Walking your dog requires dog owners to wear stable, comfortable, and protective footwear. Having sure footing is essential when you're holding onto your dog's leash, especially if it's medium to large sized breed. Having a set of good waterproof dog walking boots will ensure that you have great traction in all types of weather.

The right boots for walking dogs will not only protect your feet, but also keep them dry and warm. Weather conditions like snow and ice can be dangerous, and so is rrain water which makes surfaces slippery and messy. Although they may cost more, some top quality boots for walking dogs are made to keep your feet steady in greasy conditions.

The best waterproof dog walking boots on this list meet the criteria for a good set that every pet owner in tricky climate should own.

When shopping for dog walking boots, you'll need to be sure that they are:

  1. Comfortable and fit snugly onto your feet;
  2. Easy to put on and take off quickly;
  3. Made with high quality waterproof materials;
  4. Have non-slip boot sole for great traction and stability.

Some of these top choices below are ideal for walking dogs, mostly because they provide a good amount of ankle support, made out high quality waterproof (not just water-resistant) material and tough rubber sole for traction. Finally, these also look great and will stand the test of well-known dog walking antics for long periods of time due to their quality build and reinforcements.

The Best Waterproof Dog Walking Boots

1The Original Muck Boots Adult Chore Hi-Cut Boot

These Muck Boots are durable, waterproof boots for both men and women. They are available in black color and in various sizes. The shaft is approximately 15.5 inches high, resting below the knee with flexible uppers made of neoprene that can be folded down.

Muck Chore Classic Men's Rubber Work...
  • Breathable mesh lining wicks...
  • Quick cleaning rubber outsole...
  • Quadruple rubber heel...

The wide-cut heel base measures 1 inch high, while the opening measures approximately 17.75 in circumference. These boots are made of 50% rubber and 50% nylon, with a sole that is made of rubber. Reinforcing material covers the toe and the Achilles and heel area for extra protection. Buyers wear these best waterproof dog walking boots over or under pant legs; they look great either way.

They offer optimal protection to the toes and heel, have great traction, and they keep the feet dry. Buyers recommend The Original Muck Boots Adult Chore Hi-Cut Boot as all-around shoes from work in the field to taking their dog for long walks. These fuss-free shoes are easy to put on, can be kicked at the rim to take off, can be washed and dried off, and worn the next day. They keep the feet warm during wet and cold weather without being too hot during warmer days.

Some customers noted that the boots began to leak less than one month after purchasing them. A few also complained that the customer received when reporting this was not very helpful. Others noted that their feet became sweaty in these boots when worn in warm weather.


  • Unisex boots
  • Shaft is approximately 15.5 inches high, resting below the knee with flexible uppers made of neoprene that can be folded down
  • Made of 50% rubber and 50% nylon, with a sole that is made of rubber

  • Made our feet sweat in warmer weather


2Hunter Women’s Original Back Rain Boots

These rain boots from Hunter are perfect for those who need a comfortable, waterproof, and protective pair of footwear. They are adjustable around the calves, too, which makes them great for women who measure bigger-than-usual there or would like to tuck their pants inside the boots.

HUNTER Womens Original Back Adjustable Black 8 M
  • STYLE & FUNCTION: Every storm...
  • SEAMLESS: Vulcanized natural...
  • UNIVERSAL STYLE: Ideal for...
  • EASY TO WEAR: Pull-on design.
  • FIT TO YOU: Adjustable buckled...

There are four colors to choose from – black, green, navy, and dark olive kelp. This style and brand is made of rubber with protected toe area, high-traction rubber sole, and a shaft that’s about 16 inches tall. To women who bought this pair of tall boots, their biggest appeal is the adjustable gusset. It is great for women with bigger calves. Those who found it difficult to fit into most boots finally found a brand and style that fits.

The adjustable gusset also provides ample space for jeans to tuck in. The inner part is roomy and comfortable. With a pair of thick socks, the feet feel cozy and warm even in snowy weather. Pet owners and trainers find Hunter Women's Original Back Adjustable Rain Boots the perfect pair to use when taking the dog for a walk or training and performing tricks outdoors. They also protect the feet from ticks, fleas, ants, sharp objects and other possible sources of injury and irritation.

These best waterproof dog walking boots look sleek without cramping the calves and feet. A few reviewers claimed the sizing on the boots is off, so pay attention to measurement instructions before buying. Buyers that had to return their boots had to pay to ship them to England as their was no USA store that would take returns.


  • Adjustable around the calves
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Made of rubber with protected toe area, high-traction rubber sole, and a shaft that’s about 16 inches tall

  • The sizing was off


3Columbia Women's Ice Maiden II Winter Boot

These lace-up winter boots are designed and made for women on the go. They’re great for running errands, performing chores, and walking or training dogs outdoors. The shaft of these Columbia is 9 inches high, the heel measures 1.25 inches, and the arch support is 0.75 inch.

Columbia Women's Ice Maiden II, Cordovan/Siberia,...
  • COZY WARMTH: It features a...

The sole is made of rubber while the rest of the boots is made from leather and fabric. These best waterproof dog walking boots don't just keep out water. They also have an inner lining that keeps the feet dry, warm and cushioned. Colors come in Black/Columbia Grey, Cordovan/Siberia (brown), and Shale/Dark Raspberry. The boots looked so stylish and trendy that buyers were initially doubtful of their waterproof ability. After using them in snow and rain, they were proud to declare that the boots passed the test.

They’re waterproof, great for traveling and walking, and offer a great fit. The outer soles provide good grip, while the inner soles provide a delightful bounce and impact absorption. With constant use, the leather and fabric combination allows Columbia Women's Ice Maiden II Winter Boots to stretch to the contour of the feet and add to the comfort.

The 200-gram insulation does wonders for keeping the feet dry. The leather material, quilted fabric backing, Techlite midsole, and inner lining all work together to keep the feet snugly protected. Some buyers say that these boots are not as waterproof as they claim to be. Others complained about the size, but you can find these types of negative reviews for all the best waterproof dog walking boots.


  • The shaft is 9 inches high, the heel measures 1.25 inches, and the arch support is 0.75 inch
  • The sole is made of rubber while the rest of the boots is made from leather and fabric
  • 3 colors available

  • These boots are not as waterproof as they say they are but more water-resistant


4The Original Muck Boots Arctic Mid Outdoor Boot

Here’s another product from Original Muck Boots. This version is the Arctic Sport Mid Outdoor, designed for cold snowy winters. The spiked rubber outer sole provides the required traction on snowy ground surface.

Muck Arctic Sport Rubber High Performance Men's...
  • 5 mm neoprene provides comfort...
  • Completely sealed rubber shell...
  • Fleece lining is soft, durable...
  • Outsole with rugged molded...
  • 100% waterproof winter boots;...

Rubber material was used from the sole going up to mid-height of the boot. The upper material is made of waterproof stretchy synthetic material which provides warmth and snug fit on the topline circumference.

Thermal foam on the inlay provides comfort and protection on the sole of the feet. The shaft measures 11 inches from the arch. Men and women who bought this product say these boots not only made it possible for them to do their chores during winter, they were also able to enjoy the season. The boots had very good grip over snow. It kept their feet dry and warm.

Even under severe temperatures outdoors, buyers of these best waterproof dog walking boots say their feet remained warm. The Original Muck Boots Arctic Sport Mid Outdoor Boot is very easy to slip in and out of, too. Many discovered the skill to step on the heel of the other boot and slip off the foot, allowing for hands-free taking off of the boots.

Buyers rave about how the fit, grip, waterproofing, make and materials, warmth and comfort of these boots are so great. They’ve been recommending this to friends and family for outdoor sports, adventure, walking and romping with the dogs, and work under arctic conditions. However, some reviewers noted that the sizing runs big and that the rubber of the boot cracks and leaks over time.


  • Spiked rubber outer sole provides great traction
  • Rubber material from sole going halfway up the boot
  • Upper material is made of waterproof stretchy synthetic material which provides warmth and snug fit
  • Thermal foam on the inlay provides comfort and protects the sole of the feet

  • The sizing of these waterproof boots runs big
  • The cheaper rubber will crack over time


5Joules Women's Wellibob Rain Boot

These low-shaft rain boots are designed for women who need to do a lot of walking, running errands, and navigating the roads even during wet and rainy days. The boots, by Joules, are available in over twenty designs and colors, are made of rubber, and have a 5-inch shaft and a 0.75-inch heel.

Joules Women's Wellibob Rain Boot, French Navy, 5...
  • 100% Rubber
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately...
  • Heel measures approximately...

Since they're made of rubber, they can withstand rain. Comfort and warmth are provided by the inner lining which is either a soft synthetic material or synthetic fleece. Dog walkers swear by the practicality and comfort offered by these shoes, especially for long walks with active dogs. They’re a breeze to wear and take off. Because the shaft is not too high like in most rubber boots, it’s just a matter of slipping your feet into and out of them.

The soft lining makes long walks on hard pavement easier to bear. It is important to carefully measure your foot with the sizing chart for optimum fit and ease in walking. Joules Women's Wellibob Rain Boots are designed for women who walk a lot. The variety offered in terms of design and color is something that is not available with most of the best waterproof dog walking boots.

Unfortunately, some reviewers on Amazon noted that these boots are made of a poor quality rubber. They say it begins to crack after being worn for a few months, and one buyer even said that the right and left boot fit differently. Be sure to follow measuring instructions if you plan to buy these boots.


  • Available in over 20 designs and colors
  • Made of rubber
  • Have a 5-inch shaft and a 0.75-inch heel

  • Quality of the rubber isn't the best and will crack eventually

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