Best Holiday Dog Collars

The Most Festive Holiday Dog Collars

It's fun to share the holidays with your family and friends – including your canine companions. Sometimes just bringing your pet with you to family gatherings is enough, but other owners wish to include their dog in a more extravagant way. The best holiday dog collars are an easy way to include your pet in the festivities without spending too much money.

Best Holiday Dog CollarsJust remember that these collars aren't just for show. Your dog will have to wear it for at least a few hours at a time. You need to ensure that you find a collar that fits and is comfortable for your dog to wear all day.

We've found 10 of the best holiday dog collars, and evaluated the pros and cons of each one. Here's a quick look at our top five choices, and I'll go into more details about each collar down below:

Holiday Dog Collars Price Quality Rating
Caninedesign’s Thanksgiving Collar $ B 4.8/5
Country Brook Design Deluxe Collar $ A 5.0/5
Pet Rejoir’s Creative Christmas Collar Collection $ A+ 4.9/5
Blueberry Pet Christmas Moments of Excitement Collar $ B+ 4.8/5
Blueberry Pet 7 Patterns Holiday Season Collar $ B+ 4.5/5

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The Best Holiday Dog Collars

1Caninedesign’s Thanksgiving Dog Collar

Caninedesign’s Thanksgiving Dog CollarCaninedesign’s Thanksgiving Day dog collar is a good reminder that Thanksgiving Day indeed is a day to celebrate because it kicks off the long holiday season ahead. This well-made orange collar has a durable nylon core 1” wide and overlaid with a decorative ribbon.

The outer ribbon material is creatively designed with Thanksgiving patterns, such as autumn leaves and colorful turkey. The Caninedesign's Thanksgiving Dog Collar is adjustable using a tri-glide adjuster, has a plastic side-release buckle clasp for fastening, and incorporates a metal D-ring for the leash. There are five attractive Thanksgiving-themed patterns and three sizes to choose from with these best holiday dog collars. This is made in the USA.


2Country Brook Design Deluxe Dog Collar

Country Brook Design Deluxe Dog CollarThis Pilgrim Turkey dog collar from Country Brook Design uses polyester webbing designed with funny turkey images, the dominant colors being orange, purple, green, red, and white. There are no sewn-in ribbons, and the stitches are thick and solid. The clasp is made of a durable YKK side-release buckle. Adjusting is a smooth glide using sturdy tri-glides.

A tough metal D-ring is also incorporated in the design for attaching the leash. This high-quality dog collar is made in the USA and is incredibly inexpensive. The Country Brook Design Deluxe Dog Collar has another equally attractive design called Thanksgiving Tradition and shows images of a Pilgrim hat, an Indian’s colorful headdress, and a turkey.


3Pet Rejoir’s Creative Christmas Dog Collar Collection

Pet Rejoir’s Creative Christmas Dog Collar CollectionLet your dog announce that it’s Christmas soon with this collar from Pet Rejoir. The message will be unmistakable even from several feet away. The collar is 1” wide and made of green polyester webbing overlaid with red Christmas ribbon with reindeer and Santa Claus pattern and golden edging.

Red plastic buckle, red plastic tri-glider, yellow nylon loop, and golden metal D-ring complete this collar’s function and Christmas-look. But, you don’t only get the Pet Rejoir's Creative Christmas Dog Collar Collection, you also get a matching keychain and a bowtie! These best holiday dog collars definitely Christmas, what with all the gifts! Sizes range from small to large.


4Blueberry Pet Christmas Moments of Excitement Bowtie Collar

Blueberry Pet Christmas Moments of Excitement CollarThis list isn’t just about getting your dog the perfect Christmas collar. It’s also about sharing the Christmas excitement with your friends and their dogs. And what better way to share the experience than these Blueberry Pet Christmas Moments of Excitement bowtie collars? Blueberry Pet crafts a very special bowtie collar with snowman variant patterns for all of your snow-excited pets.

The collar showcases a cheerful red and printed pattern featuring a gleeful snowman. The Blueberry Pet Christmas Moments of Excitement has a matching plastic buckle, square loop, tri-glide adjuster, and a metal D-ring incorporated in it for ease of use. This product ships from the USA.


5Blueberry Pet 7 Patterns Christmas Holiday Season Dog Collars

Blueberry pet holiday dog collarIf you liked the Blueberry Pet dog collar’s designs and well-constructed quality but not the customization, we have that here, too. You may choose from the seven beautiful patterns of these best holiday dog collars.

It comes with a detachable snowman/ Santa Claus/ Christmas tree decor. These best holiday dog collars will be your dog’s perfect dress accessory for festive parties and dinners. The Blueberry Pet 7 Patterns Christmas Holiday Season Dog Collars come with colorful environmentally-friendly plastic buckles, tri-glides, square loop, and a metal D-ring. Small-size collars are 5/8” wide, medium-size collars are 3/4” wide, while large-size ones are 1” wide.


6Native Pup’s Christmas Dog Collar

Native Pup’s Christmas Dog CollarLet your dog’s regular collar rest for the season, and get these vibrant colors from Native Pup instead. This collar line has four festive colors and designs, and each is made with durable polyester webbing. The patterns were directly printed on the straps, not sewn or attached. The contoured plastic buckle closure makes fastening and releasing quick.

Durable plastic tri-glides and square loop make adjusting an easy glide. There’s a metal D-ring, too, for your dog’s leash when needed. You may choose from three sizes of the Native Pup's Christmas Dog Collar, each with different widths. If the medium collar fits your dog in terms of length, but you prefer the 1” width of the large size, you may order the large size and adjust to its shorter lengths which can be as short as 16”.


7Wiz BBQT’s 2-Pack Festive Christmas Holiday Dog Collars

Wiz BBQT’s 2-Pack Festive Christmas Holiday Dog CollarsPuppies, too, can have holiday dressing-up fun with these cute and soft Christmas puppy collars. A pack comes with two collars, each with a different design. These collars will fit dogs with a neck circumference of 9” to -12”. While most collars as small as these two from Wiz BBQT have a much narrower width of 5/8” or less, these collars have a full 1” width.

These best holiday dog collars also have all the important collar parts, such as buckle closure, tri-glide adjuster, square loop, and metal D-ring. You won’t believe it – the Wiz BBQT's 2-Pack Festive Christmas Holiday Dog Collars come with two bells in red and green and a very handy bonus tape measure! Simply awesome!


8Wiz BBQT’s Festive Christmas Holiday Dog Collars with 2 Bells

Wiz BBQT’s Festive Christmas Holiday Dog Collars with 2 BellsThis is the same collar as the one included in the set from Wiz BBCT featured before this product, except that this is a single collar, not a set. However, these best holiday dog collars are available in two sizes, not one.

This is the red design with Santa Claus, a snowman, and a Christmas stocking pattern printed on a ribbon and attached to red nylon webbing. There are two sizes available, both with a 1” width. The Wiz BBQT's Festive Christmas Holiday Dog Collars with 2 Bells include the same bonus items as the set – two cute bells and a very useful tape measure.


9The Artful Canine’s Red Plaid Holiday Dog Collar

The Artful Canine’s Red Plaid Holiday Dog CollarThis holiday collar from The Artful Canine has a distinct advantage over most holiday collars. Its colors and plaid pattern are, no doubt, in harmony with the Christmas season, but it would also look good and classy even when worn on other days.

The outer part of the collar is made of colorfast red and green plaid polyester fabric, which was then stitched to the durable red nylon core. This USA-made collar has a sturdy side-release buckle closure, a slide adjuster, and a metal D-ring. The Artful Canine's Red plaid Holiday Dog Collar is 1” wide and adjustable to 12”-20” neck circumference.


10Yellow Dog Design Standard Collar

Yellow Dog Design Standard CollarYellow Dog Design’s dog collar is made in the USA with 100% polyester webbing. This material is durable, weather-resistant, smooth, and comfortable against your dog’s neck. Your dog can wear it to any place or activity, but you can’t use it for tie-outs because it’s not designed for that purpose.

The Yellow Dog Design Standard Collar has a green and red pattern of Christmas stockings, and there are other designs and themes available, too. This is a large size, and it fits dogs with a neck circumference of 18” to 28”. These best holiday dog collars have a glide adjuster for making adjustments easy. It is also equipped with a durable easy-clip plastic buckle and a metal D-ring.


11Country Brook Design’s Martingale Dog Collar

Country Brook Design’s Martingale Dog CollarIf your dog constantly slips out of its collar or is able to undo the collar’s clasp, then you should try this martingale collar from Country Brook Design. It’s in their Christmas collection, too, so you’ll get to choose from holiday colors and themes. Cute patterns with Santa Claus, candy canes, snowmen, pines, and snowflakes are available.

What’s unique about this collar is its locking system which prevents the dog from slipping and gives the collar exceptional strength. The Country Brook Design's Martingale Dog Collar doesn’t use the usual buckle closure. Instead, it has round loops, square loops, and a tri-glide adjuster, all made of heavy-duty metal. These metal parts allow for increasing and decreasing the circumference of the collar. Simply loosen the collar, slip it over your dog’s head, and tighten it to a secure but comfortable fit.


12Outward Hound Santa Dog Bandana

Outward Hound Santa Dog BandanaOutward Hound Santa Dog Bandana isn’t your everyday collar, but then Christmas isn’t an everyday thing, either, so check this out if it’s something your dog would want to wear. It looks like an inverted Santa cap made in velvety red fabric with white fur-like trim around the neck and a tiny round bell at the tip.

The soft fabric of the Outward Hound Santa Dog Bandana will be gentle on your dog’s skin. There are three sizes to choose from – small, medium, and large. It has a Velcro strap which makes it easy to put on and take off. There’s no chart size provided, but medium will fit most 30-lb dogs, while large will be just about right for 40-lb dogs.


13Lanyar’s Bling Pet Holiday Accessories Dog Christmas Collar with Bells

Another bling collar to celebrate the holiday season with, and this time it’s from Lanyar. It resembles a clown’s fluffy collar and is made of soft, red cloth, with glittery sequins. The eye-catching collar is elasticized around the neck, has six petal-like parts with sparkly colored bells hanging at each tip of the petal.

Your dog will carry that jingling sound around him and set the party mood wherever he goes. Two sizes are available in the Lanyar Bling Pet Holiday Accessories Dog Christmas Collar with Bells. Small/medium will fit dogs with a neck circumference of 9”-12”, while large will be perfect for dogs 16”-24” around the neck.

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