There are several advantages to using wooden dog crates over plastic or metal crates. Wooden crates for dogs are stylish, look like furniture and blend in home decor better, instead of being an eye-sore. Having a stylish dog crate is also beneficial for small spaces, as most of the wooden dog crates offer a solid top, so it can double as an end table.

Here's how one of the many fits by our bed:

Wooden Dog Crate Furniture Piece

While it's possible to make other non-wooden crates look like furniture, you will never get the result you imagine. With wooden dog crates, most of them are originally designed to serve as furniture in the living room or bedroom: they have fancy designed tops that look like end-tables, they're made of treated wood and offered in different colors, and the full shape and bottom of these crates will be carved and styled.

Wood offers durability over plastic models and is usually quite heavy, so the dog will not escape from or tip over this type of crate. However, the downside of weight is it will also not be easily moved and it won't be travel-friendly, thus you will still need another pet crate that is light enough when traveling with the dog. Another downside of wooden dog crate furniture is that they're very expensive.

Here are our five favorite best wooden dog crates we've reviewed before:

How to Buy the Best Wooden Dog Crate Furniture

When choosing a wooden dog crate furniture, look for a unit with a removable tray – this makes cleaning the crate easier. These features will prove especially handy when you're training a puppy and expect bathroom accidents inside of the crate.

There are a few other things to consider to choose the right crate for the dog, including size, type and materials. You will also want to measure your dog to ensure the crate you buy will be a perfect fit.

Length: With your dog standing on all fours, measure from the tip of their nose to the base of the tail (not the tail length itself). Add another 2 to 4 inches to the final number.

Height: For the minimum height of your dog's wooden crate, measure from the floor to the top of the dog's head while they are in a sitting position. Add another 2 to 4 inches for comfort.

Width: No measurements required.

Weight: Check with the product's manufacturer specifications.

Finally, pay attention to the features of a wooden dog crate furniture you're about to buy. Unlike metal, plastic or soft crates, wooden dog crates focus on a different set of features such as latches on the doors, and the door itself. Pay attention to (a) whether the design of latches (or other features) will fit your home decor, and (b) that a good looking design doesn't take away from the efficiency and effectiveness of the feature's purpose.

Latch design on a wooden dog crate.
Latch design on a wooden dog crate furniture piece.

Some wooden dog crates prioritize style over the intended purpose of the crate, which results the dogs easily breaking out of their crates, chewing through them, or simply being uncomfortable in the crate. We've tested a number of wooden dog crate furniture units over the years and below are nine best wooden dog crates we've liked the most.

Top 9 Best Wooden Dog Crates

1 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate and Gate
by Merry Pet

One of the convenient features of the Merry Pet wooden dog crate furniture is that it can unfold to be used as a one to a four-piece gate – just adjust it with the provided hinge pins to create a shorter gate. When in crate-mode, the durable plastic tray slides into the unit and rests on the floor, while the heavy veneer top can be used for placing personal items on, like you see in our photos above.

Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate and Gate,...
1,237 Reviews
Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate and Gate,...
  • Wooden pet crate is...
  • Removable plastic tray
  • Easy to assemble
  • Dimensions: 22. 48" D x 32....
  • Interior dimensions: 19. 09" D...

This pet crate was not a good fit for our large breed dog (it measures at 32.5” L x 22.5” W x 23.5” H), and it may not be good for pups with a tendency to escape, because the top could be pushed off with enough force. That being the only downside we've noticed, the Merry Pet is one of the best wooden dog crates we've tested, especially considering its price compared to other brands. It's attractive but is only available in the dark wood finish and the lock is located near the top of the door, which is why it's not good for big dogs.

» PROS: Easily converts from gate to crate with one to four-panel space options, uses hinge pins, heavy veneer top, plastic tray for quick cleaning, attractive design, affordably priced.

« CONS: May not be suitable for large breeds and escape artists, as the top is simply placed on the unit and the bars can be bent or pushed out.


2 Wood & Wire Dog Crate with Cushion
by Internet's Best

This wooden dog crate furniture is beautiful in a clean deep espresso finish, which will match most home decors. The three-door opening options (two on the front and one on the side) provided great accessibility to our dog when crated. Since it is made from wood, the outside and inside dimensions are different (outside: 23” W x 32” L x 26” H. Inside: 20.5” W x 29” L x 22” H) and the bar spacing is 1.5 inches.

Internet's Best Decorative Dog Kennel with Pet Bed...
356 Reviews
Internet's Best Decorative Dog Kennel with Pet Bed...
  • ELEGANT DESIGN: the kennel is...

Another feature we loved is that the top of the unit feels very durable, so you can place more than just a lamp: books, flowers, drinks and more, without worry. It also came with its own comfy 2.75-inch thick removable dog bed that fits perfectly over the solid wood bottom. However, the cushion is not machine washable, nor is the bed the best quality. The wire and hardware provided are relatively sturdy for small to medium-sized pets (like our Lab), but may not hold up to excessive chewers, large breeds, or rambunctious dogs.

There is some assembly required with this one, but not so much that you need an expert to put it together. It took us about 30 minutes. Overall, the Internet's Best unit seems like one of the best wooden dog crates out there, except that it's more expensive. It's a stylish and somewhat fashionable unit, but not chew or waterproof, which means some problems for those wanting to use it for a puppy or destructive dogs.

» PROS: Available in two colors (sometimes), great for medium or small pets, has a comfy fitted bed, made from MDF wood and wire, strong hardware, can double as an end table, very stylish.

« CONS: Not chew-proof (teeth marks will show), not appropriate for large breeds, the bed is not machine washable, unit is not waterproof, somewhat expensive.


3 Wooden End Table Dog Crate
by Richell

The Richell company has been around for a long time, making quality dog furniture products. They've been previously known for their pet gates, but they have now designed a wooden dog crate furniture with many features in mind that are both fashionable and functional. Their wooden dog crate furniture is finished in a deep brown for compatibility in most homes and are available in three sizes (“sml” for dogs up to 25 pounds, “med” for dogs up to 44 pounds, “lrg” for dogs up to 88 pounds).

Richell Wooden End Table Crate, Large, Dark Brown
230 Reviews
Richell Wooden End Table Crate, Large, Dark Brown
  • Saves space by doubling as a...
  • The door can be fully opened...
  • Includes removable sliding...
  • Allows for personal items to...
  • Large size for dogs up to 88...

The bars all around the pet crate provide good ventilation, and also allowed our dog a 360-degree view. As with the previous Richell products, the wood feels and looks like high quality. The sturdy door can be left open with a provided side-stopper, or locked for those times when your pooch needs to stay put. There is also a removable slide-in tray, so cleaning it is a breeze; however, some folks may find it a bit flimsy. Overall, it's one of the best wooden dog crates out of those we've tested, except for the price, which is on the more expensive side.

» PROS: Roomy for proper-size dogs, sturdy design, good ventilation, and a 360-degree view, the door can be secured open with a side-stop, or locked.

« CONS: High price point, tray may be flimsy for some.


4 Indoor Wooden Dog House with Wire Door
by Linlux

This wooden dog crate furniture piece is made from Spruce and can be used both indoors and outdoors because it's waterproof – a rare feature among wood dog crates. The top is hinged for easy cleaning and accessibility. The Linlux dog crate is suitable for small to medium dogs up to 35 pounds. It measures in at 30.70″ L x 20.27″ W x 25.39″ H; however, the wire door we found to be quite small (13.77″ H x 9.44″ L), although it is detachable if you use it outside, and lockable for indoor use.

LINLUX Indoor Wooden Portable Dog House, Foldable...
79 Reviews
LINLUX Indoor Wooden Portable Dog House, Foldable...
  • 【Unique Design】The...
  • 【Durable Sturdy】Pet house...
  • 【Easy Assemble & Clean】Our...
  • 【Adjustable】The extra-high...
  • 【Better Management】When...

Another nice feature we truly liked about this pet crate is that it's fold-able for easy carrying (again, a rare feature among all these best wooden dog crates we've listed) and the bottom panel can also be taken out to clean. If you use for outdoors, it does have adjustable feet, so leveling it will be a cinch. Plus, the feet will keep the unit off the ground for better temperature control. It's also cheaper than many other brands on this list, but the wood finish isn't very attractive and the whole design isn't something we'd call “stylish”; it's unlikely to fit most home decors, unfortunately.

» PROS: Indoor and outdoor use, waterproof, removable bottom panel, foldable/portable, has a carry handle, adjustable feet, natural color, hinged top, wire/lockable/removable door, affordable price tag.

« CONS: It's very enclosed (only the door provides a line of vision), not suitable for dogs over 35 pounds, not very attractive and won't fit most home decors.


5 Wooden Portable Foldable Pet Crate
by Lovupet

First thing you'll notice that no assembly is required with the Lovupet foldable and portable wooden dog crate, so it's great for both a non-handy person and those pet owners that want to use it on the go (there's even a convenient carry handle). We found the natural wood to be great if you plan to change the color of the crate – either repaint it, or as it was in our case, have the child decorate the crate for their taste. Either way, you're not shackled by the manufacturer's color choice.

Mcombo Wooden Dog Crate Furniture End Table with...
413 Reviews
Mcombo Wooden Dog Crate Furniture End Table with...
  • 【Portable】The cage can be...
  • 【Unique Design】Two places...
  • 【Assembly in...
  • 【Multiple Uses】Solid wood...
  • 【Shipping & Customer...

The Lovupet is available in two sizes, but there wasn't one that would work for our large breed dog. A feature we liked is that the strong top flips open, so it remains attached on one side for durability and the PVC tray can either be used on the floor of the unit or below it (directly on the floor of your home). This unit also uses strong metal iron, and there's no way your pooch will chew through this, or push their way through the bars. The door also locks of course, for added peace of mind. It's also cheap, but the biggest downside is lack of accessibility to your pet, and overall tight confinement.

» PROS: Made from fir wood, iron, and PVC, foldable/portable (all in one piece), carry handle included, hinged top, the tray can be used inside the unit or underneath, sturdy construction, stainable or paintable.

« CONS: May be considered pricey for the design.


6 Pet Crate End Table with Cappuccino Finish
by Barkwood Pets

The Barkwood Pets wooden dog crate furniture piece is constructed from solid wood, and it does feel very sturdy; the deep brown color was nice in our decor, and will fit most homes. It has good ventilation while maintaining solid bars, and a swing door that completely opens then tucks away against the side of the unit, which is perfect for tight spots. The door can also be placed on either side of the unit. There is a very durable lock, so keeping your pup safe won't be a problem.

BarkWood Pet Crate End Table - Cappuccino Finish
32 Reviews
BarkWood Pet Crate End Table - Cappuccino Finish
  • Made of 100% solid wood - no...
  • Wrap around swing door, that...
  • Decorative, steel door latch
  • Inner floor protected by...
  • Wrap around swing door that...

On the floor of the Barkwood Pets model there is rubberized coating, which made it very easy for us to clean it using a damp cloth. The downside of that coating is that not all dogs may like it. There are four floor protectors that secure over the “feet” of the unit, so you won't have to worry about damaging your hardwood floor in the house. The overall design makes this one of the more stylish choices, but the higher price tag made us rank it a little lower on our list of best wooden dog crates.

» PROS: Durable, swing back door saves room, the door can be placed on either side of the crate, nice finish, durable steel lock, feet protectors, the crate is raised off the floor, rubberized bottom, good ventilation, and view.

« CONS:  Only holds dogs up to 36 pounds, high price point, not easily portable.


7 Solid Wood Dog Crate End Table
by Casual Home

If you're looking for a dog crate that can pose as an end table, the Casual Home's cheap wooden dog crate furniture piece may be the one for you. While it doesn't exactly compare in quality to some of the above choices, its price tag makes it affordable, and it comes in (original) ebony finish, so matching it to both a modern or traditional decor won't be a problem. It is built to be sturdy with 100% solid wood.

The crate is quite tall compared to many other best wooden dog crates above, yet it is still only suitable for small to medium-sized dogs (27.5″L x 20″W x 24.5″H). The ventilation and view are good with the slats reaching about halfway down the top portion of the crate, but could be better. The biggest downside of the Casual Home pet crate is it may not be suitable for dogs that like to chew a lot or puppies as it doesn't come with a plastic tray, either.

» PROS: Sturdy design, locking mechanism, good ventilation, reasonable price point.

« CONS: Doesn't include a plastic tray, only built for small to small-medium dogs, only one color option, not chew-proof.


8 Wooden Furniture Pet Crate, Espresso
by Polar Bear's Pet Shop

The deep espresso and functionality of the Polar Bear's Pet Shop wooden dog kennel will match both traditional and modern home decors. It's only available in large size which measures at 30 inches H x 31.5 inches W x 44.5 inches L; however, we wouldn't recommend it for very large breeds, or puppies for that matter, because it's not chew-proof. The swing-back double doors, on the end, provided us with good enough accessibility and it also locks pretty well (no issues after one week of tests).

Compared to some other best wooden dog crates mentioned above, this one required more time for assembly (about 60 minutes). Once built it is quite heavy, so you will want to choose a spot to place it in beforehand. The crate and top are made from solid MDF wood (and that's what makes it heavy), so it can double as an end table and hold a good amount of weight. It was very easy to wipe it clean with a damp cloth after an unplanned accidental spill. It's a decent option but the price tag could be cheaper.

» PROS: Fashionable and functional, suitable for most breeds, wipes clean with a damp cloth, good accessibility, large top surface area for personal belongings, compatible color for most decor.

« CONS: Not recommended for dogs or puppies that are not already crate trained, not chew-proof, pricey.


9 St. Augustine Dog Crate, Mahogany
by Elegant Home Fashions

The Elegant Home Fashion St. wooden dog crate furniture piece has the most original design among all of these, and some people may do a double-take (like our guests) when they realize there's a pet resting inside. The rich mahogany finish and the carved half-circles give it a coffee-table appearance. It is designed with a small dog in mind with measurements of 30 inches W x 27.5 inches L x 23 inches H.

Elegant Home Fashions St. Augustine Crate,...
  • This St. Augustine Crate...
  • Notonly serves as a secure...
  • Gives your beloved buddy a...

This unit came with a fitted crate pad with a machine-washable top, non-slip bottom, and “tufted” stuffing to prevent it from clumping and shifting. The door can be left open or secured with the antique bronze lock. The Elegant Home Fashion St. crate is definitely more for dogs looking for a place to rest, not for training puppies or for dogs that may be excessive chewers. It was one of the most attractive designs among the best wooden dog crates on this list, but note that it's not on Amazon Prime and the delivery will cost you quite a bit, depending on the location.

» PROS: Beautiful finish and design, original look, comes with a comfortable crate pad, good ventilation, and viewing, fits well as a coffee table.

« CONS: Designed for smaller dogs, not chew-proof, square-design may not provide enough room for the dog to stretch out.

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