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Review: Coastal Hound Dog Leash

Most pet owners believe that all dog leashes are pretty similar. They may be made of a different material or be of different lengths, but there isn't much separating one leash from another. The Coastal Hound Dog Leash doesn't look like a traditional lead, and it definitely has a few features that it set it apart from the competition.

When you're considering the dog leash that may be right for your pet, the material that it is made of is going to be your top concern. I don't recommend retractable leashes for any dog, as there are more dangers than advantages to these types of leashes.

So, this leaves you with the standard leash. But, if you're you're looking for dog supplies that stand out from the crowd, the Coastal Hound Dog Leash may be just what you want. It's unique design makes it look like it just came off of a surfboard.

Coastal Hound Dog Leash Review

Coastal Hound Dog Leash ReviewCoastal Hound is a family run company that just launched in February 2020. They have designed these eye catching leashes for pet owners that are looking for something different.

They currently offer two leash models – a walking leash and a jogging leash. The leashes are identical in construction, but the jogging leash measures 6 feet long and the walking leash is a 4-foot lead.

The full lengths including the cuff and snap hook are about 7 feet and 5 feet respectively. As you can see in the video above, the Velcro strap allows for hands-free use. The strap also works to secure your dog's lead around a bench leg, restaurant chair or anywhere else that you need to keep your pup.

The thin plastic leash is suitable for any breed or size, but it's not good option for dogs that chew on their lead. The leashes are available from the company's website. They are available in six colors, including:

  • red
  • blue
  • pink
  • green
  • yellow
  • clear

You can purchase the walking leash for $35 and the jogging leash for $40. They're more expensive than most traditional nylon leashes, but if you're interested in the aesthetic charm, I think they're worth the money.

The Coastal Hound Dog Leash is durable and well made, so I do believe that they will be long lasting. Not to mention, they'll be a great conversation starter at the dog park!

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Coastal Hound Dog Leash

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coastal-hound-dog-leash-reviewThe Coastal Hound Dog Leash doesn't look like a traditional lead, and it definitely has a few features that it set it apart from the competition.