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Review: Evenflo Position and Lock Dog Gate

You probably associate pet gates with keeping puppies contained in a small area or keeping curious pets away from garbage cans and cat litter boxes. While they can certainly be helpful in these types of situations, it's actually beneficial for every dog owner to invest in a gate. If you choose the right gate for your needs and your pooch, you will surely find countless ways to use it.

A few months back I compared three of the best dog gates on the market. I chose to include this one from Evenflo because it's the one that I use with my own dogs. In fact, we've been using this gate in our home for years for our human and furry children.

While I can't say that it is the perfect pet gate, it's well made, durable and very affordable. I even use it outside to keep our dogs enclosed on the deck during nice weather.

Evenflo Postion and Lock Dog Gate ReviewDogs are curious by nature, and we all have times when we wish our canine companion wasn't trying to investigate in our business. I know how annoying it can be when a dog runs across your freshly mopped floors or bumps into your craft table when you have a scrapbook page perfectly arranged.

Whether you have a rambunctious puppy or a senior dog that loves affection, pet gates can come in handy with any dog. As I mentioned, I even use ours to contain our pups on the deck during nice weather. This gives them time to get some fresh air and sunshine, and I don't have to worry about them leaving the yard when I'm not looking.

This pet gate has worked for our pack – which has included puppies, senior dogs, small breeds and large breeds – for the last few years. I included it in the comparison, and I also wanted to share a more detailed review of the gate with you here.

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Evenflo Position and Lock Dog Gate Review

Evenflo Position and Lock Dog Gate Review

About the Evenflo Position and Lock Gate

The first thing I have to say is that this gate was designed for use indoors. While I do use it outside, I only use it for brief periods of time during good weather. It is not designed to withstand elements including rain, cold weather or direct sunlight for long periods of time.

As I demonstrate in my video review above, this dog gate is very easy to put up and take down. It's a pressure-mounted gate, which means that you don't need any hardware to install it. No hardware means no holes in your walls and you can move the gate from doorway to doorway anytime you want. You could even bring it along while traveling!

In my video you'll see how easy it is to set this gate up. There is a bar running along the middle of the gate. This bar has many notches about 1/4-inch apart. There is a small bar that locks into these notches to adjust the gate.

Once you find the right notch, you can secure the gate in your doorway easily. Simply select the notch that applies enough pressure on each side of the gate to keep it firmly in place. As I demonstrate, this has to be done through trial and error, but it only takes a moment to find the right notch.

Every notch is numbered, so you can easily find the one that fits the doorway you want to block off and remember the number for the next time you need to remove the gate and set it up again. This is ideal for dog owners that want to move the gate around their home frequently or pet owners who travel with their Fido often.

Evenflo Position and Lock Dog Gate Review

Evenflo produces two versions of this pet gate. I use the ‘Tall' model, because we have large breed dogs. At 32-inches tall, it can keep even the largest breeds contained. It is able to expand from 31- to 50-inches, meaning that it will fit virtually any doorway.

Unlike hardware mounted gates, you won't need to worry about the Evenflo Position and Lock Gate damaging your walls. It is equipped with rubber bumpers on all four corners to prevent scratching or making holes in your walls or doorways. This is a feature that you'll need to look for if your rent or lease your home and are concerned with property damage.

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My favorite thing about this dog gate is that it is extremely versatile. As you can see, it works for all dog breeds and is great for pet owners with children. I also like that it has vertical and horizontal slats that form small squares. Our cats use these squares for footing to easily climb over the gate, so I can use it to keep our dogs out of the cat litter area when necessary.

The only problem with this design is that a crafty dog may be able to climb the gate too. If your dog is a climber, you'd be much better off finding a gate that only has vertical slats. We've never had this problem, but I can imagine that any dog that wants to escape badly enough could easily figure out a way to scale this gate, which could possibly result in an injury.

The only other issue you may have with this gate is the wooden frame. While our dogs have respected the gate as a boundary, the wooden frame could easily be scratched or chewed by a dog that wanted to get past the barrier. If you've got a chewer or you think your dog may result to destruction to get past the gate, a metal option would be a much better choice.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I love that this gate is affordable for any dog owner – even if you're on a tight budget. You can purchase one on Amazon for just $29.99. This is definitely on the cheaper end of the price scale as far as pet gates are concerned, but you get a top quality product for the price.

Summary of the Evenflo Position and Lock Dog Gate Review


  • Evenflo Position and Lock Dog Gate ReviewEasy to install
  • Pressure-mounted, meaning no hardware required
  • Rubber bumpers on all four corners ensure that the gate will not damage your wall or doorway
  • Stands 32-inches tall, which is taller than many similar products
  • Expands from 31- to 50-inches
  • More affordable than most pet gates, but does not lack quality


  • Crosshatch design forms small square holes that would make it easy for a climber to scale the gate
  • The frame is made of wood, which is not suitable for destructive chewers or scratchers
  • Not made for use outdoors
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Do you use this gate to contain your furry friends? Have you used it in the past? Have you tried a similar gate from Evenflo? Let us know if you liked it or if it didn't work for your pack. Your opinion may help other pet parents who are searching for the best gate for their dog. Please share your opinions in the comment section below.

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