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Review: RC Pet Products Canine Friendly Life Jacket


Many dogs love to swim and splash around in the water. The best thing you can do to keep your pooch safe around the water is provide him with a life jacket. I tried the Canine Friendly Life Jacket from RC Pet Products with our Labrador retriever. It fit well and kept her bouyant in the water, as you'll see in my video review.

RC Pet Products Canine Friendly Life JacketEven if your pup is a strong swimmer, he can still get tired in the water. What would he do if he pulled a muscle or became injured while swimming? Equipping your pet with a life jacket will keep him safe and provide you with peace of mind while he's in the water.

Whether you're boating, fishing or swimming, being around the water brings a certain amount of danger. That's why experts recommend dressing your dog in a life jacket in case of an accident.

We've tried a couple of different life jackets for our Lab, Saddie. One didn't fit her well and caused chaffing under her front legs. The other one had thin padding that didn't really seem to keep her afloat very well. I think it would have been fine for a small breed, but it didn't work well for Saddie.

I've been looking for a life jacket that fits well and helps to keep her above water. How did the Canine Friendly Life Jacket compare? I'll give you all the details in this review.

RC Pet Products Canine Friendly Life Jacket for Dogs Review

RC Pet Products Canine Friendly Life JacketAs you can see in my video review above, Saddie LOVES this doggie life jacket! It has an ergonomic design and three adjustment points to ensure you get just the right fit. As you can see, Saddie is comfortable enough to swim normally with the jacket on and it helps to keep her head above water when she gets tired.

The foam inside is nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR). It is non-PVC, making it safer than alternative foams and does not break down from excessive moisture.

My favorite thing about the Canine Friendly Life Jacket is the visibility it offers in the water.

Canine Friendly Life JacketIn my video review you can see that the ripstop fabric is bright orange, and there are strips of reflective piping along both sides of the jacket. Saddie is a chocolate Labrador, so it can be challenging to see her in the dark waters of lakes and rivers.I don't let her swim early in the morning or later int he evening, because it's nearly impossible to see her out in the water!

The Canine Friendly Life Jacket is available in 5 sizes for dogs weighing 10-80+ pounds:

  • X-Small – For dogs with a girth of 15″-20″, neck 8″-13″ and 10-15 lbs weight
  • Small – For dogs with a girth of 18″-25″, neck 10″-16″ and 10-15 lbs weight
  • Medium – For dogs with a girth of 22″-27″, neck 13″-17″ and 20-50 lbs weight
  • Large – For dogs with a girth of 28″-36″, neck 14″-19″ and 50-80 lbs weight
  • X-Large – For dogs with a girth of 32″-38″, neck 18″-26″ and 80+ lbs weight

RC Pet Products Canine Friendly Life JacketThis life jacket definitely impressed me, and Saddie loves it too. I was surprised to get such a high quality product for such a reasonable price. You can purchase the Canine Friendly Life Jacket from RC Pet Products on Amazon for $40-$70 depending on the size your dog needs.

If you think your pup could benefit from a doggy life jacket, I highly recommend this option. As you can tell from her happy face in my video review, I think Saddie recommend it too!

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