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Review: LifeHandle Hands Free Dog Leash


Hands free dog leash systems are becoming popular with active dog owners. Maybe you've seen people using them and wondered what they were. Maybe you've thought about purchasing one to use with your pet. Today, I'll tell you everything you need to know about the LifeHandle Hands Free Dog Leash, so you can decide whether it is the right product for you and your pet.

Systems like this consist of a belt or sash worn around the owners' body and a dog leash that attaches to the belt/sash. These types of leash systems are ideal for owners who walk or run with their pet often. However, you need to keep in mind that your dog is attached to you, so a system like this won't work if you've got problems with balance or your dog is not well leash trained.

Trying to answer a phone call or take a drink of water while walking your pup can be difficult. A hands free leash, like this one from LifeHandle can help with that problem. Is it worth trading in your traditional dog leash for a product like this? I'll give you all of the details in this product review.

LifeHandle Hands Free Dog Leash Review

LifeHandle Hands Free Dog LeashThe LifeHandle Hands Free Dog Leash System is similar to other products of its kind. It consists of two parts – a sash for the dog walker and a leash to attach the pet. As you'll see in my video review above, you can also use the sash as a belt, but you have to step into it as there is no buckle.

Unlike some similar products, this one doesn't come with a collar. You can use any collar or harness of your choosing, which is important for me, as I am very picky about the harnesses that my dog's wear.

The sash/belt is easily adjustable and available in Regular and Tall sizes. It expands or contracts to fit virtually anyone. It is designed with breathable mesh and neoprene padding to be comfortable in any situation.

Just remember that a rambunctious dog that isn't well leash trained is not a good match for a hands free system. The sash/belt wraps around your body, so if your rowdy dog incessantly pulls it's going to be uncomfortable and could possibly cause you injury.

I love that the LifeHandle Hands Free Dog Leash System is equipped with dual handles, which allow you to take full control of your pet when necessary. This is a great feature for pet owners who worry about their dogs when they are being approached by a strange person or another animal.

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HUB coupler

It comes in very handy when we are hiking with our Labrador, because I can take full control of her when we meet other hikers on the trail. If you live in an urban area, the traffic handle is also helpful when you're on a crowded sidewalk or passing through a busy area.

The sash and leash have multiple reflective points to ensure visibility in any lighting. Unlike other similar products, this hands free system uses patent-pending HUB technology to attach the leash to the sash (seen in the photo above). I demonstrate how this coupler works in the video review above.

The HUB coupler makes it virtually impossible for the leash to become unattached while walking or if your pup pulls on the leash. The leash handle is also equipped with shock absorbing padding that is designed to withstand 25 pounds of pull force.

All-in-all, this leash system is a great product. It's durable, easy to use and very well made. You can purchase the LifeHandle Hands Free Dog Leash Bundle on the company's website for $59.99. This price won't fit into everyone's budget, and it's a bit more expensive than other similar products. However, it will last for many years and I do think it's worth the price if you walk, jog or run with your dog on a daily basis.

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