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Review: Bully Max High Performance Dog Food


Providing proper nutrition is the key to keeping your dog healthy. The quality of your pet's food will be directly related to his health.

If your dog is very active, he'll need more nutrients and calories than the average canine.

Bully Max High Performance Dog Food is specifically formulated for very active dogs, and it's one of the more unique brands on the market.

The American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) sets the standardized nutritional requirements for commercial dog food products in the USA.

However, highly active dogs and particularly canine athletes usually have higher nutritional requirements than the AAFCO standards.

That means that most standard commercial dog foods do not meet the nutritional needs of very active dogs.

Bully Max High Performance Super Premium Dog Food. for All Ages (for Puppies & Adult Dogs). 535 Calories Per Cup. for Musc...Bully Max has created their High Performance Dog Food with working and highly active dogs in mind.

In fact, the company's website states that nearly 22,000 hours of research has gone into the research and development of their formulas since 2008!

This is one of the newest dog food companies on the market but they have quickly gained attention and built a strong fan base of pet owners with athletic and working dogs.

So, what sets Bully Max High Performance Dog Food apart from other pet food brands? I wondered this myself and decided to take a closer look at this now popular dog food brand.

I spent many hours researching, testing, and investigating everything about Bully Max and in this review I'll give you all of the details about this brand, what I found out, and let you know if my dogs enjoyed eating it.

Bully Max High Performance Dog Food Review

Bully Max High Performance Dog FoodBully Max High Performance Dog Food packs more calories per cup than any other food in its class – a whopping 535 calories per cup!

Our dogs don't need a high-performance food, because they're lazy house dogs. But, I still wanted to do some research on this diet and see our girls would enjoy the taste.

As you can see in my video review above, both of our dogs love this kibble! Our Labrador will typically eat just about anything, but our Beagle is much pickier. I feed our girls fresh food, so our Beagle usually isn't a big fan of kibble.

This kibble is made with 100% natural, human-grade ingredients. Chicken meal is the first ingredient. According to the company's website:

“Chicken meal is made by taking fresh chicken and removing the excess water inside. It results in a highly nutritious form of chicken with nearly 300% more protein than fresh chicken.”

Bully Max High Performance Dog FoodIn the picture to the right, you can also see how small the kibbles are.

They're smaller than a dime! This is great for our small dog, and would also benefit senior pups or dogs with dental health issues.

Bully Max High Performance Dog Food contains 30% protein and 20% fat.

It's formulated for all life stages including puppies over 4 weeks of age and pregnant or nursing bitches. This dog food is also corn, soy and wheat free.

Bully Max High Performance Dog Food is also made in the USA.

Obviously, this dog food isn't for every dog. If your pooch doesn't need the extra calories, this food could actually cause him to gain weight and take in too many nutrients.

Before switching to this food (or any high performance dog food) I would recommend having a conversation with your veterinarian to figure out how many calories per day your dog should be eating.

Bully Max High Performance Dog FoodIf you decide that this diet is right for your pet, it will probably add quite a bit to your monthly dog food budget.

At the time of this review, you can purchase 15-pound bag of Bully Max High Performance Dog Food on Amazon for $53.99 or a 40-pound bag for $139.99.

Because this is a high quality dog food, you won't need to feed as much as you would a lower quality kibble. If you have a dog weighing 36-50 pounds, he'll need to eat 2-2.5 cups per day.

Bully Max High Performance Dog Food won't fit into every budget, but it is a great option for highly active dogs.

If you have a working dog, competing dog or a or even just a hyperactive dog that burns a lot of calories every day, you should consider asking your veterinarian about this formula.

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Bully Max High Performance Dog Food