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Review: JW by Petmate Dog Toys


Virtually every dog enjoys playing with some type of toy. While some pups are power chewers and enjoy playing tug-of-war or chewing hard rubber toys, others find pleasure in simply carrying around a soft, plush stuffed animal. JW by Petmate has created a unique line of dog toys that has something to entice every pooch.

Most pet owners think the only objective of a dog toy is to keep pets entertained, but that's not the case. Providing a variety of the right types of toys will keep your Fido mentally stimulated, which is an important part of properly caring for him.

Just like us, our dogs crave mental stimulation. Without it, they'll get bored and begin to find things to entertain themselves. Much like a bored child, this will probably result in your dog ruining something or getting into something that he shouldn't be touching.

Giving your dog a variety of toys will keep him happy and healthy. He'll be able to play and have fun, which will keep him from looking for something to do on his own. Not to mention, buying a bunch of quality dog toys is bound to be cheaper than replacing furniture, shoes, clothing, and any else that your dog may ruin.

JW by Petmate Dog Toys Review

JW by Petmate Dog Toys ReviewISqueak Sloth

These small squeaky rubber balls are designed specifically for small breeds and young puppies. They are slightly bigger than a golf ball, so these JW by Petmate dog toys would definitely be a choking hazard for larger dogs.

JW by Petmate ISqueak dog toyThe ISqueak is available in a sloth design or a hedgehog design. Both designs have bumps and grooves that make them bounce in an erratic way. They are also made of non-toxic rubber.

Your dog can use these toys for fetching or chewing. However, I would not recommend the ISqueak balls for aggressive chewers. The rubber is quite soft and pieces could easily be chewed off and swallowed.

You can buy one of these dog toys on Amazon for just $2.22. While they aren't a very versatile toy, they are extremely inexpensive. I would only recommend these toys for very small dogs that are not aggressive chewers, and if your dog fits that criteria this toy would be a great value for the money.

HOL-ee Gourmet

You can get these JW by Petmate dog toys in a chicken leg, peanut, or steak design. All 3 designs are available in Small and Medium sizes. They each have a hard nylon bone in the center that is covered with a rubber casing.

The rubber casing won't hold up to power chewers, but the nylon bone definitely will. You can see in my photos that the rubber casing has large holes, which allows you to add large treats or spreadable snacks to the inside of the toy. Adding food will keep your dog entertained for long periods of time while he tries to get to the snack.

JW by Petmate HOL-ee Gourmet dog toyThe Medium chicken bone that is featured in my review is 7.8″ tall. This size would be suitable for large breeds, but I wouldn't recommend these toys for power chewers. They would easily shred the rubber casing and could choke on the pieces.

Depending on the size and style that you choose, you can purchase one of these toys on Amazon for $7.99-$11.99. That price is comparable to other products of similar size and quality, so I do believe these JW by Petmate dog toys are a good value for the money (as long as you don't have a power chewer).

Twist-In Treats

You can't find this one on Amazon right now, but you can buy it through the company's website for $12.99. It's only available in one size, but our Beagle and our Labrador both enjoy playing with it.

Twist-In TreatsAs I demonstrate in my video review above, there is a small treat that twists down into the top of this toy. The toy is made of durable rubber to withstand a lot of chewing and scratching. As your dog tries to get to the treat, he will be entertained and engaged for hours.

If you've got a power chewer, this toy should stand up to his strong jaws. There are multiple settings to lock the treat in, which can increase the difficulty level for clever dogs. The Twist-In Treats dog toy comes with 1 chicken flavored treat that is made in the USA, and you can purchase refill packs as well.

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