even have their own Certification Program. The Walking Wheels Dog Wheelchair can be vital in improving the quality of life of dogs with mobility disabilities. This particular model is designed for dachshunds and other small dogs suffering from weak hips or hind legs, amputated limbs or degenerative diseases affecting their ability to walk or move. The material used for the frame is aluminum, which makes this best dog wheelchair a very lightweight contraption. There are push-button adjustments for the height, length and width.

Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair - for Small Dogs...

Though generally designed for dogs weighing less than 25 pounds, the sizes vary by leg measurement and actual weight of the dog. Sizes range from 1 through 6. Three colors are available for this best dog wheelchair. What pet owners find remarkable about the Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair is the utmost flexibility that it offers. It doesn’t require the buyer to make complicated measurements just so the wheelchair would fit perfectly. The click-on harness and aluminum frame is adjusted to get the height, width, length and fit that will be most comfortable to the user.

The wheels are designed to traverse any kind of terrain, and this makes this wheelchair a very useful support for weak- to non-functioning hips or legs. This wheelchair has made it possible for paralyzed pets to be able to walk and run again. Some of them had been immobile for so long, and this wheelchair came as a major life changer. They took to it quite easily, and now they’re raring to tackle more mileage and explore their surroundings like never before.


  • Specifically designed for small breed dogs
  • Made of aluminium, making it very lightweight
  • Push-button adjustments for the height, length, and width
  • 6 sizes available to fit your dog's specific measurements
  • Available in 3 colors

  • Only available for dogs weighing less than 25 pounds
  • This pet wheelchair is a little difficult to assemble


2 K9 Carts Rear Support Wheelchair for Dogs

Similar to Walkin' Wheels, the K9 Carts is also a very popular canine wheelchair company among disabled dogs, with their own Scholarship Program. The second best wheelchair for dogs option on our list, this is a great and cost-effective construction. This pet wheelchair for dogs that is designed for small, medium, large and extra large breeds works almost as well as the one mentioned above, but it's not as popular among dog owners.

K9 Carts Cat Wheelchair - Custom Built in The USA
  • MADE IN THE USA just for you...
  • BACKED BY PROS! Every purchase...
  • IMPORTANT! Please review the...

K9 Carts Read Support wheelchair for dogs is surprisingly very lightweight and has a sturdy, no-rust metal frame which will make you feel confident about the leg support your dog will receive. Comfort level is decent as well, with high quality neoprene dog harness attached to both front and rear of this third best dog wheelchair.

The K9 Carts is veterinarian-designed, built and tested, so you know it will definitely help your dog who's going through rehabilitation or has a serious case of canine arthritis. You can use the harness for running and having an active day out with your pet. It's very easy to use, put on your dog, adjust and then take off. This is a quality construction made in the USA.

While this dog cart is extremely high quality, it's also very expensive (the most expensive on the best dog wheelchair list here). Moreover, some owners have also reported their dogs not taking a liking to this specific wheelchair for dogs. Thus, if you're considering this pricey dog wheelchair, it's best to ensure your dog will like it (test at the store).


  • Very high quality
  • Vet-designed
  • Made in USA
  • Extremely light

  • Only for very small dogs
  • Very expensive


3 Best Friend Mobility Dog Wheelchair

This wheelchair from Best Friend Mobility is truly the best mobility companion for dogs that have difficulty walking or moving their hips and hind legs. The whole cart assembly is non-rust. It has an aluminum frame, galvanized bolts and hardware, padded neoprene shoulder support, EVO neoprene leg harness, fixed padded seat, and durable rubber all-terrain wheels.

Best Friend Mobility Large Dog Wheelchair
  • Lightweight adjustable...
  • Non-rust galvanized hardware...
  • Deluxe neoprene front and rear...
  • Designed and tested by K9...
  • Easy to adjust height and...

The cart’s length can be adjusted using a hex wrench to 32.25” maximum. The height with wheels is 21.5” adjustable to + /-5”. The width of the cart is constant at 10.5”, but with the wheels, the Best Friend Mobility Dog Wheelchair will occupy a width of 21”. The wheel is 14” in diameter – big enough to go over rocks, hills, and creeks. The adjustability in height is a very good feature about this best dog wheelchair. Aside from the fact that it makes the fit more customized to the dog’s height, it also makes it possible to choose whether to allow some use of the hind limbs or let the wheels do all the work.

The harness can partly support the weight while letting the hind limbs still do some work to prevent atrophy. If that's not possible, the dog’s rear can be fully hoisted so that the paws don’t touch the ground at all. In either case, it must be noted that this wheelchair is designed for dogs with front legs that are fully functioning.


  • Entire frame is non-rust
  • Lightweight, aluminum frame
  • Galvanized bolts and hardware
  • Padded neoprene shoulder support and an EVO neoprene leg harness
  • Durable rubber all-terrain wheels

  • The sizing was off, although others claimed to have followed the measurement instructions given in the product description
  • The assembly instructions of this dog wheelchair are difficult to follow


4 Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair for Disabled Pets

Walkin’ Wheels for small dogs, which appears on top of this list, has a counterpart for German Shepherds, St. Bernard, Great Danes and other large dogs up to 180 pounds. There are five sizes and three colors available. Sizes vary with the dog’s leg length measured from the fold of flank of the upper rear leg to the toe pad. Like its small version, this is made of a lightweight aluminum structure, and fitted out with a durable and fully-adjustable harness and stirrup supports.

Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair - for Large Dogs...

Dogs regained their independence with the Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair. They are now able to move around by themselves, chase critters, and pee or poop on their own. Dogs, too, need some freedom and privacy, not to mention that their humans now have one less chore to do, namely the unpleasant task of cleaning up poop.

This gave hope to dogs that had weak hips or hind legs but are not totally paralyzed. Walking with their weight supported by the wheelchair provides their legs the much-needed exercise to strengthen muscles. Aside from that, tasting how it is to be back on the road and be playful again motivates them each day to continue moving.


  • Designed specifically for large dogs weighing 70-180 pounds
  • Lightweight, aluminium frame
  • 5 sizes and 3 colors available
  • Adjustable harness for additional comfort and proper fit
  • Push button adjustability in height, length and width

  • Only suitable for dogs weighing between 70 and 180 pounds
  • We found the sizing measurements to be a bit off. Other pet owners said that the wheelchair need to be returned and they were responsible for nearly $100 in shipping costs and a restocking fee


5 Best Friend Mobility SitGo Dog Wheelchair Revolution

If your dog seems like one that needs to sit or rest every once in a while during a walk, then skip over the first three items from the top of our list and check out Best Friend Mobility’s SitGo Dog Wheelchair. As the name suggests, this design is revolutionary since it allows your dog to sit or go while still attached to the wheelchair. The rear of this best dog wheelchair can be lowered to allow your dog to step in or out of it, so there’s no lifting required whatsoever. It is made of a non-rust aluminum assembly, stainless steel hardware, clip-on neoprene front and rear harness, and PU all-terrain wheels.

SitGo Dog Pet Wheelchair Revolution (XS)
  • It’s finally here! The...
  • Still made of the same...
  • And, because the rear can be...
  • See chart picture for sizing

The SitGo is available in four sizes from XS through L. Finding the right size for your dog can’t be more straightforward. With your dog standing, assisted by another person naturally, measure the height along your pet’s hindquarters from the floor to the dog’s back. To give you an idea, for a measurement of 9”-14”, that should be the small size. For a height of 20”-29”, that should be the large size. It’s so simple, and it’s one thing that pet owners like about the Best Friend Mobility SitGo Dog Wheelchair Revolution because simplicity in sizing often indicates how flexible an item is.

The most important thing to pet owners is, of course, how this walking support has given joy to their canine family member. These dogs are often at the final chapters of their lives and fighting battles with age and illnesses. It’s more than enough for dog owners just to see their pets walking in this best dog wheelchair, leaping like they had no issues, resting when they need to and going off on their own again. They all agree that this is beyond amazing and definitely worth its price.


  • Unique design allows your dog to sit for a break when needed
  • Made of a non-rust aluminium frame, stainless steel hardware, clip-on neoprene front and rear harness and PU all-terrain wheels
  • Available in 4 sizes

  • Difficulty of the included instructions and other pet owners also noted that they weren't sure it was put together correctly because of this
  • Reading through other this dog wheelchair reviews, some buyers noted that they did not receive all the parts required or received the wrong parts, and the company's customer service reps were not at all helpful in resolving the issue


6 Huggiecart Dog Wheelchair for Small Dogs

The HuggieCart company is a specialist when it comes to fabricating the best dog wheelchair. They even produce four-wheel dog wheelchairs, should your dog need one. This particular model and make, however, is for small dogs weighing 18-40 pounds with functional front legs. The measurement from the dog’s belly to the ground must be less than 11” to fit this model, but smaller and bigger sizes are available. The frame is made of heavy-duty aluminum, and it is fitted with an adjustable neoprene chest harness, rear leg stirrups, and smooth-rolling wheels.

Huggiecart Dog Wheelchair Size 3 R for Small Dog...
  • Huggiecart Dog Wheelchair for...
  • Aluminum Frame Construction...
  • Adjustable in length, width,...
  • Find the right size for your...
  • dachshund-ish body type: We...

The HuggieCart is easy to assemble. Pet owners observed that after assembling this wheelchair it could be further adjusted in length, width, and height to perfectly fit their dog’s build. Even dogs of the same breed and weight have peculiarities in their build and shape. This full flexibility makes it easier to customize the Huggiecart Dog Wheelchair for Small Dogs to every dog that uses it, and dog owners really find that a well-thought-out feature.

The optional stirrups at the rear hold the hind legs higher to prevent these from touching the ground. Adjusting the height lower allows the legs to touch the ground and do some movement. The latter is often recommended by therapists to prevent atrophy of the muscles. Significant improvements in their physical condition were noted, yet the biggest impact has been behavioral. Aging and ailing dogs are once again young and eager for life.


  • Made specifically for dogs weighing 18-40 pounds
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Fitted with an adjustable neoprene chest harness, rear leg stirrups and smooth-rolling wheels
  • Adjustable in length, width and height

  • Only suitable for small dogs with the measurement of the belly to the ground being less than
  • This wheelchair for dogs was a little too heavy for our smallest pet


7 Newlife Mobility Adjustable Dog Pet Wheelchair

Last, but certainly not least, on our list of the best dog wheelchair is the Newlife Mobility Adjustable Dog Wheelchair. It is available in five sizes for dogs weighing not more than 100 pounds. It is also constructed of durable and lightweight aluminum with notches and screws for adjusting the height, width and length. It’s worth noting that the smallest size is made for dogs weighing less than 5 pounds. That’s the smallest wheelchair on our list! The dog’s weight and the distance from the floor to the dog’s back are the bases for determining the size of the wheelchair needed.

Dog owners found it easy to place an order with only the weight and hip height to consider. Minute adjustments can be made later for a tailored fit to the dog. All that’s needed is a hex screwdriver for loosening and tightening the screws and a little patience when adjusting the height, width and length. The frame of the Newlife Mobility Adjustable Dog Pet Wheelchair is sturdy and well-constructed, and pet owners are confident that it would serve as a very reliable support for their pet’s weight and movement.

The harnesses and stirrups are made of soft yet durable materials that are adjustable to ensure that the dog is not unnecessarily strained. Dogs quickly took to this cart and easily figured out the best way to maneuver it over different terrains. This is both very functional and inexpensive, and for these qualities, it continues to be a hit to people who own dogs with rear-leg or hip disability.


  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Constructed of lightweight aluminium
  • Adjusting the height, width and length

  • Only available for dogs weighing less than 100 pounds
  • Talking to other pet owners, a few say that this top rated dog wheelchair is too heavy for small breeds

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