Can you hear your dog's nails tap, tap, tapping on the floor? It's time to trim those toenails. However, toenails of large dogs tend to be thicker and tougher to snip through than small breeds, so you'll need to use a more specific nail clipper.

First feature you will want in a nail clipper for large dogs is durability. Stainless steel blades are the best option as they provide a clean precision cut and stay sharper longer.

Non-slip handles are also a must-have in a large dog toenail clippers, especially if your canine tends to struggle. Some models are also ergonomically-styled to be more comfortable for you, which is perfect if you lean towards hand-strain, or you have more than one dog to groom.

For folks that may be uncomfortable clipping their dog's toenails, or for first-time users, the safety guide (sensor guide) is a feature that helps prevent the nail from being over-clipped (cutting in the nail quick).

Although there are two main styles of large dog nail clippers – scissors and guillotine – for big breeds specifically, professionals recommend the scissor-style clipper. They offer better control and enable you to apply more force on the nail for a precise, clean trim.

How to choose best nail clippers for large dogs Tips for Safe Nail Trimming on Large Dogs

Unsurprisingly, trimming nails on large dogs is slightly more complicated and you have to be extra careful during the process for your own and your dog's safety. Ideally, you have another person helping you in case your pooch isn't cooperative.

  1. Place your pet on a non-slip surface or your lap.
  2. Make sure the dog is secured and comfortable.
  3. Raise one foot up, separate the toe and gently squeeze it to expose the nail.
  4. Look for the “quick” (red blood-line in the toenail).
  5. Place the trimmer around the toenail at 45 degrees.
  6. Repeat the process with each nail.
  7. File the nails for a smooth finish.

If your large dog's nails are very long at this point, or you're unfamiliar with their nails, only trim the very tip. Cutting too much can make the nail bleed, causing some pain to your pet.

The 11 Best Large Dog Nail Clippers

1 Safari Professional Stainless Steel Nail Trimmer

The first thing you will notice about these large dog nail clippers is the weight and durability of the unit, along with its non-slip ergonomic fit – so comfy in the hand. The Safari Professional trimmer is a scissor-style clipper, which is perfect for large breed dogs like Collies, and German Shepherd’s, but may not be suitable for those extra-large breeds like the Great Dane (not quite sharp enough).

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Additionally, these clippers open wide, so you don’t have to fight with “feeding” your pet’s nail into a small hole and the “quick stop sensor” prevents you from clipping your dog’s nails too short. It's one of our favorites among best large dog nail clippers. Plus, this is a professional quality product that groomers use, offered at a reasonable price (some stores charge over $25).

PROS: Stainless steel blades, cuts through even thick nails, safety stop feature, easy-grip handles, sharp, long-lasting blades, made in the USA.

CONS: Some buyers may not find the blades sharp enough for extra-large breeds.



What’s great about the SHINY PET nail clippers for large dogs is the ease of use this product provides. The stainless steel blades are really sharp and are designed on a slight angle (which, as you may already know) provides a more precise cut. The rubberized, non-slip handle doesn’t only fit comfortably in the hand, but it’s also eco-friendly and only measures 5 1/4 inches long!

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Of course, even if you’re a seasoned pro at clipping nails, the quick sensor is still useful, especially if you’re trimming quickly or your pup is squirming around, although, it may not make trimming black nails any easier.

Other extras of this second best large dog nail clipper that are nice to have are the locking clip that holds the unit closed when not in use and the free instructional ebook, that gives the buyer some great tips on nail trimming for a variety of animals.

PROS: Made in the USA, a “quick” sensor prevents over-trimming, rubberized, non-slip handles, sharp, stainless steel,  angled blades, made from recycled, top-grade plastic and rubber, includes an instructional ebook, safety lock handle feature, full lifetime money-back guarantee.

CONS: Quick sensor is on the wrong side making it more difficult to gauge. This product may not be the best choice for very large breeds or those with super-tough nails.


3 Millers Forge

The Millers Forge brand of nail clippers for big dogs are sharp and sturdy and work well even on Great Danes and Mastiffs, taking off a ¼ inch depth with no problem at all. They stay sharper longer, so they don’t pull or hold onto the nail as their duller counterparts do – some buyers have had them for over ten years!

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These Italy-made clippers fit comfortably in the hand and are easy to hold onto. Even though they are made from hard plastic, the plus side of this feature is that they are easily disinfected without the worry of the handles breaking down over time.

Some of the best large dog nail clippers on this list make a sound when trimming the nail, but the Millers Forge brand makes very little noise as it “sheers” the nail, thus reducing the anxiety your dog may experience. This is a trusted brand used by professional groomers and veterinarians.

PROS: Made in Italy, durable, built to last, stainless steel blades, stay sharp longer, plastic handles, comfortable to use, reasonably priced.

CONS: Quality of the product may have decreased from earlier models.


4 Epica

We've reviewed several Epica clippers before here on Top Dog Tips. These ones in particular work well on medium and big breeds like German Shepherds and come equipped with a nail guard and sharp stainless steel blades. The scissor-style is perfect for clamping and clipping even the toughest of nails and the nail guard swings away from the blades if you're comfortable not using it.

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This is one of the best large dog nail clippers that has a good weight to it, but not so much to make it cumbersome, and the rubber-coated handles provide that extra grip you will want if your dog tends to move around a lot during the grooming session. Another great feature is the blades open wide, so you can easily slip your dog's nail in, rather than fighting to place the nail into a hole-like structure.

PROS: Sharp enough for tough nails, backed by a 100% lifetime guarantee, good weight, slip-free handle, nail guard can be pushed to the side, safety lock, economically priced, stainless steel blades stay sharper longer.

CONS: Clippers may be stiff in the beginning. May not be as effective on very large breed dogs.


5 Boshel

The Boshel big dog nail clippers have sharp, 3.5 mm stainless steel blades that make cutting those tough nails quick and simple. This unit leaves a clean cut behind, but some users may find the overall length and bulk of the unit cumbersome. However, for those with larger hands, the ergonomic, non-slip handles may be just right.

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This dog nail cutter comes with a safety guard to help navigate the amount being clipped, which some may find useful. Boshel also includes a small nail file that stores away inside the bottom of the handle. However, the file is very tiny, so most likely it won't be too effective for large breed dogs.

Lastly, the spring on this unit is short and somewhat small, so you may find it doesn't provide enough clamping power or open wide enough to get a reluctant dog's nail into.

PROS: 3.5 mm stainless steel blades, easy-grip handle, nail file included, works on cats, too.

CONS: Some buyers may find the safety guard gets in the way and the small spring doesn't give the unit enough strength to get through really tough nails.


6 Pet Megasin

The cushion handles on the Pet Megasin dog nail clipper are super comfortable and the bright green color makes it easy to find in the “junk” drawer. The spring-loaded action allows you to clip with ease, as do the sharp, precision-ground (surgical), stainless steel blades (sourced from Japan). There's no crushing or splitting of the nail because they are engineered to hold their edge through multiple uses.

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This sixth best large dog nail clipper also comes equipped with that important safety stop, so even the most reluctant of users can feel confident clipping their dog's nails. Pet Megasin also includes a nail file tucked away in the handle. However, for large breed dogs, it most likely will not be effective as the grooves are very tiny.

PROS: Works on all types of animals, nail file included, sharp, durable stainless steel blades, non-slip handle for the perfect grip, backed by a two-year warranty and 100% money-back guarantee.

CONS: Nail file is too small to be effective on large breed dogs.


7 gonicc

The gonicc dog nail clipper makes clean cuts because it uses 3.5 mm stainless steel. The handle is rubberized to prevent it from slipping and accidentally nicking or cutting your squirmy pooch. The safety stop can be slid in place to prevent over cutting; however, some users may find this feature more cumbersome than useful.

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This manufacturer has also included a small nail file that tucks away into the bottom of the handle, but for large dogs, it most likely will be ineffective. Among all the best large dog nail clippers, this item has a very fair price and also come with a lifetime money-back guarantee, so even if you're not satisfied, you can return them for a full refund.

PROS: Razor-sharp blades, nail file (included), which conveniently stores inside the handle, ergonomically designed for comfort, safety stop prevents over-trimming, 100% money-back guarantee, free ebook included.

CONS: Spring is quite small, which prevents the unit from opening fully, so you're left with a “hole” for the nail to slide into.



The stainless steel blades are designed not to rust on the BISSELL dog nail clippers. They stay sharp with an integrated safety stop which helps prevent over cutting the nail. Are you left-handed? No problem, as the ergonomic handles can be used either way.

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These clippers are not only effective for large dogs, but they will also get the job done with Pugs, Bulldogs, and bunnies, too! Plus, you can use the nail guard (or not) as it is removable. It also has a longer spring, which will keep the unit open wider for easy positioning around the nail. The manufacturer also states that each unit is rigorously tested for quality before it leaves the establishment.

PROS: Made from rubber and stainless steel, easy-grip handles, nail guard sensor to prevent over-trims, full replace or money back three-year guarantee, nail file included.

CONS: Grooves on the nail file are too small and dull to properly work on some pets.



The WAHL brand is a trusted name for quality pet products, so it should come as no surprise that these scissor-style nail clippers are designed for both superior performance and safety. The stainless steel blades are sharp with a semi-circle opening, rather than a fixed hole – this makes trimming difficult dog's nails a lot easier.

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The WAHL nail clippers for large dogs have a good rubber grip surface and are comfortable to hold and maneuver. The safety lock is conveniently located for your thumb to slide it open, then lock when finished to prevent the blades from becoming dull or damaged in storage – there's even a small hole-hanger on one of the handles.

PROS: Trusted company, stainless steel blades, non-slip, rubber handle, safety lock, spring-loaded, reasonably priced, American-made.

CONS: May not be suitable for extra-large breeds.


10 Hawatour Dog Nail Clippers

Considering the price of these dog nail clippers (only $5.99) one may think they are not great; however, they are quite well-constructed and not cheap or flimsy. The blades are very sharp, so you will get clean precise cuts. The spring allows the semicircle blades to open wide enough to simply slip and rest your dog's nail between the two (no exact hole to contend with).

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As the final pick among the best large dog nail clippers, this is a good and, more importantly, the most affordable option. The rubber-coated handles make it easy to hold onto and to clip (even for people without a strong hand grip) and the nail sensor/guard makes trimming the right amount of nail, every time. Even the nail file is of a good quality, with deep enough grooves to be effective on larger breeds.

PROS: Economical, easy-to-use, sharp stainless steel blades, spring-loaded, easy-grip handles, nail guard, great for both large and small dogs/animals, nail file has good grooves.

CONS: Nail guard may get in the way. 

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