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Review: Stay Away Natural Pest Control

Thanks to global education efforts, pet owners are becoming more aware of the products that they are using around their furry family members.

Many common household products include toxic chemicals that can poison our pets over time.

Stay Away Natural Pest Control is striving to provide pet owners with safe and effective products to keep their homes free of spiders, ants, mice, and moths.

The pesticides that are contained in these types of products are dangerous for our dogs, ourselves, and anyone else that may come in contact with them.

They can also have very serious effects on the environment.

Unfortunately, most pet owners think that these chemicals are necessary to rid their homes of pests and parasites.

The Environmental Protection Agency says that 75% of households in the U.S. use chemical pesticides in their home.

When you use products made with toxic ingredients, the toxins get into the air and on virtually every surface in your home.

Even if your dog doesn't get into the direct source, there is a very good chance they will still be exposed to the chemical ingredients.

Earthkind has created their Stay Away line of pest control products that are made with plant-based ingredients. They use ingredients grown on USA regenerative farms to keep pests away without poisoning or killing them.

The eco-friendly products are also humane!

Stay Away Natural Pest Control Review

natural pest controlStay Away Natural Pest Control pouches are filled with plant-based ingredients that are specifically formulated to keep away rodents, spiders, ants, or moths.

The pouches are filled with plant fibers that are coated in an essential oil mixture.

I show off the “Starter Pack” in my video review above. It includes one pouch each of Stay Away Rodent, Spiders, Moths, and Ants.

It also includes the Pouch Pod. When you place a pouch in the pod, it allows for a consistent release of the pouch's oil.

The pod is made from sustainable plant-based materials as well, and it is reusable for up to 3 years.

It will decompose naturally after that.

I like the pod because it conceals the pouches discreetly and makes them last up to 3X longer.

Without the pod, the pouches will provide pest control for 30 days. One rodent pouch protects 8 square feet, and one pouch of the moth, spider, or ant repellent covers a 125 square foot area.

The company recommends placing 4 pouches in a storage unit, room, RV, etc… in order to ensure that pests won't bother you.

I used these natural pest control products to keep rodents and insects from infesting our camper and storage unit over the winter.

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I found them to be effective, and they smell so much better than traditional pest control products made with chemicals.

If you don't find the products to be effective, Earthkind does offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

You can purchase a 4-pack of spider, ant, moth or rodent Stay Away natural pest control on Amazon for $57.28. The pouch pod is currently selling for $5.24.

If you've ever purchased commercial pest control products, you'll notice that this natural option is much more expensive than its chemical-filled counterparts.

In my opinion, the additional cost is worth the safety.

I would rather pay more for natural products that are safe for my human and furry family members.

I also appreciate the fact that these Stay Away products are eco-friendly.

With that said, if you're on a tight budget, this option may not be the best value for your money.

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Stay Away Natural Pest Control

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earthkind-natural-pest-control-reviewStay Away Natural Pest Control is giving pet owners safe and effective products to keep their homes free of spiders, ants, mice and moths. These products are safe for your human and furry family members.