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Review: GoSports Chew Champ Bully Stick Holder


Have you ever fed your dog a bully stick? If so, you understand the worry that sets in when your dog is down to the last inch or two of the chew. You may take this small piece away from your Fido and throw it in the trash or you may just supervise your pup closely and hope he doesn't choke. The GoSports Chew Champ bully stick holder for dogs was designed to prevent this problem.

Bully sticks go by many names. They are often referred to as beef sticks, pizzle sticks or steer sticks. They are made from the pizzle or penis of a bull. Depending on the manufacturer, they are prepared differently.

Usually, the pizzle is cleaned naturally and hung to dry. Then the muscle is slow-roasted to lock in the natural flavor of the beef. This process doesn't use any harmful chemicals to color or flavor the bully sticks, which is one of the many reasons why they are a safer alternative to rawhide chews.

Not only are they all-natural, they are also easily digestible. Unlike rawhide chews that can block your pet's intestinal track, bully sticks are easily digestible. As with most dog chews, they also help to keep your pup's teeth clean by scraping off plaque and tartar buildup.

Bully sticks are high in protein, as they are made with 100% beef pizzle. Just be sure that the bully sticks you shop for are made with healthy beef from a reputable manufacturer.

GoSports Chew Champ Bully Stick Holder

GoSports Chew Champ Review

As you can see in my video review above, the GoSports Chew Champ is an easy-to-use product that prevents your dog from swallowing the last couple of inches of a bully stick. It twists open easily, you insert the end of the bully stick, and then twist it closed. It's that simple!

It's about 8 inches long, and the company says that it is suitable for dogs weighing more than 30 pounds. It is designed to hold bully sticks of any length that are under 1 inch in diameter.

The Chew Champ is made of food safe nylon. The nylon is extra-durable to stand up against aggressive chewers. It's 100% safe for your pup, as well as the human members of your family.

You can purchase this product on Amazon for $19.99. While it's not a necessity, the Chew Champ is affordable on any budget. It would also make a great gift for any pet owner on your list. Pair it with a bag of bully sticks, and that gift package would make any pup happy!

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