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Review: Leashboss Dog Walking Belt


All dogs need to be walked at one time or another. Whether you have to walk your Fido multiple times per day or just once in a while to get in a little extra exercise, having the right gear is a must. Leashboss has created a Dog Walking Belt to help owners carry their necessities while keeping their hands free to tend their pets.

Leashboss beltIf you walk or run with your pet on a regular basis, you can understand the hassle of trying to tie your shoe, switch to a different song on your iPod, or even take a drink of water while trying to hang on to your dog’s leash. Having a walking belt gives you a place to store all of your belongings while taking a stroll with your pup.

This Leashboss walking belt does not allow for hands-free walking. Essentially, it's like a fanny pack for pet owners and dog walkers. It's specifically designed for pet parents, with features like a poop bag dispenser. Here's how it works and what I liked and disliked about it.

Leashboss Dog Walking Belt Review

Leashboss Dog Walking Belt ReviewThis adjustable belt fits waists up to 53″. It's also equipped with a reflective strip for added visibility after dark.

This walking belt has a large open pocket in the back and a large zippered pocket in the front. There is also a small mesh pocket in the front and a small pocket for poop bags with a convenient poop bag dispenser.

The belt is comfortable to wear, even on long walks. It also comes with two washable drawstring bags to store used poop bags in. This greatly reduces the smell, and you don't have to carry full bags around until your walk is over.

The belt isn't waterproof. As I mentioned, it's also not designed to attach a leash. Personally, I prefer a hands-free belt. However, those types of dog walking aids are not appropriate for everyone.

Hands-free dog walking systems are not appropriate for most seniors, children, and anyone that is unstable on their feet. If you want the convenience of a walking belt without the leash attachment, this is a much better option.

You can purchase this belt on Amazon for $22.99 at the time of this review. You can purchase a plain fanny pack for much less, but it won't have the features of this belt. It's designed specifically for dog owners, and it is affordable on any budget. If it is a product that you would use daily, I believe it's a good value for the money.

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