The Cutest Dog Christmas Dresses

One of the greatest joys for pet owners is sharing the holidays with their canine companions. If you're hoping to make this the best Christmas ever, dressing your pet in festive attire may help take the celebration to the next level. The best dog Christmas dress options will definitely receive a lot of attention from your guests.

When purchasing the best dog Christmas dress for your furry family member, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First of all, you need consider your dog's comfort while wearing the ensemble. If you expect your pooch to walk around in a dress all day, it better be a comfortable one.

Make sure to choose a dress that is made from a soft material. If you have a large dog with a thick coat, a thin, breathable material would be best. If you have a small breed with a thin coat, a nice warm dress made of a thick material would be a good choice.

Choosing the correct size is also imperative to Fefe's comfort. If the dress that you choose is too tight, it may cut off circulation or restrict your pet's range of motion. It could also chafe around his extremities, leading to a rash or open wound. If the clothing is too loose, it could get caught on something and cause serious injury to your pup.

For these reasons, it's important to measure accurately when sizing your pet for a dog Christmas dress. If you're ordering online, follow the manufacturers measuring instructions. Also, read customer reviews to see if the sizes tend to run small or large.

Your best bet will be to shop at a local dog-friendly store. This way you can bring your pooch in with you and try on the outfit before purchasing. If you have the option to shop in-store, you won't have to worry about returning a dress that doesn't fit.

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The Best Dog Christmas Dress Options

1Small White Christmas Santa Girl Dog Dress by Doggie Design


Santa dog outfits very rarely come with ballerina chiffon skirts, and that makes this dress from Doggie Design doubly special. The bodice is made of velvet fabric with white faux fur trim around the neck. The 2-tier chiffon skirts are also trimmed with fur.

This fastens at the back with a Velcro strip, and there’s a D-ring where a leash can be attached. Two white ribbons add to the dress’s girly appeal. The Small White Christmas Santa Girl Dog Dress by Doggie Design fits small dogs with chest girth of 13”-16” and neck circumference of 10”-13”.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “While I still think that this dress is cute I did have to knock off two stars for the quality and the price. Simply put, I expected that this would be constructed better for $30.00. I mean I can buy a dress…”


2Fitwarm Snowflake Knitted Pet Clothes for Dog


This knitted hoodie from Fitwarm tells us that a dress can be both pretty and practical. Made of interwoven gray and white yarn, this hooded dress with sleeves will be warm and cozy for the winter season. The blue satin bowknot and pearl accent says your dog is ready to party.

This dog Christmas dress is available in XS for dogs with chest girth of 12”, and three other sizes for dogs bigger than that. The Fitwarm Snowflake Knitted Pet Clothes for Dog has an elasticized waist for an even better fit. Don’t order based on weight or your dog’s usual size. Diligently measure because this is too beautiful a dress to not fit. It’s very well made, too.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Runs small. Received size medium as purchased but instead of a snug fit the jacket was extremely tight. Couldn't even get it on. The hood isn't as wide as advertised it's more narrow than anything; nevertheless…”


3Klippo’s Dog Formal Velour with Boa Trims Dress for Small Breeds


This is going to be your dog’s ultimate fancy dress, and will be the perfect outfit to wear on that special Christmas ball or costume party. The dog Christmas dress from Klippo is made of velour fabric that has a snug fit around the torso but breaks into a wide flare below the waist.

The neckline and hem have white faux fur trimmings and there’s a red bow at the back for added appeal. The Klippo's Dog Formal Velour with Boa Trims Dress for Small Breeds opens and fastens with snaps around the neck and waist and is much easier to wear than the first two dresses that you have to pull over the head.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTO): “I bought 2 of these dresses one for my dog and one for my friends dog. They are gorgeous and very well made. My little girl was beautiful and it…”


4Fitwarm Noble Bling Bling Xmas Dog Dress for Pets


This Fitwarm dog Christmas costume brings Santa’s work clothes to a different level. This has the usual red fleecy fabric as the main material for the bodice, skirt and sleeves. The same fleecy cloth was used, but in white color, as collar and trimming for the hem and cuffs. What adds bling to the usual outfit is the sheer red material with glittery dots that was sewn over the dress.

A black leatherette belt completes the Santa look. This dog Christmas dress fastens with snaps at the front. Only two sizes are available in the Fitwarm Noble Bling Bling Xmas Dog Dress for Pets. If your dog’s measurements run in between what the chart says, get the next bigger size.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTO): “It fits a little big, I ordered a small for my 4.3 pomeranian. But she looks so cut with her Elvis like colar…”


5MaruPet Fashion Puppy Dog Love Printed Princess Tutu Dress


This glamorous dog Christmas dress from MaruPet looks very elaborate as it’s bedecked with sequins, ribbons, and frills. Don’t let the diaphanous material fool you into thinking that there’s anything flimsy about this dress because it’s very durably constructed. The inside seams and stitching are solid and would definitely last a long while.

The dress has ruffled straps instead of sleeves, so it would be easier to put on and take off. Your little dog would definitely look like a little girl attending a wedding in the MaruPet Fashion Puppy Dog Love Printed Princess Tutu Dress. It will be attuned to the holiday theme, but will also be perfect for other occasions.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “This was a gift for my friend's chihuahua so I don’t have any pictures to upload. But I can tell you that it runs true to size according to the measurements in the description. It’s for small dogs so order up…”


6Ameda’s Christmas Stick Candy Green Dog Tutu Party Dress


Do you want your dog to be in tune with the Christmas spirit yet be comfortably and simply dressed? Ameda’s party dress has a red stretchy bodice adorned with a red-and-white Christmas cane. It has green trimming around the neck and sleeves.

The green multi-layered tulle tutu is fluffy, but also a little long and weighty for a small dog. Four sizes are available in the Ameda Christmas Stick Candy Green Dog Tutu Party Dress, but the sizes run a bit small, so if you’re on the fence with your dog’s measurements, get the next bigger size.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTO): “While it’s cute, I was under the impression it was a fabric skirt. I misuse not have read the description well if at all. Totally my fault. It just doesn’t fit my dog well. She’s about 6lbs. The tulle is so…”


7Yikeyo Christmas Dress for Small Dogs


This holiday-inspired dress from Yikeyo uses red velvet cotton material. With its striking red color and leopard skirt print, there's no question your dog's going to be a head-turner.

The Yikeyo Christmas Dress for Small Dogs is very easy to take on and off. The material is soft and thick, and it really helps in keeping the warmth even as you party around for Christmas.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “It's a cute dress, and I'm glad we have something for my pup to wear around the holidays!…”


8Tartan Plaid Big Dog Dress by Midlee


The classic tartan plaids will never go out of style especially during Christmas. This Midlee dog Christmas dress cuts it quite simply yet elegantly with reverse halter-style neckline, pleated skirt, and black bowknot. A Velcro strip makes for easy and secure fastening at the nape and belly.

One nice thing about this classic piece is that your dog can wear it to other occasions that she may have to dress up for. The Tartan Plaid Big Dog Dress by Midlee can also be mixed and matched with shirts or other garments to create another look. It’s quite rare that big dogs get a dress style exclusively made for their size, and it’s a nice thing that Midlee has thought of that. This is made in sizes of XL, XXL, and XXXL.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “The velcro on the dress the definitely be a lot stronger. But other than that the dress is cute…”


9Fakeface’s Christmas Dress Costume


This dog Christmas dress has a texture so smooth, soft, and thick that it looks like blue fondant wrap. It’s actually a material called polar fleece, which is perfect for pets with sensitive skin or those that simply want a warm and soft fabric against their skin. This dress from Fakeface has a nice high collar with a lace trim, relaxed bodice, bowknot on the waist, and tutu skirt with laced hem and trimming.

If that looks deliciously pretty enough, check out what’s underneath the dress. The Fakeface Christmas Dress Costume all fleecy and warm and definitely winter-appropriate. There are many sizes available, and hopefully you’d find a size for your dog.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Way to small and all the products I have bought from here have been to small, will never buy from here again…”


10Petitebella’s Dog Dress – Christmas Santa Claus Head

Petitebella Leopard Santa Claus Face Puppy Dog Dress (Red/Teal Green, Small) This Christmas outfit from Petitebella strikes some resemblance to the Ameda tulle dress and is also made in red and a dark shade of green. The top is a red stretchy shirt with green armhole and neckline trimming and embellished with a cute Santa face applique on the center.

Layers of dark green tulle fabric were gathered around the waist to form the ballerina skirt. A dotted satin bowknot completes the dog Christmas dress. While the shirt is flexible, the waist where the skirt attaches to isn’t. With that, we suggest ordering one size up after you’ve referred to the size guide provided for the Petitebella Dog Dress – Christmas Santa Claus Head.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Wow!!! This Christmas TuTu Dress is ADORABLE! Well worth the wait. I got spoiled with Prime shipping… so this took longer but so worth the wait. It does ship from Hong Kong which I was unaware of this till…”


11Fitwarm Elegant Rose Dog Dress for Pets


This looks like a dress Princess Kate would wear, because it’s so elegant and so well put-together with its high neckline, flared skirt, and black pearl-accented belt. The fabric of this dog Christmas dress from Fitwarm is a textured red-and-black rose print, which is very beautiful without being too fancy.

Fitwarm size charts are generally spot-on, so carefully measure your pet. This fabric does not stretch, and that’s all the more reason to follow the chart. The quality of the Fitwarm Elegant Rose Dog Dress for Pets is excellent and we can see it being worn to Christmas parties, Valentine’s Day dinner, or to pet parades.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Nice material, these are really pretty dresses with some texture to them. Like I said in my other review for a Fitwarm dress, size up! My 7-8 pd chihuahua needed an XS and the 9-10 pd min pin needed…”


12Petitebella Puppy Clothes Reindeer Red Polka Dots Christmas Dog Dress

Petitebella Reindeer Face Puppy Dog Dress (Red/Polka Dots, Large) Here’s another Christmas tutu dress from Petitebella. The bodice is made of stretchy red shirt with black edging around the neck and armholes. It is adorned with a red-nosed reindeer face applique on the back. The multi-layered black tulle skirt is topped with a red silken fabric with large white dots.

A red satin ribbon with rhinestone accent is attached at the back of the Petitebella Puppy Clothes Reindeer Red Polka Dots Christmas Dog Dress. Be aware that the measurements given are in centimeters. If you divide a given measurement by 2.5, you’ll get the equivalent in inches.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Love it so much toooooo Cut3 my dog didn't want to take it off….. My dog is mixed yorkie and Maltes so I got her a large I should of gotten her a Medium but it fit great on her…..Thank you so…”


13Fitwarm Christmas Party Knitted Dress for Dogs


Fitwarm always comes up with stylish designs that make use of simple patterns and unique texture. This is one example. It’s a hooded dress with sleeves. All hems and edges are trimmed with white fleecy fabric. The hood has a white pompom on the tip – a hushed hint of Santa.

What’s so interesting is the main fabric used. The Fitwarm Christmas Party Knitted Dress for Dogs a knitted material with a rickrack pattern of white, gray, and red yarns which results in a textured quality. Looking closer, you will notice a fleecy texture especially over the white threads. Because of this detail, the dress looks really extra special.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Like all the other Fitwarm outfits I bought this one is well made. I first thought that there were a ton of snags with the white yarn but it turns out they used a textured yarn. Colors are brighter than the…”

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