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Review: Holiday Pet Stocking for Dogs

If you're looking for a last minute gift idea or you're just interested in purchasing a bundle of toys for your pooch, this Holiday Pet Stocking may be right for you. Included in this bundle are four dog toys and a bonus Christmas themed collar for your Fido. It's decent quality, but think twice if you have an aggressive chewer.

The collar that you get as a bonus gift is of surprisingly good quality. It's a standard woven nylon collar with a Christmas themed ribbon attached. It's a beautiful bright red color that goes perfectly with my Chloe's tan fur. It's equipped with a plastic buckle that easily snaps on and off your dog in seconds.

Holiday Pet Stocking for Dogs Review

Holiday Pet Stocking for Dogs Review

I don't usually purchase collars with plastic buckles, as they tend to break easily. However, this is made with a thicker more durable plastic than most comparable collars. Also, since you'll probably only be using the collar for a month or two around the holidays I think it will last for many years.

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When you open the stocking you'll find four toys: a small rope toy, two hollow plastic squeaky toys, and a tennis ball. I like this combination because you get a little bit of everything. You can play tug with the rope, and the squeaky toys will entertain your dog while he plays independently. You can also use all four toys as fetch toys if your dog enjoys the game.

Holiday Pet Stocking for Dogs Review
Photo: Samantha Randall

As I mentioned briefly, these toys will not stand up to aggressive chewers or dogs that like to shred things. The tennis ball is made with thicker rubber than a traditional tennis ball, but it could still be ruined. The rope toy may also hold up for a bit, but I have no doubt that an aggressive chewer could ruin it in a matter of hours (if not sooner).

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I would be surprised if the hollow plastic chew toys lasted more than a few minutes with an aggressive chewer. Once they are punctured they no longer squeak, meaning your dog will either lose interest in them completely or continue to chew them to bits. If you've got a dog like my Saddie, who just likes to carry dog toys around and play fetch or tug, these toys will probably last for quite a while.

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Review: Holiday Pet Stocking for Dogs
Photo: Samantha Randall

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As you can see in my video above, these dog toys are not exclusively for Christmas. Even if you're interested in the deal but won't have time to order it before the holiday, your pup can still use these pet toys all year long.

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