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Review: Lick Lick Pad for Dogs


Grooming a dog isn't an easy task. If you're one of the lucky pet owners whose dog sits still in the bathtub, count your blessings! If your dog is like mine, then bath time is probably centered around trying to keep Fido from jumping out of the tub and getting water all over your bathroom. The Lick Lick Pad immediately piqued my interest in hopes that it would help distract my rowdy pack during at-home grooming sessions.

I've been grooming my own dogs for more than a decade. It took me a couple of years to build a grooming toolkit with everything I needed to keep my dogs clean, their nails trimmed and their coats tidy. I really thought I had everything necessary to make at-home grooming as easy as possible.

About a month ago I stumbled upon the Lick Lick Pad. It is one of those products that is so simple it's hard to believe that no one had thought of it before. Now that I've used this grooming aide, I'll never go back to bathing my dogs without it.

Lick Lick Pad Review

grooming aide reviewThe Lick Lick Pad features an extremely simple design. It's a very thin piece of 100% food-grade silicone shaped like a bone. In the center of the pad are a  bunch of bumps. When you spread peanut butter on these bumps, the Lick Lick Pad becomes a tasty challenge for your pup.

Lick Lick PadThe pad is lead, BPA, DBP, and BPS free. It has no phthalates. In layman's terms, it is completely safe for all dogs. You won't need to worry that harmful chemicals from the silicone are leaching into your dog's food.

The best thing about the Lick Lick Pad is that it is designed to stick to any flat, smooth surface. As I demonstrate in my video review, it's perfect for sticking on the side of the bathtub to occupy your pooch while you bathe him.

The pad can stick to the wall, a grooming table, or even a hard floor. If your dog moves around while you bathe him, brush his coat, clip his nails or perform any other necessary grooming task, the Lick Lick Pad will distract him and keep him still.

Lick Lick PadI think this product would work for any dog that is food motivated. Of course, if your canine companion doesn't care much about treats, he may not be distracted by this tool.

I also love that the Lick Lick Pad can be cleaned in the dishwasher. I'll also warn you that if your dog is a drooler, there may be a mess in the area around the pad. Our little Joey (the dog featured in my video above) doesn't lick outside the border of the pad, but our Labrador is crazy for food and drools A LOT. She leaves a mess behind, but it's easy to wipe up.

This product is affordable on any budget. You can purchase the small size for dogs weighing less than 15 pounds on Amazon for $11.99 or $16.99$11.99 or $16.99 for a 2-pack. The large size (featured in my video review) sells for $14.99 or $19.99 for a 2-pack.

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