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Review: Cooper’s Treats Pupsicle Starter Kit


Frozen dog treats are a great way to help your pup beat the heat this time of year. I actually keep some in my freezer year round for an after exercise snack or just to feed as an alternative to traditional biscuit dog treats. These Cooper's Treats Pupsicle snacks can be prepared in just a few minutes, and they're sure to tempt your canine companion.

Because of their unique digestive system, dogs are not able to process the lactose in traditional ice cream like humans can. To keep your pooch cool, you'll have to find easily digestible alternatives to commercial ice cream. There are a number of commercial ice cream substitutes for dogs, but they aren't all made with high quality ingredients.

Cooper's Treats Pupsicle treats for dogs are made with limited ingredients. The company is very transparent about the ingredients and where they are sourced from. You could even add some chopped fruit or veggies to these treats to give them even more nutritional value for your pooch!

Cooper's Treats Pupsicle Starter Kit Review

Cooper's Treats PupsicleI love this idea! These pupsicle starter kits are great for owners that are just beginning to make their pup frozen treats, and they would make a great gift for any dog owner. Aas you can see in the photo above, the kit includes 2 pupsicle mixes and a small silicone mold.

All you have to do is add water to the mix according to the instructions on the packaging, fill the molds, freeze, and your dog will have an icy cold treat in just a couple of hours. Each starter kit makes about 48 treats, and you can buy separate mixes on the company's website.

The Cooper's Treats Pupsicle mix is made in San Diego, California and the ingredients are all sourced in United States. Each mix contains only 4 all-natural ingredients. There are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

I was also pleased to find out that the mixes are made with real meat, which means they are packed with high quality protein. The ingredients in each recipe are:

Cooper's Treats Pupsicle IngredientsMy dogs love these treats. As I mentioned, I use them for an after exercise snack all year long. We also keep extra frozen treats on hand to help my pack beat the heat in the summer months. I do make my own homemade frozen dog treats, but this is a quick and healthy commercial option if you don't have the time to make your own.

You can buy the starter kit on Amazon for $29.99, and they also offer a grain-free option for $32.99. You can purchase additional mixes as well. They're not the cheapest dog treat option on the market, but for the quality of the ingredients and the convenience of having everything you need in one easy-to-use kit, I think this product is definitely a good value for the money.

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