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Review: KONG Wubba Dog Toy

KONG dog toys are well known by pet owners, veterinarians, dog trainers and other professionals as some of the most durable dog toys. Most experts recommend KONG toys for dogs that love to chew and teething puppies. The KONG Wubba dog toy lives up to the company's reputation.

I hate spending money on dog toys that my pups destroy in a matter of minutes. It's frustrating to waste money on toys that claim to be well made and turn out to be of poor quality. I've had plenty of experience with KONG dog toys, so I was excited to share the Wubba with my pack.

Chewing is nature's way of helping your dog keep his teeth clean and his jaws strong. Chewing is also fun for your dog, and provides the mental stimulation that they need. Some dogs also use chewing as a means to combat anxiety and stress.

If the dog toys that you choose don't hold up, they won't provide enough of a challenge to keep your pet entertained. If Fido can shred a plush toy in minutes, you need to step up your dog toy buying game. High quality toys are more expensive, but they're worth the added cost in the end.

KONG Wubba Dog Toy Review

KONG WubbaThis KONG Wubba dog toy is not your dog’s average toss-and-tug play thing. It is made of reinforced ballistic nylon fabric that is used to wrap a small rubber ball and a bigger squeaker ball.

The Wubba has durably stitched floppy tail-like pieces beneath the two balls. The extra-large size (featured in my video review above) measures approximately 17 inches from the top of the tennis ball to the tip of the tail.

This toy is available in purple, red or blue colors and comes in sizes ranging from small to extra large. Although it's durable, it's also soft. I have other durable dog toys made of hard plastic or rubber, but my dogs aren't really interested in them. They like soft toys, but traditional plush toys just don't stand up to their jaws.

The KONG Wubba seems to be the best of both worlds!

This toy floats on water and it's very easy for dogs to see. It would be a great toy to use during water play or for training sessions. The tail pieces make this easy for your dog to pick up and hold on to. As you can see in my video guide, my dogs love to play tug-of-war with their KONG Wubba.

The squeaker helps to hold your pup's interest, the hard rubber ball is ideal for dogs that simply enjoy the satisfaction of gnawing on toys. I'm sure the tail pieces will rip off eventually, but so far it's holding up great with my dogs. They've been playing with it for weeks, which is much longer than traditional cloth toys usually last.

Depending on the size your dog needs, he KONG Wubba dog toy can be purchased on Amazon for $6.99-$15.99. You can find deals by buying 2-packs or using the Subscribe and Save option. No matter what, it's more expensive than traditional plush dog toys. However, due to the durability of the materials and the versatility of the toy, I think the Wubba is a good value for the money.

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Review KONG Wubba

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kong-wubba-dog-toy-reviewMost experts recommend KONG toys for dogs that love to chew and teething puppies. The KONG Wubba dog toy lives up to the company's reputation. This toy is made of ballistic nylon wrapped around a small rubber ball and a larger squeaky ball. The tail pieces entice your dog's natural instincts to shake and tug.