Silent dog whistles work exactly like any other whistle, except you can't hear them, but a dog can hear them just fine. These whistles have a frequency that is too high for our ears to pick up. Most people can only hear the sound of the air going through a dog whistle, although a small percentage of the human population can still hear them.

Why you would use a silent dog whistle when you could simply use a traditional whistle to train your dog? The only reason to use a silent dog whistle is to not bother other people who may be in the area where you're training a dog. They also won't catch the attention of any other animals (aside from other dogs, of course).

If you can't hear the whistle, how do you know that it's making a sound? A dog whistle that only dogs can hear can be tuned to various frequencies. This allows you to find a frequency that will get a response from a dog. It may be beneficial to try a silent whistle before buying it, as there's a small percentage of dogs who will not respond to them.

In our household, we've tried many different types of whist that only dogs can hear. Below are some of the best dog whistle brands and reviews that we've liked in the past.

The Best Dog Whistle That Only Dogs Can Hear

1. SportDOG Dog Training Whistle

The SportDOG Dog Training Whistle is a very effective and easy-to-use tool in controlling your dog’s constant barking and even that of your neighbor’s dogs. It’s also highly useful in teaching dogs to obey, instilling discipline, and enhancing good behavior.

SportDOG Brand Roy Gonia Special Whistle Without...
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SportDOG Brand Roy Gonia Special Whistle Without...
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This first of silent dog whistles is made of materials that won't freeze and will last a lifetime. The SportDOG whistle emits an ultrasonic sound that can be adjusted through a nut and screw to get the right pitch corresponding to your dog’s hearing frequency. Also included in the pack is a sturdy lanyard with a metal hook to secure it fast to an integral ring on the whistle, and a black hard plastic cover to protect it from dirt and for easy storage.

Dog owners easily got the hang of using it, and they can’t be happier about taking control over their dogs’ barking and behavior. They have used several whistles before, but judging from their dog’s responses, the SportDOG whistle has proven to be the most effective so far. This is barely detectable by the human ear, so it doesn’t bother the user or other humans nearby. It’s an unbelievably cheap way to save one’s sanity over dogs’ noises.


  • Made of materials to not freeze
  • Trusted brand
  • High frequency
  • Comes with a lanyard and plastic cover

  • Some reports from other owners that it didn't work for their dogs


2. Ortz Dog Whistle That Only Dogs Can Hear

Unlike ordinary whistles that can be irritating and shrill, Ortz Dog Whistle that only dogs can hear emits ultrasonic sound frequencies. It teaches your dog to obey your commands, such as to stop barking, heel, sit, come, or stay, without having to bark a word yourself.

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It makes controlling your dog easy, convenient and fun. Needless to say, it helps improve your dog’s behavior and makes communicating more enjoyable than you’ve both ever tried. The Ortz Dog Whistle is a great buy according to other dog owners too.

We find it an awesome way to communicate with our pets. They like the fact, though they thought it odd at first, that their dogs could hear the whistle sound that they themselves don’t even hear. The pack includes useful accessories, like the durable lanyard for securing the whistle, and the whistle cover for keeping away dust and dirt.

When reading reviews from others, it appears that pet owners are wowed by the effectiveness of these dog whistles from Ortz. Gone were the days when they had to yell to get their dog’s attention. Training has become easier with the Ortz Dog Whistle especially when coupled with consistency and positive reinforcement. Some took only a couple of times, others several days, but all of them got great responses from their dogs.


  • Adjustable to multiple frequencies
  • Comes with a free lanyard and cover
  • Lightweight

  • Some reports that it had no effect on dogs


3. JESOT Dog Whistle for Training

JESOT ultrasonic dog training whistle can immensely help in correcting your dog’s behavior, whether it’s persistent barking, jumping up on people in public places or even chasing hapless fowls in the yard.

JESOT Dog Training Whistle with Clicker,...
1,616 Reviews
JESOT Dog Training Whistle with Clicker,...
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This whistle comes with a free e-book to acquaint you on the right use of the ultrasonic whistle and dog clicker and to get the best results without inflicting harm on your wayward pooch. This whistle works great in summoning your dog whether at home or outdoors without need for you to howl and run around in search of your four-legged pet.

This third rated dog whistle that only dogs can hear comes with a heavy-duty strap to hold both the whistle and clicker securely and for looping around the neck. Pet owners attest that this whistle has never missed in getting their dog’s attention with the right frequency. The JESOT Dog Whistle very slim, and the sound is inaudible to humans, so it allows them to discreetly give a command to their dogs, even in public.

Some dogs, especially puppies, can be quite a challenge to train. But dog owners who have tried these dog whistles from JESOT and clicker alternatively say that both work effectively on their pets in controlling and improving overall behavior. This helped resolve issues on annoying barking, inattentiveness, chasing and jumping at people or other pets, and disregarding commands. This is an impressive whistle, and more so with the clicker. Together they make an amazing training tool.


  • Set includes a clicker and dog whistle
  • Comes with a free e-cook to help you learn how to use a the best dog whistle or a clicker to train your pet
  • Comes with a heavy-duty strap

  • Audible to humans


4. RUFF Training Dog Whistle

The RUFF Dog Whistle that only dogs can hear is lightweight and compact, and is made of durable rust-proof material.

It has a unique locking nut that fixes the preferred frequency in place, a durable anti-loss snap on the cover with a ring that secures the heavy-duty lanyard and a unique air outlet designed for long range frequencies. It also comes with bonus items such as dog training e-books to be e-mailed from Amazon Dispatch upon purchase. To top it all, purchase of this product is covered by a money-back and lifetime warranty.

What most people don’t know about dog whistles is that not all dogs can hear the same frequencies. So, some pet owners were disappointed when the RUFF Dog Whistle worked on one of their dogs but was completely ignored by their other dog. The issue was easily resolved by buying another Ruff whistle and this time, it was set to that dog’s frequency.

It ought to be easy finding the right frequency that your dog would respond to. The wake-up test is detailed in the instructions and e-books that come with this product. This whistle proved effective not only in training and controlling dogs’ barking; it was also interestingly useful in summoning pets aside from dogs and driving away stray animals.


  • Made of rust-proof material
  • Has a unique locking nut that fixes the preferred frequency in place
  • Comes with a lanyard, cover and free e-books
  • Specifically designed to produce long range frequencies
  • Covered by a money-back and lifetime warranty

  • We had to adjust the frequency of the whistle every time we used it


5. ForePets Professional WhistCall Dog Whistle

Training dogs through the use of dog whistles that only dogs can hear can be quite exciting to both pet and owner, especially when the desired objectives are successfully met.

forepets Dog Training Whistle with Black Lanyard...
558 Reviews
forepets Dog Training Whistle with Black Lanyard...
  • ♥ TRAIN YOUR DOG - Get a...

ForePets Professional WhistCall Dog Whistle is a great device for putting a stop to uncontrolled barking, eliminating misbehaviors and enhancing obedience. This whistle is made of high-quality materials and designed to provide a range of frequencies that can be adjusted through a locking nut. It has a snap-on cover and a ring on one end that attaches to the lanyard.

Pet owners are happy that they need not inflict pain on their dogs to teach them obedience and basic dog tricks. They only need the ForePets Professional WhistCall Dog Whistle and proper technique to communicate clearly to their dogs the commands that they wished to be executed. It’s always a proud moment when pets and humans breach the barrier between them and finally understand each other. This whistle has been instrumental in attaining this, and training has become a lot more fun.

This last best dog whistle that only dogs can hear is so effective that people who didn’t even own dogs started buying and using it. People who have neighbors with unruly dogs were thrilled to find out that using the ForePets Professional WhistCall could stop their neighbor’s dogs from barking noisily and endlessly. The whistle was also found to be functional in warding off pets that are in the habit of jumping or harassing visitors or passersby.


  • Designed to provide a range of frequencies that can be easily adjusted
  • Includes a lanyard and a cover
  • Made of high-quality, durable materials

  • We had to adjust the frequency of the whistle every time we used it

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