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Review: Furesh Elevated Bathtub for Dogs


We all know that grooming our pets at home can save hundreds of dollars each year. Unfortunately, not all grooming tasks can be completed easily. While you may want to send Fido to the groomers for a haircut or nail trimming, bathing is a task that most pet owners can do at home. I recently tried out the Furesh Elevated Bathtub for dogs to see if it made this at-home grooming task easier.

Bathing my dog in our regular bathtub is hard on my knees and back. Not to mention, sometimes our dogs escape and run through the house getting soapy water everywhere. I do wash them outside in the warmer months, but that is a two-person job – one to hold the dog in place and the other to do the bathing.

The Furesh Elevated Bathtub looked like it would solve these problems, while making the at-home bathing process easier overall. What makes it different from other dog grooming tubs? How did I like it? Was it comfortable for my dogs? I will give you all the details and let you know if the product is a good value for the money in this detailed review.

Furesh Elevated Bathtub for Dogs Review

Furesh Elevated Bathtub for Dogs ReviewAs you can see in the photo above, our Beagle (Molly) fits nicely in the tub. It can hold up to 130 pounds, but it is only recommended for dogs weighing less than 40 pounds due to the size constraint. The bottom of the tub is about 24” off the ground, and the rim is 35.5” from the ground. This makes it comfortable for most adults to reach their dog without having to bend over.

I also enjoy having 360º access to my dog. I have to turn my dog around in our regular bathtub to be able to reach her entire body easily. With an elevated bathtub, you can just walk around the tub to gain access to any side of your pet’s body.

One of the first things that stood out to me about this tub compared to other dog baths is that it is collapsible. This makes it super easy to store. It would also be a great option for traveling pet groomers or anyone in the show dog circuit that needs to bathe their pet while traveling.

When it’s folded, it is 39.8” tall and just 8”wide. The aluminum frame is durable, but lightweight. If you’re looking for a doggy bathtub that you can travel with, the weight is going to be a big factor. The Furesh Elevated Bathtub weighs about 13 pounds, so it’s easy to tote along virtually anywhere.

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3-point collar attachmentIn my video review, I demonstrate how easy it is to secure your pet using the restraining collar. There are 3 restraining loops, which greatly limits your dog’s ability to move around while still giving him the freedom look from side to side.

I was worried about my dog’s nails ripping through the plastic lining of the tub over time. I was pleased to find out that the lining is made of marine grade PVC that is resistant to tears. I’ve bathed our dogs in this tub multiple times, and there is no sign of wear and tear on the liner.

The drain system of this elevated bathtub is unique. It features a built-in drain with a strainer to catch shed fur. There is also a collapsible 30” hose, making it easy to run the water into a regular bathtub, sink or other drain.

inside of tub with drain

Furesh claims that using this tub can save up to 5X the water compared to a traditional tub. I would have to agree. I fill the elevated tub with a few inches of water and use a cup to rinse my dog. No more wasted water running down the drain!

Overall, I’m very happy with this elevated dog grooming tub. It saves the stress on my back, and keeps my dog from escaping. Most elevated tubs would have the benefits, but I like the portability of this option and the collapsible drain system.

You can purchase this elevated bathtub for dogs on the company’s website for $149. I know that price won’t fit into everyone’s budget, but it’s comparable to other plastic tubs of a similar size. Stainless steel tubs are much more expensive, and I expected a collapsible model to be priced higher as well. All-in-all, I think this elevated dog grooming tub is a good value for the money.

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