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Review: DakPets Dog Deshedding Tool

No one enjoys finding shed dog hair on their clothes or around their home, but the hassle is worth the companionship of our canine family members. Thankfully, their are grooming products on the market that make deshedding our furry friends manageable. The DakPets Dog Deshedding Tool is one of these products.

DakPets Dog Deshedding ToolAffordable and well made, this deshedding tool from DakPets is very popular with dog owners. The company claims that it will help reduce your dog's shedding by up to 90%.

In my video review above and the detailed review that I've written below, I'll explain all the features that this grooming tool has to offer. But first, I want to share a few pointers about picking the right deshedding tool for your dog.

Most deshedding brushes for dogs are equipped with stainless steel teeth. This is important for easy cleaning and durability.

When choosing a deshedding tool for your dog, be sure to give the handle a try. You'll want to be sure it is contoured to fit your hand and made with a rubber grip. Both of these features will aid in comfort and reduce hand fatigue while you're grooming your pet.

Finally, there are many products available on the market. You need to select a tool that is designed for your pet's coat. Does he have long or short fur? Does he have a double coat? Is he a small, medium or large breed? The DakPets Dog Deshedding Tool is a one-size-fits-all tool that is made for all breeds with long or short hair.

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DakPets Dog Deshedding Tool Review

DakPets Deshedding Tool Review

This is a lightweight brush, which I really enjoy. Some grooming brushes are so heavy that your arm gets tired after a few minutes of brushing. The handle isn't ergonomically designed, but it's comfortable and features a rubber grip to keep your hand from slipping while you're grooming your pet.

As I mentioned, the DakPets Dog Deshedding Tool is designed to be a one-size-fits-all grooming brush. It is made to groom all breeds and all sizes of dogs, and it's also capable of deshedding both long and short coats.

In my opinion, this is the best feature of this tool. It makes it much easier to groom your pack if you own multiple dogs. It can also be a drawback if you have a dog that requires a specifically designed grooming tool to meet his individual needs. For example, if your pooch has wiry fur he may need a deshedding tool specifically made more that type of coat.

We have three dogs. Our boxer has a short, course coat; our beagle has short, smooth fur; and our chocolate lab has a thick double coat. The DakPets tool worked well on our boxer and beagle. It removed some hair from out chocolate lab, but I prefer using a tool on her that is specifically designed for dogs with a double coat.

As you can see in the photo above, the one-size-fits-all design isn't ideal for small dogs. It works on our beagle, Molly, but it's a bit too wide. This makes it difficult to groom the small spaces like her belly, armpits and her rear end.

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DakPets Deshedding Tool Review

The 4-inch stainless steel brush head is designed with unique teeth that reach deep into your dog's coat to remove loose hair and debris. The DakPets Dog Deshedding Tool also features a quick release button that ejects the brush head for safe and easy storage. It also comes with a safety cover that protects the teeth when not in use.

The teeth of this brush are also designed with rounded tips to protect your dog's skin. As with all deshedding tools, you don't want to apply a lot of pressure when brushing your dog as they still may scratch his skin and cause him discomfort.

Overall, I was impressed with this tool. It's a great grooming product to have on hand if you have a multi-dog household. If you only have one dog and you typically adopt the same breed, you'll be better off purchasing a deshedding tool that is the proper size for your pet and designed specifically for his coat length.

You can purchase the DakPets Dog Deshedding Tool on Amazon for $16.99. That's a reasonable price for the high-quality grooming tool you'll receive, and it's priced in the middle of the range for similar deshedding tools.

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Summary of the DakPets Dog Deshedding Tool Review


  • May reduce shedding by up to 90%
  • 4-inch stainless steel brush head is designed for dogs of all breeds with all coat lengths
  • Quick-release button ejects the brush head for safe and easy storage
  • Lightweight, which reduces hand fatigue
  • Equipped with a rubber grip
  • Affordably priced


  • May not work as well on dogs with special grooming grooming needs, like pets with wiry or double coats
  • Does not have an ergonomically designed handle

Now it’s your turn to review the DakPets Dog Deshedding Tool

Have you tried this deshedding tool with your pets? I'm interested in hearing the personal reviews of other pet owners. Tell me about your dog's coat and whether you were impressed by the DakPets deshedding tool. Did it work as well as you anticipated? Leave a comment below and let me know. If you've used other deshedding tools, I'd also love to hear how you think the DakPets tool compares.

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dakpets-dog-deshedding-tool-reviewAffordable and effective, the DakPets Dog Deshedding Tool is one of the most popular grooming brushes on the market. It's designed for all breeds of dogs and cats, and the company claims it will reduce your pet's shedding by up to 90%.