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Review: Longstem Over the Door Pet Organizer


Finding a way to keep all of your dog's supplies in one place can be a challenge. We have collars and leashes by the front door, grooming supplies in the bathroom, treats in the kitchen and other supplies scattered around our house. If you're looking for a convenient, space-saving organizer to hold of your dog's supplies, the Longstem Over the Door Pet Organizer is exactly what you need.

Longstem Pet OrganizerYes, I'm one of those annoying people that like to have everything organized and in its proper place. It's frustrating when you need something and you can't find it anywhere. The more organized I am, the less stressed I am – which is probably the case with most people.

I've never been able to find a space in our home that is large enough to hold all of our dog supplies in a central location. We have closets that could definitely hold everything, but they're not in a very convenient location.

When I saw the Longstem Over the Door Pet Organizer, I was instantly intrigued. But, was it everything that I hoped it would be? I'll share all the details in this product review.

Longstem Over the Door Pet Organizer Review

Longstem Over the Door Pet OrganizerThis organizer rack comes in 2 pieces. The pieces easily link together to create this large organizer that measures 30″H x 20″W x 3.6″D. It also comes with a removable tray, which you can see up close in my video review above.

While it is called the Longstem Over the Door Pet Organizer, it can also be mounted to the wall. It comes with 2 over the door mounts and 2 wall mounts. I chose to use it over a door because it saves space, and I don't have to make holes in my wall.

This product is a HUGE space saver for us. I was able to take dog supplies from multiple places in our home and put them all in one place. As you'll see in my video review, it can hold grooming supplies, dog treats, leashes, collars and so much more.

Longstem Over the Door Pet OrganizerThe Longstem Over the Door Pet Organizer is made of heavy-duty powder-coated steel. It features a patent-pending design and is available in black, grey or bone (white).

Aside from the 3 shelves, there are also 2 hooks on the top of the organizer and 7 hooks on the bottom. They are great for hanging collars, dog harnesses or leashes.

In the photo on the right you can see the large circle at the top of the organizer. You can put your pet's photo in the circle and decorate the front bins with Fido's name or other décor.

I thought it would be quite heavy, because it's made of steel. But, I was pleased to find out that this organizer weighs just over 7 pounds. Even when it's full of dog supplies, it's not too heavy to hang on the door.

Longstem offers a 60-day, no questions asked guarantee and a lifetime warranty. I really love this organizer, but it is quite expensive. You can purchase it on Amazon for $69.99 right now.

Obviously, that price won't fit into everyone's budget – especially for a product that isn't an absolute necessity. However, it's very well made and I have no doubt that this organizer is going to last for many years. If you look at the quality vs. the price, I do believe that the Longstem Pet Organizer is worth the money.

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