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Review: KESS InHouse Dog Bed

All dogs need a bed. There are no exceptions. Whether your dog is large or small, lives indoors or outside or is young or old, he needs a bed. Even if your pooch sleeps in your bed with you at night, he should still have a bed of his own. If you're looking for a unique design and great quality, a KESS InHouse dog bed is a great choice.

When your dog has his own dog bed, that gives him a place in your home that is all his. He doesn't need to share his space with anyone else in your pack. Maybe your dog doesn't like to be by himself very often, but when he does he'll have a comfortable, warm and safe place to rest.

KESS InHouse Dog Bed ReviewA dog bed can serve as a boundary for a puppy time out or give your senior dog the relief that his tired and sore muscles and bones need after a long day. There are many different types of dog beds available, and you can learn about them all in our article on the different types of dog bedding.

If you're interested in finding a unique dog bed that is unlike anything your friends and family have ever seen before, a KESS InHouse dog bed is the absolute best choice. The company specializes in all types of home decor and furniture, and has a wide variety of options for a decent price.

I've never seen some many different dog bed designs offered by one retailer. They've got options for every home decor and style there is. The only downside to these top quality dog beds is their price.

KESS InHouse Dog Bed Review

KESS InHouse Dog Bed Review

There is no denying it, these dog beds are beautiful. Know matter what your style is, you're sure to find a KESS InHouse dog bed that you like. There are hundreds of options from bold and bright to subtle, neutral patterns. They even have dog beds with pictures and landscapes.

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These are traditional dog beds with a plush interior and a warm, soft microfiber cover. The cover has a durable polyester bottom as well, and it can be machine washed on the gentle cycle. Simply unzip it, as I show in my video, and throw it in the wash. You'll need to line dry it though.

We've had our KESS InHouse dog bed for about 6 weeks, and I've washed the cover about once per week – it's still in perfect condition!

You can see in my video that this bed is overstuffed, which allows your dog to sink into while he sleeps. This gives him the added cozy feeling of having the bed around him, and is also a big hit with our two nesters. They enjoy burrowing down into this bed, and the cover has held up well against all their scratching.

We placed this bed in our home office. Since I am a freelancer, I spend most of my time in that room, and the dogs always want to be in there with me. Our boxer, Chloe, spends hours on this bed every day, and it is still plush.

KESS InHouse Dog Bed Review

As you can see, the zipper is camouflaged well. It looks like a seam when closed. The stitching on this dog bed is strong, and it is without a doubt the best quality dog bed that I have ever used. I was extremely impressed with the bed, and the number of available designs is unbelievable.

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You have the ability to order a bed that will match your home's decor or a bright bed that will add a pop of color to your home. The beds come in three sizes including:

  • Small – 18″ X 28″
  • Medium – 30″ X 40″
  • Large – 40″ X 50″

KESS InHouse Dog Bed ReviewI received the large size, and it works well for our 60-pound boxer or our 75-pound chocolate lab. Our 10-pound puppy can also fit on the bed with either of our large breeds. The options are amazing, the quality is unbeatable and your dog will be very comfortable.

So, what's the drawback?

Like any other high quality product, this one comes with a higher price tag. The price will depend on the size and design that you choose, but typically they range from about $80 to over $200. If I had to purchase this bed for our dogs it would have cost me over $200 with shipping, which just isn't feasible for our family.

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As I mention in my video, we typically spend about $40-$50 on dog beds, and most pet owners probably don't even spend that much. If your budget allows for you to purchase a KESS InHouse dog bed, you won't regret it. 

These beds for dogs are great quality and all three of our dogs love this bed. It will certainly last for many years, which is much better than cheaper options that don't even last 1 year.

Summary of KESS InHouse Dog Bed Review

KESS InHouse Dog Bed ReviewPROS:

  • High quality
  • Comfortable
  • Hundreds of different design options to choose from
  • Removable cover that is machine washable


  • More expensive than most other traditional dog beds. The price of a Kess In House dog bed is on par with orthopedic beds, heated dog beds and custom made beds. Although you're sure to find a design that will match your home's decor and express your style, you're going to pay a pretty penny for it.

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kess-inhouse-dog-bed-reviewA KESS InHouse dog bed may be the most beautiful bed your pooch ever sleeps on. They are durable and come in hundreds of different designs. You'll pay for the quality though - these beds are some of the most expensive on the market.