5 Best Matching Dog and Owner Pajamas

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Pet owners love to show their dog affection in several different ways.

The dog fashion industry has been growing rapidly over the past ten years. Amazon offers many options for dog owners to dress their dog in comfortable and fashionable clothes and offer matching options for the owner.

Many of the best matching dog and owner pajamas are holiday-themed for use during Christmastime, but there are many non-holiday sets, too.

Whether you are looking to stage the perfect family holiday card or stay warm when you lounge around the house, owner and dog matching pajama sets are an excellent option for the family.

You can choose from a variety of designs, including solid colors, prints, and holiday themes.

The pajamas also come in various styles, materials, and sizes that will fit nearly everybody in the family, including your pets.

When shopping online for dog and owner matching pajamas, be sure to check out the seller-provided sizing guides to ensure the best fitting PJs for you, your dog, and the rest of the family.

Ordering family pajamas from Amazon always makes shopping from the comfort of my own home easy, and I found that Amazon has the lowest prices for dog+owner PJs.

So here are five of the best options I found.

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5 Best Matching Dog and Owner Pajamas

Joggies – Family Matching Oxford Blue Hoodie Onesies

You can dress your whole family in matching onesie pajamas by purchasing Joggies blue hoodie onesies from Amazon.

These onesie pajamas come in four adult sizes, two infant sizes, two toddler sizes, one kid's size, and three pet sizes.

They are made with 70% cotton and 30% polyester, perfect for both comfort and durability.

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The onesie features a zip front, hood, pockets and is foot-less. You can wear them to lounge around the house on a cold day, wear them to bed as pajamas, or even run a quick errand in them by wearing them as a jumpsuit and putting on shoes.

Amazon offers Joggies in various other colors (rose pink, rock grey, university grey, and space black), but the Oxford Blue onesie pajamas boast a 5 out of 5-star rating.

Amazon verified reviewers who have purchased these pajamas describe them as “thick and good quality,” “super soft and comfortable,” and “cozy.”

To order the Joggies blue hoodie onesie go to Amazon and add one for every person in your family to your cart.

Family Matching School of Sharks Hoodie Onesies

The second highest-rated people and pet matching pajamas on Amazon are these hooded, footed pajamas with shark print.

They are 100% polyester fleece fabric with swimming black, blue, yellow, and grey sharks on a vibrant blue background.

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These pajamas feature a hood, zip front, pockets and are footed.

This pajama style also comes in various colors and patterns, including our number three pick for best dog and owner pajamas.

The shark pattern has a 4.8 out of 5-star rating from over fifteen customers. The reviews include comments “very soft,” “durable,” “cute,” and “we love them, even the dog!”

Polar Play Dog Owner Matching Pajamas

If you are interested in a winter-themed pajama for you and your dog that is not specific to any holiday, check out these pajamas.

Just like the second top-rated dog and owner pajamas on Amazon, these pajamas are made of 100% fleece polyester and feature a hood, zip front, pockets, and are footed.

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The pattern has snowflakes, igloos, skiing polar bears, and snowboarding penguins on a light blue background.

You can order these pajamas in nine adult sizes, four infant sizes, four toddler sizes, five kids sizes, and five pet sizes.

These pajamas also have over fifteen ratings at 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Reviewers commented that they were “very comfortable onesies,” have a “cute print material,” and “look and fit great.”

#followme Matching Buffalo Plaid Dog Owner Pajamas

Another choice for a winter look without being overtly holiday-oriented is this buffalo plaid pajama set. The newborn and toddler sizes are zip-up, footed onesies.

The kids and adult-sized pajamas come with red buffalo plaid pajama bottoms, a long-sleeved blacktop, and red buffalo plaid socks. The pants feature pockets and a drawstring waist.

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The tops are made from 55% cotton and 45% polyester. The pajama bottoms, newborn onesies, toddler onesies, and pet pajamas are 100% polyester.

They come in various men’s, women’s, youth, toddler, infant, and pet sizes.

The buffalo plaid pajamas feature a 4.3 out of 5-star rating from over seventy reviewers.

Reviewers have described these pajamas as having a “very soft material” and “super cozy.”

Little Blue House by Hatley Holiday Lights

The holiday lights pajamas are one of the more holiday-themed pet and owner pajamas so far.

The pattern features multicolored string lights on a red or green background. There are two different adult styles to choose from as well as youth and pet pajamas.

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One adult style is a long-sleeved nightgown with a red background, and the other is a long-sleeved, footless onesie with a green background. Both the adult nightgown and the onesie have a button front, and the sleeves have cuffs.

The kids' and pets' pajamas have a green background as well.

All green pajamas, including the pet pajamas, have contrasting red collars and red cuffs, whereas the nightgown has a matching red collar and red cuffs.

No matter which style you choose, they are all made from 100% cotton, machine washable, and feature a tag-free label for extra comfort.

For this particular pattern, there are five reviews for an average of 3.4 out of five stars.

The reviewers described the pajamas as “bright and colorful,” “soft and comfortable,” and “well-made.”

Hatley also offers another pattern on Amazon, including “Union Bear X-Mas.”

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