Dog Health

Dog health is the first concern of every responsible pet parent. We interview vets and canine experts for the best advice on canine arthritis, common diseases, dog nutrition, diabetes in dogs, dog allergies, cancer in dogs, dog symptoms, dog health insurance and everything else that should concern us.

Essential Oils for Dogs

9 Reasons to Use Essential Oils for Dogs

I first learned about essential oils a few years ago. I was a new mother and din't want to use chemical filled bug sprays,...
how to choose dog grooming products

Interview: How To Choose the Best Dog Grooming Products

Dog owners are concerned about the what goes into their pet's body. They want him to eat healthy food and snacks - some even...
Tips for Making Vet Visits Less Stressful

7 Tips on How to Make Vet Visits Less Stressful for Dogs

If your dog enjoys going to the vet, don't take that for granted. You're one of the few pet parents who won the lottery...
Is Anesthesia Safe for My Dog

The Truth: Is Anesthesia Safe for Dogs?

Anesthesia - a common fear of pet owners, but do you need to worry? A lot of dog owners are more concerned about the...
How to Prevent Shedding in Dogs

9 Tips on How to Prevent Shedding in Dogs

As a dog lover, your clothes, bed, furniture and even your car have probably accumulated a thick layer of dog hair. While this may...
How many calories a dog needs per day

Let’s Talk: How Many Calories A Dog Needs Per Day?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to correctly calculate exactly how many calories a dog needs per day. There are so many variables! Think about what...
10 Resources for Choosing the Best Veterinarian

Sunday’s Recap: 8 Resources for Choosing the Best Veterinarian

Lots of pet owners stress about finding a veterinarian. If you’re one of them, don’t worry! Finding the right is much more than just...
The Risks of Canine Obesity and How To Keep Your Dog Fit

Expert Interview: The Risks of Canine Obesity and How To Keep Your Dog Fit

Canine obesity is a growing epidemic and it is just as dangerous as obesity in humans. If a human is overweight, they can make...
Tips for Keeping Your Senior Dog Active and Healthy

8 Tips on How to Keep Your Senior Dog Active

Dogs bodies deteriorate as they grow older - just like ours. Keeping your senior dog active is the best way to keep his body healthy...
coconut oil

What Are the Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs?

Fish oil isn't the only beneficial oil for your pets. If you're a health conscious person, you've heard about the benefits of coconut oil. Did...
What Is Holistic Veterinary Medicine for Dogs

Expert Interview: What Is Holistic Veterinary Medicine for Dogs?

As more research becomes available, pet owners are realizing how the choices that they make for their dogs are effecting their pet's overall health...
What Are My Dog Nutritional Needs

Do You Know Your Dog’s Nutritional Needs?

Every dog has his own unique nutritional requirements that vary depending on his age, weight, breed and general overall heath. The amount of food...


how to get rid of a dog

How to Get Rid of a Dog: The Right Way

Are you faced with the challenging decision of how to let go of your furry companion? We understand that circumstances change. And even...
Why Are Dogs So Loyal?

Why Are Dogs So Loyal?

One of the best qualities of our canine companions is their unwavering loyalty. Why are dogs so loyal? There are amazing stories about the unmatched loyalty of dogs - dogs that have sat on their owner’s graves, waited patiently for months for their owners to return from war and even stories of dogs walking thousands of miles to reunite with their masters.
Why Do Pets Make Us Happy?

Why Do Pets Make Us Happy?

Nothing beats the feeling of seeing a happy dog or friendly cat come running over to you looking for a pat on the head or a scratch behind the ears. Why do pets make us happy? Pets do a lot more than just keep us company. The unconditional love that they provide us with is priceless and incomparable to any love that we get other humans.

Dog Names Starting With Z

Are you looking for dog names starting with Z? Well, you're in the right place! Getting a new pup would mean preparing for a new set...
How many dogs are too many featured image

How Many Dogs Are Too Many?

We've all been there. Pet owners of one dog think, "Maybe I should get one more." Then, once you get the second dog, you'll...
Can dogs get sick from humans featured image

Can Dogs Get Sick From Humans?

If you have been caring for dogs for quite a while now, you must have known we can get sick from them. Rabies, giardia—name...
Dandie Dinmont Terrier Breed profile

Dandie Dinmont Terrier Breed Profile

Not a lot of people know about this breed, but the Dandie Dinmont Terrier is not something you should ignore when you chance upon...
dog names starting with y

Dog Names Starting With Y

Do you plan on getting a pup? Do you have a new furry addition to your family? If you do, you're probably pondering what would...
Can dogs be blood donors - vet extracting blood from dog's cephalic vein

Can Dogs Be Blood Donors?

There are many ways to help dogs in need—voluntary work, shelter adoption, feeding the strays... But have you ever thought of donating blood? No, not yours,...
Dog ate a diaper: Mom changing a baby's diaper with a dog nearby

My Dog Ate a Diaper! Should I Be Worried?

"My dog ate a diaper! What should I do?" If you're a new parent and a dog owner, you should know what they say about...