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Review: GroomMe Dog DeShedding Tool From Pets Savvy


Most pet owners complain about shedding. Dog hair gets on your clothes, furniture, and all over your home. It is a constant battle to rid your house of unwanted dog hair. The best weapon in your artillery for the fight against shed hair is an adequate deshedding tool, like the GroomMe DeShedding Tool from Pets Savvy.

Regular grooming will help to pull all the loose, dead fur out of your pet's coat. Then you can properly dispose of it, and it won't be left to fall off all around your home.

Pets Savvy GroomMe Dog DeShedding Tool Review

GroomMe Dog DeShedding Tool Review
Photo: Samantha Randall

You can never get rid of shedding completely, but a quality dog grooming brush may possibly reduce the amount of shed hair in your home by up to 90%.

That's exactly what Pets Savvy claims that the GroomMe DeShedding Tool can do when used for 15 minutes every day.

I don't know exactly how much the GroomMe tool reduced the amount our dogs shed, as it's impossible to measure.

However, I can tell you that when I used the GroomMe everyday it pulled hair from our dogs' coats each time, which meant all the hair that was removed was less hair that would be on my furniture and clothing.

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The company recommends this brush for all coats, long and short, and for dogs with an undercoat. I will agree that it will work on all coat types, but I think it works best on dogs with short hair and no undercoat.

Our chocolate lab has a thick undercoat, and although the brush worked on her, it didn't work as well as other brushes that are specifically made for dogs with an undercoat.

GroomMe Dog DeShedding Tool Review

I like the one-piece design as well. It's sturdier and more comfortable than many other dog deshedding tools. The ergonomically designed handle adds to the comfort level too. The GroomMe DeShedding Tool is lightweight and is equipped with a non-slip handle. The handle also has a unique loop design that is perfect for hanging or attaching to a belt.

GroomMe Dog DeShedding Tool Review From Pets Savvy
Photo: Samantha Randall

The stainless steel comb has 65 teeth with rounded edges, so it won't scratch or hurt your pet. It comes with a plastic safety cover as well, to protect the teeth when you're not using it. The comb head itself is 2 ¾ inches long.

Due to its small size, this brush is ideal for small or medium breeds, and it worked well on our cats too. You could certainly use it on a large breed, it would just take a little longer to brush him. Pets Savvy actually recommends this product for any animal that sheds, including rabbits and horses. If you're a multi-pet family, The GroomMe Deshedding Tool is definitely a great choice to have in your grooming kit.

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Use on short coats
Use on long/double coats
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groomme-dog-deshedding-tool-reviewThis GroomMe Dog DeShedding Tool from Pets Savvy is excellent at removing loose and dead hair from your pet's coat. The stainless steel comb and one piece handle provide comfort and durability.