Review: Devoted Doggy Dog Booster Seat (2018)

Do you know how dangerous it can be to have an unrestrained dog riding in your car? What if your dog tries to jump in your lap while you're driving? He will also be a big distraction if he's moving around the vehicle while you're trying to focus on the road. The Devoted Doggy Dog Booster Seat and other canine car seats will keep your pet safe and restrained when going for a ride.

Most doggy car seats have a weight restriction. Not only will the right car seat support your pet's weight, it will also allow him to stand up, sit down and turn around comfortably. And, of course, a dog car seat must be comfortable for your furry family member.

Some car seats have a solid base that gives your dog a boost and supports him. Others, like the Devoted Doggy Dog Booster Seat, are bucket-style type car seats. Your dog sits down inside the ‘bucket', and it is attached to your car's seat with adjustable straps, so you can lift it up higher to allow Fido to see out the window.

You can check out the other reviews that I've done on dog car seats to see some different style models:

Devoted Doggy Dog Booster Seat Review

Devoted Doggy Dog Booster Seat ReviewIn the photo above, you can see that our Beagle, Molly, is a little bit too big for this seat. This booster seat from Devoted Doggy is only suitable for pets weighing 20 pounds or less. Molly weighs about 28 pounds, so she still fits inside, but she doesn't have quite enough room.

The seat is made of a collapsible metal frame construction. and there is a removable plush liner that covers the frame. This liner is machine washable. There is also a zippered pocket on the front of the car seat. It's not very big, but you could fit a collar and leash, small dog toys, or a package of treats.

Devoted Doggy Dog Booster Seat ReviewThe Devoted Doggy Dog Booster Seat comes with an adjustable leash strap, which you can see in my video review above. This strap secures your dog's harness and prevents him from moving around the car while you're driving.

If this booster seat was a little bit bigger, it would be much better. The dimensions of the basket are only 14″L X 12″W X 7″D. Again, it is only recommended for dogs weighing less than 20 pounds.

A smaller dog (under 10 pounds) would be very comfortable in this seat. They would have plenty of room to turn around, lie down, and sit up to look out the window. If your dog is closer to the 20-pound weight limit, he may have trouble lying down comfortably in the Devoted Doggy Dog Booster Seat.

Devoted Doggy Dog Booster Seat ReviewThe seat that I feature in my review is blue and beige. You can also purchase it in a black and grey color combination. This doggy car seat can fit on any bucket seat, which means you may only be able to use it in the front seat of your car.

Like young children, dogs should always be restrained in the back seat when possible.

This car seat is very budget-friendly. You can purchase the Devoted Doggy Dog Booster Seat on Amazon for $39.95. It's not the most durable canine car seat, but for the money, it's definitely a good value.

One of the things that adds to the value of this seat is that it comes with a 100% unconditional lifetime money-back guaranteeIt's easy to secure this seat in your car, which I demonstrate in my video review at the top of this article. It's also comfortable for a small breed.

Unfortunately, this is only an option if your dog weighs less than 20 pounds. And, if he's close to the 20-pound weight limit, this may not be the most comfortable dog car seat for your canine companion.

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