MidWest Portable Tent Crate
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Dog crates are perhaps the most versatile pet product that you will ever purchase. Soft crates for dogs such as MidWest Portable Tent Crate in almost any situation, they can be taken almost anywhere, and if you select the right size, you will be able to use your dog crate through every stage of your pet's life from puppyhood until he's a senior citizen.

There are many different types of crates available and they all have their own uses. You'll need to think about when you'll be using your crate, the size of your dog, his energy level, and where you'll be using the crate most often before you make your purchase. Metal, plastic, and wooden crates are certainly a great choice, and they are much more durable than soft sided crates.

Don't count soft sided crates out, though. They have some great benefits as well. The biggest advantage to soft sided crates is how convenient they are for traveling. They fold up quickly and they are very lightweight, making these types of crates ideal for car travel, camping, and frequent crate relocation.

Soft sided crates also look more like a cozy den for your pup, while other crates resemble a doggy jail. Like any other product, these crates are not without their flaws. Soft sided crates are easily ripped and chewed. If your dog tries to escape when he is contained, a soft sided crate would not be a good choice for him.

If you think that your dog may be a good candidate for a soft sided crate, the MidWest Portable Tent Crate is a great option to look into. It's reasonably priced and offers many features to keep your dog comfortable and happy. This review will go over the pros and cons of this particular crate and give you a detailed review of its features.

MidWest Portable Tent Crate Review

MidWest Portable Tent Crate
Photo: Amazon / Midwest Homes for Pets
The information in this review has been compiled from customer reviews written by consumers who have actually purchased the Portable Tent Crate from Midwest Homes for Pets.

Instead of relying on the information and testimonials on manufacturers websites, we rely on the recommendations of dog owners who have used the products.

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When searching for product reviews online, you must be careful. Many reviews are written by people who are paid for their work, and this can lead to dishonest reviews. Consumers who have spent the money on the product and taken the time to review it usually say exactly what it is on their mind, whether it's positive or negative.

This sot crate is well reviewed by pet parents, but that doesn't mean it is perfect. There are many reasons why the Portable Tent Crate is well liked, and this review will explain the advantages and disadvantages of this crate, as well as a detailed description of its features, and a general overview of the product.

First Impressions

PROS of the MidWest Portable Tent Crate

The MidWest Portable Tent Crate is the perfect crate for all your travelling needs due to its simple set up and collapsing abilities. It is sturdy and super easy to transport around with the carrying handle that it comes with.

This crate comes with a synthetic sheepskin pad for extra comfort for your dog. It is made of a water-resistant material so it is ideal for you to have outdoors. Plus, the mesh windows gives lots of air flow for your furry friend.

CONS of the MidWest Portable Tent Crate

If your dog is a chewer or a digger, it is important that you keep an eye on your little Houdini and not leave him in the crate too long on his own. At least until he has better control over his chewing and digging desires.

This crate also does not come with any kind of plastic tray to keep accidents from leaking onto your floor. That's not to say that you couldn't buy one separately, but some consumers complained about that aspect. When you pair that with the fact that it's not a good choice for chewers, it seems that this crate really is not well suited for puppies or untrained dogs at all.

Bottom Line

If you enjoy camping and travelling with your dog, then this is a great choice for all those adventures. The MidWest Portable Tent Crate can be stored away when not in use with its snap-lock straps that secure it when folded up. It is also equipped with a carrying handle that allows you to maneuver it with ease.

MidWest Portable Tent Crate
Photo: MidWest Homes for Pets

The corners of this crate are rounded to protect your home décor, flooring, and the inside of your vehicle. There are mesh windows located all around the crate so your dog will have enough ventilation and will not feel too isolated when being crated. When your dog is in the crate, there is extra padding for his comfort as well.

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The material is easy to keep clean, but also easily ripped. This crate really is not suitable for dogs that chew, scratch, dig, or act rowdy when crated. It's probably not a wise choice for a puppy or untrained dog either, unless you plan on watching them at all times when they are in the crate.


The MidWest Portable Tent Crate comes in four sizes ranging in price from $65 to $110 on Amazon, and the prices range in that area across other online retailers as well. That puts this crate in the middle of the price range for soft sided crates, which is more than fair for the features that you get with it.

You should never buy a product based on price alone. Remember that hard sided crates are more expensive, but they are also much more sturdy. There are also crates that comes with a wide variety of different features that may be better suited to your needs. Cheap isn't always best and paying top dollar doesn't mean you'll get the best product for your needs.

Detailed Review

Dog owners and professionals are always on the hunt for top quality dog products. When it comes to crates, we want to make sure that our favorite furry companions are not only safe while we are travelling with them in our vehicles, but comfortable as well. In addition, a crate that provides comfort and simplicity to use and maintain is a bonus. This is what the MidWest Portable Tent offers.

There has been a lot of positive feedback with the MidWest Portable Tent Crate. Dog owners appreciated that it comes in a variety of different sizes depending on their dog’s needs. Perfect for both small and large breeds. Pet owners that are used to using the metal and plastic crates to transport their dogs, find a huge positive difference in switching to the MidWest.

MidWest Portable Tent Crate
Photo: Amazon / MidWest Homes for Pets

Before, they would have difficulty transporting heavy and bulky crates because that ultimately resulted in scratching up their vehicle’s interior and would bring on frustration when the metal doors would continuously jam up when closing them. Now, dog owners appreciate the simplicity of just setting up the MidWest Portable crate effortlessly and once their furry companion is safely inside, all they have to do is zip up the door. It is as easy as that.

A bonus is that because the crates are so water resistance, clean up is super easy. Especially if dog owners need to take their furry companions out in the pouring rain. In addition, because of the reinforced corners, vehicles stay damage free.

Dog owners and professionals that are constantly on the go with their dogs can rely on this great product to make travelling with their dogs much easier. When the crate is not in use, it can be easily collapsed and stored away in the house or even the back of vehicles. It also does not take up much room when not in use. Unlike the more bulky metal and plastic crates that dog owners found difficult to store without taking up too much space.

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Some consumers used to use plastic crates, but they complained that there was only one opening to get their dog in and out and hardy any ventilation. With this MidWest crate, there are mesh windows on all sides of the crate to allow for excellent ventilation. Now dog owners are able to travel longer distances while still feeling that their dog is happy and comfortable.

In addition, pet parents also have easier visibility of their dogs and their dogs do not have to feel like they are secluded away from their owners because they can see what is going on around them easier. Another positive, is that setting up these crates and collapsing them does not require any tools or complicated instructions as it is super simple to set up and take down.

Purchasers of theMidwest Portable Tent Crate were generally happy that they made this purchase. Most noted that their dogs seemed secure and content while inside the crate, whether at home or in the car. Most purchasers also noted that they felt this crate was most definitely worth the money.


This crate comes in four sizes depending on the size of your dog

  • 24” x 17.5” x 20.25”
  • 31” x 21.75” x 23.75”
  • 36” x 25.5” x 28”
  • 42” x 26” x 32”

Overview of Features

  1. Easy set up and take down that requires no tools or long instructions.
  2. Allows excellent ventilation for your dog with mesh windows all around the crate.
  3. Perfect crate for travelling in vehicle, camping and hotel stays.
  4. Durable, study and made from a steel frame that consists of a U-shaped wire design to secure the crate in an upright position.
  5. Includes a synthetic sheepskin pad for your dog’s comfort.
  6. Water resistant material that protects the crate and your dog from harsh weather conditions.
  7. Perfect if you do not like using metal or plastic crates as it is more portable.
  8. Comes in four different sizes.

MidWest Portable Tent Crate, 31 by 21.75 by 23.75-Inch

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Size 31 by 21.75 by 23.75-Inch
SKU 1730SP
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Title MidWest Portable Tent Crate, 31 by 21.75 by 23.75-Inch
UPC 701002628444

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